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 The Truth

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Jordan McMillian


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PostSubject: The Truth   Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:28 pm

I don't know if you'll see this since you haven't been on much lately but I miss you and our people so I decided to post this. I wrote it a while ago and it wasn't completely finished but I figured I'd post it anyway since it most likely won't get finished anytime soon hehe. It takes place after that other fic I wrote, which is where the first little bit came from.

“I believe him.” Roman nodded his head at the rest of them after he saw Jordan’s premonition of the hunter’s attack. “And we’ve got about four minutes to develop a plan, so someone better think.”
Jordan spoke up once more.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but in the vision… Dylan saw Bane and to save Bane’s reputation, Danny pretended he had kidnapped Bane and taken him here. That was when they started attacking. I think to stop it… Bane’s got to step up. He’s got to talk his brother out of this attack.”
“I don’t have to do fucking shit!” Bane snapped. “I still don’t believe this bullshit. My brother doesn’t do attacks without me! Especially not on the werewolf that killed our parents.” He shot Jesse a look.
“We don’t have time for you to be so fucking negative.” Jesse growled in response. “If Roman believes him, so do I.” He nodded. “We can’t run anywhere far enough in four minutes, so Bane you’re our only plan. If they don’t show up like Jordan says, then you’ve got nothing to worry about and you can brag that you were right. But in case Jordan is right, you’ve got to grow a set and tell your brother you’re fucking a wolf.”
Bane cringed at the man’s words but went silent, standing from his spot on Danny’s chest and making his way to the corner, his breathing heavy. He was still doubtful of Jordan’s words but… what if they were coming? What if tonight he was really going to have to ruin his relationship with his brother? He knew he should have prepared how he was going to do this long ago, but he’d always pushed it off, hoping the perfect way would magically present itself sometime.
It hadn’t.
And now he was fucked. He was trembling and he only hoped no one was looking at him. But of course, after only a moment, he felt Danny’s gently hands rubbing against his back.
“It’s okay Bane.” Danny swallowed hard as he spoke to his mate. He was kind of terrified, honestly. He was hoping Jordan wasn’t telling the truth, but if he was… he was not ready to die. “You don’t have to tell your brother if you’re not ready.”
“And let you die?” Bane snapped. “I can’t, Danny.”
“I just meant-“
“I know.” Bane sighed. “I know what you meant, but I can’t do that.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be.” It was all Bane said before tugging the man into his arms and kissing him gently, possibly as gentle as he ever had.
Danny was relieved, his heart soaring as Bane pressed their lips together. He loved nothing more than when Bane kissed him. It was a rare event and it was nice to feel that Bane did care for him, no matter how cold the boy seemed.
“Ow.” Danny whined softly as Bane pulled back, biting his lip lightly. But before he could whine too much, Bane had taken his hand and was dragging him back towards the couch they had been sitting on.
“Lay with me?” Bane questioned, his voice lower than usual as he was not used to initiating cuddle sessions. “Until they get here at least.”
“Of course.” Danny nodded, shocked but extremely happy as he found his way to a laying position on the couch, pulling Bane down atop of him.
They laid there in silence, Bane’s head tucked under Danny’s chin. He knew he should be thinking of a way to break it to Dylan, but again, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was still hoping the right words would just come out when the man arrived. Danny could sense his lover’s nerves and wrapped his arms tight around his waist, pressing him close and trying to calm him.
“No matter what happens, you’re going to have me.” Danny whispered.
Bane said nothing.
“Two minutes!” Jordan called out and Apollo, Ajax, and Zach were rushed out of the room, upstairs. “Chandler, won’t you go too? Please?” Jordan’s voice was soft, nearly begging.
“No way tenderfoot. You might be the coyote here, but I’m not a pussy. I’m not about to go up there and come back down to you dead.”
“If all goes right, there shouldn’t even have to be a big fight.”
“Well then I guess I’ll be fine staying right here by your side.” Chandler grinned and Jordan only sighed.
“Don’t move out of my sight.” Jordan growled and his arms hooked tight around the man’s waist, claws scraping against his flesh.
A glance to the clock told Jordan there was about thirty seconds left until the hunter’s arrival and he was so terrified Chandler could feel his heartbeat pounding in his chest.
He cringed as the inevitable sound of broken glass sounded. He was immediately on edge, the sound of his soft growls vibrating Chandler’s form in his arms.
The hunters were everywhere within seconds, all of the wolves ready to defend their pack. But everything paused as Dylan set eyes on his brother in Danny’s arms.
