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 Familiar Taste of Poison.

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PostSubject: Familiar Taste of Poison.   Fri Jul 04, 2014 8:32 pm

Okay, these are random little things with Jordan and I think they've all got some Chandler who I butchered horribly. There are like time skips in between so like one they're just meeting and the next one they're already friends/dating, so sorry if that is confusing bwahaha. they're not in any particular order. Razz The last one is like what i mentioned with jordan having a vision of the fic you just wrote and it ends suddenly because the end just involved bane and i figured if we thread it, i'd just do it in the thread bwahah. anyway i'll stop rambling and i hope you like these Very Happy

“Alright, everyone behind me and Bane.” Jesse spoke, holding his arms out to act as a wall, protecting the rest of the pack.
There had been several dead bodies turning up around these woods and they had suspicions that it may be a werewolf so they were out tonight to get to them before the hunters did. It was all of the pack and their mates. Jesse, Apollo, Danny, Bane, Roman, Zach, Justin, Jason, Ajax, Sterling, and Chandler tagged along as well, standing by Zach’s side.
“And if we run into my brother or any hunters, you all kidnapped me, got it?” Bane muttered as he held his shotgun at the ready.
“We know.” Several of the pack groaned simultaneously, rolling their eyes.
A low growling sound shook the ground beneath them and they stopped.
“Alright, get ready everyone.” Jesse warned, knowing the creature was nearby.
And sure enough, a moment later something emerged from the cover of the trees. But it wasn’t a werewolf like they’d been expecting.
It was an actual wolf. It was huge, coming up to nearly Bane’s shoulders while on all fours.
Bane immediately cocked his gun and aimed, ready to kill the thing as it came running at them.
“Wait!” Roman exclaimed, grabbing the boy’s shoulder. “I don’t think it’s an animal.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Bane growled.
“I think it’s… like us.” Roman shifted, howling at the coyote so it stopped its charging for them, taking a few steps backwards. “Look at its eyes. They’re bright blue… like mine.”
“None of you can turn into a full on coyote… can you?” Bane frowned at the thought of this.
“No… but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.” Roman glanced up at Jesse. “Jesse… when Danny was out of control once on the full moon you did that thing and made him shift. Think you could try it?”
“I’m not this thing’s Alpha… if it has one, so it might not work. But it’s worth a shot.” Jesse nodded, gesturing for everyone to step back.
He approached the creature, looking it over before he shifted, his eyes glowing a bright crimson as he let out a loud howl that shook the entire forest.
It nearly knocked some of the pack over but when everyone had regained their bearings and they looked to where the coyote had stood, it was there no longer. In its place stood a teenage boy. He was a little taller than Bane, but he was slim and lanky. His body was completely nude, though covered in a layer of dirt. Lord only knows how long he had been in full on coyote form. His long brunette hair was a tangled mess about his shoulders and he was cowering away currently from Jesse, like an actual dog would.
“Guess you were right, Roman.” Jesse shook his head, slowly stepping forward as he put his fangs away, trying to approach the boy.
Several days later and they were all gathered back at Jesse’s home, the new edition to their pack finally ready to be revealed.
For the past few days, the new boy had been hidden at Jesse’s place where Roman taught him how to act. Jesse figured since Roman had taught the rest of them control and everything else, he would be the best candidate to teach this newcomer as well.
The same people who had been in the woods that night were now sitting around the room, waiting for Jesse to introduce their new pack member.
A moment later, Jesse emerged with an arm around the shoulders of the boy and everyone looked up to welcome him.
He was now dressed in some of Zach’s old clothes. He’d been bathed properly and his hair brushed. It was now much longer, passed his shoulders entirely.
“Guys, this is Jordan.” Jesse spoke up. “He’s been shifted into that animal form for almost ten years so he isn’t very used to normal human conventions. You’re going to have to bear with him until he gets the hang of things.”
“But why was he stuck like that for so long?” Bane questioned.
“I don’t know and he has chosen not to share any information with us yet so we’ll get to that when we get to it.” Jesse shrugged. “For now, I’d just like him to get used to everyone if he’s going to stay with the pack.”
Bane simply nodded, glancing at the boy. He was wary of him already. He barely contained himself around the rest of the pack and they were werewolves who knew how to control themselves. Jordan was wild and Bane didn’t feel comfortable around him, not at all.
The next few minutes were spent with everyone introducing themselves to Jordan who did not seem interested in meeting them.
“You can get to know people if you want.” Jesse gently nudged him forward.
