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 Moment #1

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Ajax MacCraith

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PostSubject: Moment #1   Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:28 pm

The moment Roman realized Zach could take care of himself:

Roman's head jerked up as he felt the sudden spike in his mates heart beat. Zach was getting worked up over something, Roman could feel it in his chest. He left without giving Jesse or Danny an explanation as to why he was in such a hurry, not even apologizing for the table he knocked over in his haste. Roman couldn't remember ever running so fast, he could have swore he made it home in under two minutes, nearly ripping the front door from its hinges as he forced his way inside. He tracked his lover to Zach's special room, almost tripping over himself as he came to a stop in the doorway.
The boy was hovering over Chandler who was on his back, Zach's hand wrapped tightly around his throat to hold him. Zach's other hand was raised in a fist, threatening to strike again if Chandler continued to fight. It was obvious by the split in Chandler's lip what knocked him down.
Zach glanced back at Roman calmly, eyes shifting once more to Chandler who snarled up at him, almost hatefully.
"We're fine, nothing to worry about." Zach stood, allowing Chandler to push himself up and storm from the room, cursing the entire way.
"What happened?" Roman blinked at his mate, his heart slowly stabilizing. "I thought something attacked you or..." It really didnt matter what he thought, Zach had it under control.
"You know Chandler, he just got a little carried away with himself and I had to put him back in his place." Zach shrugged it off as though it were nothing, smiling like he had not noticed the astonished look on his lovers face.
Roman continued to watch in awe.
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Moment #1
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