Bane was up quickly, eyes wide as he faced his elder brother.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Dylan’s eyes were wide and Bane was speechless. How was he supposed to throw his entire life away right now? He had no clue what to say.
As the silence grew longer, Jordan watched on, hoping things would simmer down once Bane finally spoke. But instead, just as Jordan had seen before, Danny hopped up to take the heat for his mate.
He grabbed Bane, roughly yanking one of his arms behind his back as his own other hand came into position to break the boy’s neck.
“Oh wow, you’re too late Jardine. I’ve already had my way with him. Move and he dies.”
Bane didn’t know what to do. He had never expected such a courageous move from Danny. Bane slowly looked around the room and Jordan’s eyes were wide, holding warning. Bane knew that the boy’s look meant that Danny was as good as dead soon. And the only one who could do anything about it was Bane.
“Get your filthy-“ Dylan began but Bane stopped him.
“Dylan, I’m fine.” Bane swallowed.
“Bane, just shut up and let me handle this, okay? You’ll get yourself hurt.”
“Dylan, listen. He’s not hurting me!” Bane found himself getting quite agitated. He had always loved his brother more than anything. But then he’d met Danny and the pack had taken him in and now… he wasn’t sure how he put up with the man sometimes.
“Bane!” Dylan snapped and went to speak again, but Bane did not allow it.
“I’m in love with him!” Bane had shouted in his anger without meaning to, regretting the words the second they left his mouth. But it was too late to take them back now as Danny’s hands slowly left their position, moving to hold him by the waist instead.
“Damnit, not that Stockholm Syndrome bullshit.” Dylan sighed. “Come on, alright? We’re getting you home and I guess we’ll knock that misconception out of your head when we get there. Let’s go.”
“Dylan, I’m fucking serious.” Bane snapped. “They…” He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “They didn’t make me come here, I’m not in danger. I…” He had never in a million years thought it would be this hard. “I’m in love with him.” He repeated. “I’ve been with him for almost a year now.”
“Bane, tell me you’re joking.” Dylan blinked, his face showing no emotion. “Tell me they’re making you say it, something.”
“Dylan, they’re not… they’re not so bad.” Bane sighed as he spoke. A year ago, he wouldn’t have believed he’d be saying this today. But although he pretended to despise the pack… they weren’t bad. He considered them friends almost.
“Alright, I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to pull.” Dylan spoke as he leaned in closer to his brother. “But I’ve got your weapons in the car. We can forget about whatever the hell is wrong with you and finish this once and for all, then head home and fix it.”
“You’re not listening to me.” Bane snapped. “You never fucking listen. I don’t want to fight anymore. I am so goddamn sick of everything we stand for! I’m done fighting!” The boy was shouting again and Dylan was finally shocked by his brother’s words. “I’ve wasted my whole damn life believing in something that isn’t even right and I’m done, Dylan. You can keep the attack going and I’ll go get my weapons, but I’ll be fighting on their side this time.”
“I don’t know what came over you all of a sudden but I won’t kill him.” Dylan gestured to Danny and Bane sighed in relief before realizing Dylan wasn’t done. “I won’t kill him either way but you’ve got two options. Ditch him and come home with me or choose him, bring him home with you to get your things and get out of my house.”
Bane’s heart dropped, his face reflecting this as well.
“Your house?” He questioned. Last time he checked it had been their house, not just Dylan’s. But either way, his answer was the same. “Then I guess I’ll be by later to grab my stuff.”
“You’re serious?”
“Dylan, I’d choose him over anything and anyone. He’s changed me. He’s my happiness now. And if that means losing you, at least I’ve got a new damn family to take me in. A better one than you’ve ever been.”
Dylan was incredulous, shaking his head.
“Just don’t think you can come crawling to me a few years down the road for help.”
“I don’t plan on it.”
“I won’t be there to pick you up anymore.”
“Not like you were ever there when I needed you.” Bane’s words were bitter, his shoulders trembling. Because now, this was about a lot more than just Danny. All of the bottled up anger and hurt towards his brother from the years since his parents had died was coming out now, whether he liked it or not.
They were silent for a moment, Dylan’s eyes locked with those of his brother before he just sighed and gestured to the hunters he had brought with him.
“Let’s go.” He commanded and they were gone within seconds.
The second they were out of sight, Bane tugged himself out of Danny’s grip, shoving passed everyone in the room until he reached the stairs, exiting the room altogether in silence.
Danny ran after him but as he reached the bottom of the stairs, Bane turned around.
“Please. Don’t come after me right now.”
And his voice was so full of defeat that Danny couldn’t disobey his wishes. He retreated, heart aching at his mate’s pain.
Even after Bane left, the room was silent. No one seemed to know how to react and soon, the only sound that could be heard was Bane’s soft sobbing from upstairs.
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The Truth
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