Jordan was visibly tense as he looked around at the room full of people. Everyone was stepped forward, crowding him slightly. Except for one person; Chandler.
He looked curiously at the boy just sitting on the couch, not even glancing towards him. He made his way around the crowd and over to the couch where Chandler sat. He crawled onto the cushion beside him and leaned in, pressing his face into the crook of Chandler’s neck and inhaling deeply before continuing to sniff up and down the man’s chest.
Chandler was slightly taken aback by this but didn’t have time to speak before Roman had stepped forward, grabbing Jordan’s arm and tugging him back.
“Hey, we talked about this, kid. Normal human greetings, remember?” Roman smirked and Jordan honestly looked quite exhausted. Almost disappointed in himself.
“Yeah, sorry.” He murmured before extending a hand slowly towards Chandler. “Hello.” He recited as Roman had taught him.
After a glare from Zach across the room telling him to behave, Chandler reluctantly shook the hand.
“I’m Chandler. Next time, you might want to try this before sniffing me.” He nodded. It was said in his usual snippy, sarcastic way, but he forgot Jordan would not get that. So the boy only nodded back at him.
“He’s learning.” Roman snapped, frowning down at Chandler who was all too ready for a fight with him. But Zach stepped forward before one could start, a hand on each of their chests. “No fighting tonight. Jordan’s under enough stress. Hi, I’m Zach.” Zach smiled towards Jordan, slowly extending a hand so he didn’t overwhelm him.
Jordan hesitantly shook the hand.
“Hello.” He repeated, forcing a smile.
He did this to everyone in the room although not one of the names stuck, other than Chandler’s. He was able however, to match each person with the scent he got off of them and the emotion that went along with it. He was possibly even better than Roman with determining scents because that was how he had communicated with other animals.
He now knew what each of the people in the room thought of him and it only made him try harder to act normal, forcing a bright smile and introducing himself to each and every one of them. But afterwards, he let himself sneak off to another room and slump against the wall, letting out a deep breath of exhaustion.
No one seemed to notice his absence so he sat there in peace for maybe fifteen minutes before Chandler got curious and followed where the boy’s thoughts were coming from.
“Tired, huh?” Chandler arched an eyebrow, startling Jordan with his voice.
“Oh… um, yes.” Jordan nodded lightly. “You can sit if you want.”
Chandler took the offer although he didn’t need it, slumping against the wall opposite from Jordan.
“Don’t worry, they don’t like me either.” Chandler smirked, reading the boy’s thoughts about no one being fond of him.
“Well at least they don’t think you’re crazy.” Jordan snorted, shaking his head.
“Actually, they do.” Chandler chuckled. “More than you know.”
Jordan furrowed his brow at Chandler in confusion but Chandler just dismissed it with a wave of his hand. Jordan would learn about him soon enough.
Chandler tuned into the boy’s thoughts, curious to know more about him. Jordan was currently staring at Chandler, thinking that the boy didn’t smell like he minded him. Thinking he was actually kind of cute in that sort of mysterious sort of way. He was thinking it was weird being human again, wishing he was still an animal again. In his wolf form, he’d never had to deal with thinking someone was cute and wondering if they thought he was cute in return.
“Not fond of being a human again, huh?”
“Not particularly.” Jordan muttered.
“And… you think I’m cute?” Chandler arched an eyebrow, grinning slyly.
Jordan’s eyes widened, flashing cobalt blue.
“How did you know that?”
“Didn’t they tell you? I’m a mind reader.” Chandler chuckled. “And don’t worry, I’m flattered. Really.”
Jordan’s face reddened, partially in embarrassment but mostly in anger. He shifted, not having a good control over his anger yet. He bared his fangs at Chandler, standing to his full height.
“Get out of my head!” He barked, trying to keep himself from thinking anything he didn’t want Chandler knowing.
Chandler merely smiled, letting the boy know he was not afraid of him. But within moments, Roman, Jesse, and Danny were all running into the room. Jesse and Roman grabbed Jordan by the arms and tugged him back, making sure he didn’t hurt anyone. They’d heard the growling from in the other room and came immediately, knowing Jordan wasn’t stable.
As they pulled him away, Zach approached Chandler.
“Did you have to set him off?” He snapped.
“I didn’t even do anything to him.” Chandler scoffed.
“Just stay away from him, alright? Kid’s got enough on his plate.”
“He’s kind of different.” Chandler murmured. And this was not a bad thing. Jordan had him interested.
“He’ll tear you apart.” Zach shook his head.
