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 Chandler 1-45

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Chandler Riggs


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PostSubject: Chandler 1-45   Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:07 am

1. Name - Chandler Riggs
2. Age - 19/20
3.  4 fears -   I fear losing my tender foot, and I don't know what the fuck id do if I caught him thinking he didn't love me anymore.  Im afraid of losing myself and eventually being turned. Im afraid Jordan will never forgive himself.                                              
4. 4 things I love  -   I love Jordan's sleepy morning kisses and the way he smells when we lay.   I love the way he thinks of me, like im more than I really am. I love what it feels like to love him.

5.  4 turn ons - dominace and self control are hot, so are dread locks and hand holding.  But really I only like the hand holding shit when its Tenderfoot.

6. 4 turn offs - I hate fucking innocent people and people who think with their dicks. Sluts Piss me the hell off, and  cry babies are just stupid.  

7.  My best friend - Zach, my mentor,  first love, and always my bestfriend. I go to his ass for everything, because even on the rare occasion when he doesn't know what to do, he always figures it out. I don't know, Zachs just always saved my ass.  He talked Trever down and patched me up after that fight with Jordan. Zachs my go to guy.

8.  Sexual orientation - I hadnt ever thought about it before Zach,  and while loving him I just thought it was him. But after Jordan I knew what I liked,  and its everything Jordan is.

9.  My best first date - I've never been on a real date before,  but the closest I've come is just taking Jordan to the roof one night after our big fight. He had a lot on his mind, guilt was eating away at him.   I had to do something so I made love to him there,  and I swore on kisses that we were fine, so fucking fine. We were great, still are.
10. How tall am i? - five fucking seven.

11.  What do I miss? - I miss the way Jordan used to look at me, before the fight.  He never cringed as he does now, eyes lingering on scars.  The guilt shines where I once found this comfortable warmth. Now I find my fucking self struggling to get that back but.... Jordan's impossible.

12.  What time were you born - I was evicted from the womb on December 1st

13.  Favorite color - I like the color of Jordan's eyes. They're dark like the Earth,  but never completely black.  Like a deer, my tender foot and his doe eyes...that's my fucking favorite color.

14.  Do you have a crush?  - I still have a crush on Jordan.  But besides my lover I do like the hunter kid, Bane. He's just different,  and I like his attitude.  I bet we could sit and talk about shit we hate all day.  He's damn cute, too.                                              

15.  favorite quote?  -  like this quote, I can't remember where I heard it but it makes me think about tender foot.   "They told me that to make him fall in love with you, you have to make him laugh, But every time he laughs, I fall in love."

16.  favorite place - My favorite place is Jordan's tiny ass room in Jesse's house.   I've never really had a home, but I imagine thats about what it fucking feels like.  I'm not really welcome at Zach's, regardless of what he says. But it feels right, huddled under the covers with Jordan      

17.  favorite food - Uh, I like spicy food, anything with a kick to it.

18.  are you sarcastic - I Wouldn't fucking dream of being sarcastic.

19.  what are you listening to right now -Im listening to "this is gospel" by panic at the disco.

20.  what's the first thing you notice about new people - The first thing I notice about a new person is how they think. No one ever assumes I know whats going on in there heads, but I can. Im a goodJudge of character.

21. What's the color of your eyes -My eyes are like fucking dirt.

22. what's your hair like - My hair is also of the dirt colored variety,  and its mostly controllable aside from  my bangs and one fucking curl that never  lays flat.  

23. what's your favorite movie - I like scary movies, the type that end leaving you speechless. Like the ones where everybody dies and it's all hopeless.   My favorite is "the mist"  by Stephen King

24. What's your favourite song - My favorite song is....fuck, I guess  "Scottie doesnt know." By Lustra        

25. How do you feel right now - Right now I feel like life's pretty good.   Im working with Jordan and he's slowly warming back up to me, so yeah,  shits been real.

26.  Who's someone you love?  -  fucking love TenderfootI love him with every beat of my crooked ass heart. There is nothing I wouldn't do to keep him safe and happy.

27. What is your relationship status -  shit, im not really sure what my relationship status is.   Me and Jordan are like lovers and shit but as a werewolf he's supposed to have a mate and really...I don't think thats me.  He hasn't had that moment of revelation yet and I just feel like if it was me he would've had that damn moment by now. I reallt just don't fucking know.

28. Whats your relationship with your parents like? - Uhhh,  my parents were nice and all but I can read thoughts.  So while they were nice, they really didn't want me.  I was just another burden.  They had to sacrifice some shit to keep me fed and mom was miserable.  When I got old enough I just left and never went back. IHaven't seen them since.

29. Whats your favorite holliday - Fuck holidays.

30. Any piercings or tattoos do you have? - I have peirced my knuckles before on a dare but they've healed. Other than that I have a like...home tattoo. I had Zach use just a needle and some ink.  Its just a deer on my chest, or it was. When Jordan and I had that damn fight he tore most of it up.  Now all you can really see is the antlers branching out on my collar bone and into my shoulders. Still looks badass though so I don't give a shit.

31. Any piercing or tattoo you want? - I thought about having Zach redo my deer but now I prefer it this way, with the added touch of my tender foot. Other than that fuck doing anymore shit to my body.

32. how's your relationship with your ex? - Hah-fucking-hah. What ex?        

33. Do you have someone to say "good  morning" and "good night" to you ? - Yeah, Jordan makes sure to do that small shit like that. He might drop in through the window to kiss me good night,  or howl in the early hours so I can hear him telling me good morning.  He always finds a fucking way.

34.  would you kiss the last person you text? - The last person I text was Bane, and while I've never kissed him, I wouldn't mind one fucking bit.

35.  When's the last time someone held your hand ? -  last time I held hands was like last night.   Im always fucking cold and Jordan is always trying to combat that with his warm ass hands.

36.  how long does it take you to get up in the morning? - It takes me forever to wake the hell up but after that its pretty quick.   I just throw some clothes on,  brush my teeth 'n hair and im out.
If im drunk and I cant even stand my ass up, i'd call Zach.  I wouldn't want to say any fucked up shit to Jordan and hurt him. Im a mean ass drunk...and Zach knows how to handle me. Even if I did say some stupid to him it wouldn't be an issue.  He takes me in stride.

37.  If you are listing to music do you like it loud or quiet?  -  im listening to music I want that shit so loud I can feel the bass in my chest.

38.  How often do you fake a smile? -  dont like faking shit.
39.  Last person you hugged? - I hugged Jordan before leaving earlier.

40.  what if the last person you kissed, kissed someone else in front of you ? - If that were to happen,  im not sure where me and Jordan would stand but whoever the hell he was kissing would sure as fuck  be dead.

41.  Is there someone you trust but probably shouldn't?  -  probably shouldn't trust Jordan as much as I do, being he is a fucking werewolf and they can be dangerous,  especially on a full moon.  But I never find myself second guessing him.  He's just my tender foot,  he loves me and im confident in that.  I can trust him.

42. Is there anything that happened today that you didnt like? -  dislike that when I went to see Jordan today I found him out back training with fucking Roman.

43. What do you think about the most? -  think about Jordan more than anything. He just gives me so much to think about,  what he does, what we do. And then theres just Jordan himself.   Ill die with tender foot on my mind.

44. Do you have any special talents? - Well,  for starters I can read thoughts.

45. Do you have any phobias? - Im not scared of shit.
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Chandler 1-45
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