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 The fall

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Ajax MacCraith

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PostSubject: The fall   Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:17 am

Sooooo im not supposed to really be here posting this but it'll only take a sec buahaha >< this isn't exactly what I was hoping to write, but angst is just my forte hehe. But anyways I hope you enjoy it.


Danny was sprawled out on the couch, his arms wrapped tightly around Bane's waist, the boys head tucked under his chin. Zach was sitting on the couch opposite of them with Roman, rubbing his knuckles playfully over the mans scruff. It was peaceful at the pack home, Justin and Jason were out at the tattoo shop with their mates, and Jesse had Apollo up on the roof where the boy liked to go to have sex. They were all enjoying their last few moments of bliss before the fall.
Dylan had gathered a small following of hunters, and together they were going to take out the Luno pack, once and for all. He hated that his younger brother wouldnt be here for this, but Bane had not been answering his cell phone; having forgotten it at home, and Dylan couldnt wait any longer.
They took the house by storm, by passing Jesse who's senses where so invaded by his mate and their coupling that he didnt smell the new approaching danger. Dylan broke in through the living room window, rolling until he was behind the cover of a couch before beginning his assault. The hunter stood, his cross bow raised only to be dropped when his gaze settled on his brother.
"Bane!" Dylan snarled, his bow aimed at Bane's face. "What the hell are you doing with that werewolf!" He spat the words hatefully, immediately on guard as Danny moved. He quickly forced one arm behind Bane's back, his other arm moving into position to break his neck. Danny knew who it was, he had never forgotten anything about Dylan, he would know the mans voice and smell anywhere. Dylan couldnt know what he was to Bane, his lover feared that more than anything.
"Oh wow, You're too late Jardine, i've already had my way with him. Move and he dies."
Bane was gaping at his brother, shock leaving him breathless. Dylan was here, and he was with Danny.
And oh God, Danny's making it seem like they forced him here.
Oh shit.
Bane didn't know what to do, his head held tightly in his lovers grasp. Danny hadnt changed yet, not wanting to scare Bane, so the boy still felt safe with him.
But that couldnt last.
"Get you're filthy f*cking hands off of him!" Dylan believed it instantly. There was no way his brother would be here willingly, not after what those beasts did to their parents.
Dylan's team fell in behind him, and in a heartbeat Roman had shifted, swinging around from his place on the couch to knock the cross bow from Dylan's hands. Danny shoved Bane behind their couch, his form shifting as soon as he let the boy go. The fight was in full swing, Roman and Zach were back to back against the following hunters, with Jesse almost falling down the stairs in all his naked glory to defend his pack. Dylan had brought eleven young hunters, all of them well taught in the art of werewolf killing. While they fought to slay the pack, Dylan had his sites set on Danny. Jesse didn't even matter anymore, not after hearing that this monster had violated his brother. Dylan lunged at the young wolf, remembering him as blind and deciding to use it to his advantage. On his belt he kept a large brass bell, just for this very reason. After a werewolf is blinded and loses one of its senses, the others become more heightened, leaving them vulnerable to sound. Dylan knew how to make a sound that jarred the beasts brain, especially made for torture. He rang the bell as hard as he could against the boys ear, Danny's eyes shifting back to their dulled blue hue. The sound left him unfocused and helpless. He could hear nothing but the bell, his senses completely useless to him. Danny began flailing, struggling to find himself as Dylan took out a large iron stake from his back bag. Laced with wolfbane, cyanide, acid and wolf neurotoxins, it was a favorite new weapon of Dylan's, one Bane never saw because he had been too busy with the pack. Danny had just managed to rise on his feet, still swaying as his head rang. He never knew Dylan was coming, surprise etched into his features when the hunter thrust the stake into his chest, shoving him back with it until Danny stumbled and fell into the wall, Dylan throwing all of his weight into the stake as they landed.
It pierced Danny through his middle, the pups stomach blooming red as Dylan stood over him, twisting the stake inside of him like he was stirring a pot.
"You'll never touch him again." Dylan spat on Danny's face, satisfied with the tears welling in the young wolfs eyes. Dylan would never know what those words meant to Danny. He would never touch Bane again.
Feeling the stake moving his intestines around, the combined chemicals beginning to rot him from the inside out, he thought yes, he would never touch his mate again.
"Danny!" Jesse had Dylan by the throat, sending the boy flying back through the window and out of his home. The rest of his team followed, the few that lived.
Danny slid down the wall, his blood leaving a deep stain on the paint. Bane was at his side in an instant, tears already in a steady stream down his face.
"O-Oh no. Danny no." Bane was still in shock, his hands trembling as they tried to seal the gaping hole in the boys stomach. It wasn't healing, only getting worse as black lines began tracing their way up his abdomen, racing to get to his heart and stop it.
"H-He's got wolfsbane poisoning!" Bane trembled, unsure of what else his brother may have added to the weapon.
"Zach! We have to do something! I-I dont know what all could be wrong." He had never felt so helpless. This was more than normal poisoning. It could be anything and oh God Danny no.
"Shhh." Danny's hand was on his face, his thumb caressing the boys cheek, leaving his bloody hand print on the boys face. He was touching Bane, maybe for the last time and that made it all the more precious. "Its okay," Blood stained his teeth, gurgling up as Danny struggled to breath. "I protected you. Something i've never been able to do because...oh wow, well because you're just you. But you can never go against your brother, and as your mate I couldnt let you lose honor in his eyes because it means so much to you. I wanted to just....." He trailed off, his voice falling as his focus lost him. The back stripes had seeped into his veins and had reached his temples.
"Danny?" Bane grasped at his hands, ignoring Zach as he came over to take in the damage.
"I've never seen anything like this before..." Zach trembled as his fingers traced Danny's cheek. He was already so cold.
"Is he-Is he dead?" Jesse hovered behind them, afraid to touch Danny, to feel that the life had left him.
"M'not dead yet." Danny's eyes opened once more, only to roll back into his head as a spasm hit, his nervous system being eaten alive by the toxins in his blood. "I was just resting...." He fumbled for Bane's hands, whining contently as he was laid in the boys lap. His nerves were so far gone he could no longer feel his flesh rotting, or the searing aches of the black consuming his veins and looking for his heart. "Bane, I love you so much. I couldn't have been given a better mate. You make me believe in the Greek myth that says humans were two headed beings that were so powerful the gods feared them so Zeus split them all up into what we are now and we've got to spend our lives searching for our other half. I found you thank God, it made me stronger and oh wow I've never been so happy. I just want you to know how much you mean to me but there arent any arrangement of letters to sum that up. My only regret is not being able to see you..." Bane was so over come he couldnt speak, only nod and sputter broken I love you 's. "Zach, Jesse, I love you guys. My big dysfunctional family...oh wow, imma miss you guys." Danny felt his eyes watering. He didn't want to die and leave everyone. He didnt want to be forgotten or have anyone else swoop in and take his mate. Danny was nothing but a puppy still, struck down in his prime.
Jesse could smell the fear, feel it deep in his bones. Danny didn't want to die.
The alpha dropped down beside them, gathering one of Danny's hands before throwing his head back and letting out a mournful howl. Roman's voice followed, and soon the entire pack had joined in, all knowing they were needed at home.
By the time silence had resume, there was one less heartbeat in the room.

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The fall
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