“Well, you know I like the feisty ones.” Chandler winked, patting Zach on the shoulder as he watched the boy from across the room.
A few days passed and Jordan was currently in the shower. He was done washing about five minutes ago but he often liked to just relax under the water which he turned to nearly boiling temperatures. He took a few calming deep breaths before turning the water off and stepping out of the shower. He wrapped himself in the towel, his long brown locks dripping water down his back as he moved to exit the bathroom.
As he opened the door, he was not expecting a tall figure to be standing immediately in his way. He shifted in his fear, immediately on the defensive before realizing it was just Chandler.
“Oh.” He still stared at the boy with his claws and fangs out. He wasn’t quite perfect yet in shifting back once something had set him off. “Hi.” He muttered. “I’m, uh, supposed to be sorry about the other day.”
“Supposed to be? Meaning you aren’t actually?”
“Pretty much.”
“Alright.” Chandler nodded.
“Well you’re obviously not sorry about reading my mind so why should I have to apologize?”
“You shouldn’t.” Chandler agreed, smirking lightly.
“You’ve still been picking my thoughts, haven’t you?”
Jordan growled softly.
“Relax. I find your thoughts very interesting.”
“What all do you… hear?”
“Just what you’re thinking at the moment.”
“Tell me what number I’m thinking of.” Jordan frowned.
“Honestly? That’s so cliché.” Chandler rolled his eyes, but paused before saying, “Eight.”
“You’re right.”
“Well, duh.” Chandler shook his head.
“What color?”
“Okay, fine. I believe you now.” Jordan nodded. “So do you know... I’ve got a power, too?”
“A power?”
“Like you can read minds. I… my mother had it and I guess she passed it on to me. I’ve never really understood it much. She… left before she could really teach me how to control it.”
“What is it?” Chandler frowned lightly. He’d never met someone even remotely like him before.
“I… I see things. Before they happen.”
“You can see the future?” Chandler questioned.
“I… I guess? I don’t get to choose what I want to see. Usually, something triggers it and I don’t even realize I’m having one of the visions until it’s over. It feels real, like it’s actually happening and I’m there.”
“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” Chandler arched an eyebrow.
“Wouldn’t you hear if I was lying?”
Chandler paused to listen to the boy’s thoughts.
“True.” He nodded.
“And I… can show you one. The next one that happens. If I hold your hand I can show you.” Jordan informed.
“Interesting.” Chandler hummed. “Now. About your mother…?”
“Oh, um…” Jordan looked over at Chandler. “I’d rather not talk about it.”
“Does it have something to do with why you were stuck in that coyote form for so long?”
“Yes.” Jordan nodded.
“You said she died… did you kill her?”
“Stop asking.” Jordan barked, claws slipping out before he could stop them.
“I could just read your mind, you know?”
“Are you always such an asshole?” Jordan narrowed his eyes at the boy, shoving passed him to make his way to the room where he was staying now at Jesse’s home.
“Pretty much, yes.” Chandler nodded as he followed the boy.
He’d already gathered the boy’s story from his mind but he stuck around anyway.
Jordan had been ten when he was bitten and although he was still a young child, terrified of what was happening to him, he hadn’t known how to break it to his parents. So he’d kept it a secret. His first full moon, he hadn’t known what to expect and he’d lost it. He had killed his entire family and then he’d shifted and ran. Over time, he had almost forgotten he was human. He was just a part of the pack of wolves he traveled with.
“Would you just leave me alone already?” Jordan sighed, eyes clenched shut and Chandler could tell he was trying to control his anger, trying not to shift.
“You’re worried about hurting me.” Chandler spoke as he gathered this from the boy’s mind. “Like you hurt them.”
“Go away!” Jordan growled. And the next thing Chandler knew, he found himself being lifted by his throat and literally thrown out of the room.
He could only grin as he watched Jordan’s icy blue eyes glare at him before the door was slammed shut and locked.
Jordan leaned against the tree, glancing to Chandler by his side. The pack was out trying to track down another wolf on the loose, but they’d had to stop and take a break as Apollo had fallen and sprained his ankle pretty badly.
They’d been stopped for almost a half hour now as Jesse worried and took the pain for his mate while Zach tried to work on him.
Jordan was not really phased by Apollo’s injury. He had nothing against the boy, he just didn’t care. He had rested enough so now he stood, looking to the rest of them.
“Well we should probably get going again soon.” He spoke up.
Several of the wolves looked at him as if he were crazy.
“What about Apollo?” Roman asked.
“What about him?” Jordan tilted his head to the side.
“We can’t leave without him, he’s hurt.”
“We can’t?” Jordan frowned, obviously confused.
“We don’t leave friends, remember?” Roman sighed. “This isn’t the wild.”
Jordan sighed for a moment, cursing himself mentally for forgetting this.
“That’s what you’d do in the wild?” Jesse questioned. “Just leave an injured pack member for dead?”
Jordan nodded uncaringly.
“Yeah, all the time.” He paused. “If the weather was bad that season, I’d eat him… then I’d leave.” He spoke matter of factly as if there was nothing wrong with this, and to him there wasn’t.
Chandler couldn’t help but laugh, patting his recently found friend on the back as everyone else stared as if he was crazy.
“I’d leave him too.” He murmured with a grin.
Jordan sat on the couch, his hand clasped tightly in Chandler’s. They were at Jesse’s, as usual. Most of the couples around the room were cuddling, kissing, simply having fun. Chandler and Jordan were having an alright time as well, but they didn’t insist on showing it so openly. Their holding of hands was enough for the moment.
Jordan was relaxed for once, even knowing that Chandler was probably digging around in his thoughts. He’d gotten used to it by now.
“I love you.” He pushed these words to the front of his mind and felt a gentle squeeze on his palm in return.
He and Chandler fought quite often but it was alright. They didn’t see it as an abusive situation because they could both beat the hell out of each other. Neither was the weaker one, neither was being taken advantage of and at the end of the day, they still cared for one another. It worked. They communicated often without speaking aloud. Jordan just spoke in his thoughts and Jordan could sense his emotions without an actual verbal response.
Jesse and Apollo had snuck off to the roof a while ago, probably to mindlessly screw each other like usual, Roman and Zach were laughing together, Danny and Bane were cuddling on the couch. A look at the clock told him it was just now seven o’clock. It was pretty calm for a Friday night.
And then the sound of shattering glass. Jordan covered his face to avoid being hit with the sharp pieces and when he opened his eyes, there were hunters everywhere. The sound of gunshots and screams and growling rang in his ears. He reached for Chandler only to find the man wasn’t at his side. He found a hunter holding him by the collar of his shirt.
Jordan shifted, thankfully having a better control of it as he lunged at the hunter. He tore into the man, knocking him away from his lover and onto the floor where he proceeded to rip his throat out without hesitation. As the hunter in front of him bled out, Jordan looked up at the sound of a loud scream.
Zach was screaming as he watched one of the hunters shove a stake through Danny’s stomach. Jordan went to help but then he heard a different noise.
The sound of Chandler gagging.
He turned in time to see Chandler slump to the ground, gagging on his own blood. He’d been stabbed, bleeding internally now.
Jordan was back to human in seconds, lunging forward to catch the man before he fell to the ground. But he was already gone…
The hunters retreated, at least the ones that were left. Jordan cradled Chandler to him, looking around the room through teary eyes. Everyone was crowded around Bane holding Danny’s corpse. No one seemed to have notice the other casualty.
There was blood everywhere… Blood, limbs, broken glass and furniture, corpses of some of the hunters who had not been so lucky in their quest… It was horrifying.
But worst of all, the only person who seemed to understand him was dead in his arms. And he had not even gotten to say goodbye.

“Jordan!” Chandler snapped, shaking his lover roughly. “Snap out of it! You’re having one of your visions.” The man could tell now when Jordan was having a premonition. He just froze in the middle of whatever he had been doing and when Chandler tried to read his thoughts all he got was a faint buzzing, like a broken television.
Jordan snapped back into reality, his heart beating ten times faster than usual. The first thing he did was clasp Chandler tightly to his chest.
“Are you okay?” Chandler questioned. “Is it something bad?”
“Oh God…” Jordan looked around hurriedly for a clock. “What time is it?” He panicked.
“Relax… 6:45. Why?”
“Oh shit. Shit, Chandler.” Jordan was nearly hyperventilating. His visions normally did not affect him this much, but he had just held his dead lover in his arms… he was scared.
“Hey, calm down. Show me.” Chandler held out his arm.
“I don’t have time. You’re going to die. Chandler, the hunters… they’re coming.” Jordan had shifted in his panic. Apparently his control on that was not as good as he thought it was getting.
“The hunters are coming? They kill me?” Chandler questioned.
“Yes! They kill you, they kill Danny… everyone is hurt.” Jordan clenched his eyes shut. “We’ve got to warn them.” He ran towards the living room from where they were currently in Jordan’s bedroom.
“Whoa, whoa. Hold on.” Chandler took the boy’s wrist, pulling him back. “They won’t believe you in time for us to all get out of here.” Chandler shook his head. Jordan hadn’t told anyone of his ability. No one but Chandler. “You and me, just us. We’ve got to leave.” Maybe he’d pull Zach off with them. But if Zach wouldn’t listen, it didn’t matter. He loved Zach, but he and Jordan… they were Bonnie and Clyde. Just the two of them, forever.
“…Leave?” Jordan repeated, frowning lightly. “I thought I wasn’t supposed to do that?”
“Just think like it’s the wild again, babe. You and me, we’re all we need. Let’s get out of here before they come. How long have we got?”
“Ten minutes.” Jordan stammered. Chandler had a good point. He just needed to save his lover… But it didn’t feel right anymore…
“Remember, Jordan? Just leave them. Eat them and leave.” Chandler smirked, his thumb coming to rub over Jordan’s cheek in what was probably the most gentle touch they’d ever shared.
Jordan smiled before shaking his head.
“I can’t. This isn’t the wild. We don’t leave friends.”
Chandler sighed softly.
“You’re learning, aren’t you?” He shook his head. “I liked you better when you were ninety percent coyote.”
Jordan just took his hand and tugged him off towards the living room where everyone was. He howled loudly to bring Jesse and Apollo down from the roof before beginning to speak.
“You’ve all got to listen to me.” He spoke up, moving to the center of the room. Everyone turned to him. “The hunters are coming. In less than ten minutes, they’ll be here and they’ve got new weapons. Stronger ones.”
“That’s impossible.” Bane frowned, sitting upright from his spot on Danny’s chest. “Dylan would have told me.” He shook his head.
“You’ve all got to believe me.” Jordan exclaimed. “They’ll be here any minute and… some of you are going to die! I’ve seen it! Please, we’ve got to do something!”
“What do you mean you’ve seen it, kid?” Jesse frowned.
“I… I’m like Chandler.” He couldn’t hesitate, not today. “I’ve got the ability to see the future. I had a vision and it was terrible. Danny is going to die, Chandler… Apollo was severely injured.” He tried to call back the details, but it was like remembering a dream. “I can show someone if they come here, just quickly!”
“Jordan, baby you might want to calm down…” Roman frowned. “We can talk about this then… we can maybe get Zach to see if you’re sick or something…”
“I’m not sick!” Jordan exclaimed. “I’m not crazy!”
“Babe, this sounds crazy.” Roman sighed.
“I’m not!” Jordan growled, shifting fully as his vision glowed red. He was getting so irritated. He and Chandler just should have left… “Come here!” He extended his hand and Roman slowly took a step forward, taking his hand. Jordan gripped it tightly and closed his eyes, watching his vision again, though from Roman’s perspective.
Jordan had not noticed this the first time, being he was too preoccupied with Chandler, but Zach was stabbed as well in a major artery. It didn’t look well for him, but the vision stopped before you could tell if he lived. Roman was not willing to take the chance.
“I believe him.” Roman nodded his head at the rest of them. “And we’ve got about four minutes to develop a plan, so someone better think.”
Jordan spoke up once more.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but in the vision… Dylan saw Bane and to save Bane’s reputation, Danny pretended he had kidnapped Bane and taken him here. That was when they started attacking. I think to stop it… Bane’s got to step up. He’s got to talk his brother out of this attack.”
“I don’t have to do fucking shit!” Bane snapped. “I still don’t believe this bullshit. My brother doesn’t do attacks without me! Especially not on the werewolf that killed our parents.” He shot Jesse a look.
“We don’t have time for you to be so fucking negative.” Jesse growled in response. “If Roman believes him, so do I.” He nodded. “We can’t run anywhere far enough in four minutes, so Bane you’re our only plan. If they don’t show up like Jordan says, then you’ve got nothing to worry about and you can brag that you were right. But in case Jordan is right, you’ve got to grow a set and tell your brother you’re fucking a wolf.”
Bane cringed at Jesse’s words but said no more.
Jordan let out a sigh of relief as he turned to face Chandler, hugging him tightly around the waist.
“Just in case, I’m not letting go of you…” He murmured, shaking his head.
“I’m not a child.” Chandler smirked.
“I don’t care.”
“Your claws are digging into my flesh.” Chandler informed.
“I know.” Jordan grinned. But he continued to hold him tight, knowing that even if this didn’t go according to plan, Chandler would be safe with him.
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Familiar Taste of Poison.
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