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Jordan McMillian


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PostSubject: Jordan 1-45   Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:59 pm

1. Name – Jordan McMillian

2. Age – 18

3. 4 fears – Number one is always hurting Chandler in any way… hurting anyone, really. I’m scared of losing my friends in the pack and I’m scared of being alone.

4. 4 things I love – Chandler. Chandler’s kisses. Chandler’s hands. Chandler’s lips. His everything.

5. 4 turn ons – Being in control, having someone submit to me completely. I found recently that I’m pretty into bondage? And um, Chandler in general is a turn on. Especially his swearing. When he talks dirty, it gets me going.

6. 4 turn offs - Overly conceited guys. Forceful guys. Smokers. Men who talk too much.

7. My best friend - …Chandler? Maybe Roman, I guess, if it can’t be my boyfriend. He’s the only one I really can go to about things.

8. Sexual orientation – Chandler was the first person of any gender I ever looked at in that way, so I guess I’m gay? Who knows?

9. My best first date – If a date doesn’t have to be all fancy, then my best date was with Chandler when we were just chilling at Jesse’s house. He was away and left me to house sit. I had Chandler over and we had the house all to ourselves. It was pretty fun

10. How tall am i? – About five seven.

11. What do I miss? – My mother.

12. What time were you born – April 20th.

13. Favorite color – Green, the color of grass. A dark sort of green, it reminds me of the forest, where I grew up.

14. Do you have a crush? - Chandler will always be my crush.

15. favorite quote? - A quote from some book that Jesse gave me to read. He gave it to me because he thought I’d like it and I did. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

16. favorite place – Chandler’s arms.

17. favorite food – I have a fondness for raw meat.

18. are you sarcastic – Not really. I’m still getting used to understanding sarcasm, really. Chandler is very sarcastic.

19. what are you listening to right now – Arctic Monkeys. They’re one of the first bands I started listening to once I returned to human.

20. what's the first thing you notice about new people – Their scent. It’s how I communicated with other wolves and it’s still how I prefer to communicate.

21. What's the color of your eyes – Deep brown, like dirt.

22. what's your hair like – Brown like my eyes. Long, and tangled most of the time.

23. what's your favorite movie – Never really got into movies. Chandler makes me watch horror films all the time though. I guess if I had to pick a favorite, it’d be “It,” based off that Stephen King book. Terrified of clowns because of it though.

24. What's your favourite song – Flaws by Bastille because I really relate to it. Reminds me of Chandler and I.

25. How do you feel right now – Alright, better than most days. Chandler is coming over later, and that always puts me in a good mood.

26. Who's someone you love? - Other than Chandler? Roman, I guess. I’ll be honest, when I first laid eyes on him it was more of a sexual attraction. But now, I love him in a fatherly way. It’s kind of gross thinking about him in that light now. But I love him very much, he’s family.

27. What is your relationship status – Taken, definitely. We don’t really use labels, but I’m loyal to Chandler and only have eyes for him.

28. What’s your relationship with your parents like? I’d rather not talk about it, seeing that I don’t have much of a relationship with them anymore.

29. What’s your favorite holiday – Christmas! Chandler hates it, but I honestly love it. I love giving gifts, the parties, the food, just the air of happiness everyone’s got. It’s great.

30. Any piercings or tattoos do you have? – Haven’t gotten any yet, since it’s harder for wolves, but I plan on it.

31. Any piercing or tattoo you want? – A lot. Well, tattoos at least. I want Chandler’s name somewhere. I know name tattoos are stupid, but I want it anyway. I want him to draw me something to get somewhere. Wow, there’s a lot I want, I can’t even think of them all.

32. How’s your relationship with your ex? – Never really had an ex before.

33. Do you have someone to say "good morning" and "good night" to you ? – Chandler usually does, he makes sure to text even if he can’t say it in person. But I’m more of the weird one about that. I make sure I never miss a night. I think if he didn’t hear good morning or good night from me one day, he’d know something was wrong.

34. would you kiss the last person you texted? – Last person I texted was Roman. I guess I’d kiss him on the cheek or something? Like I wouldn’t vomit if I had to kiss him but I’d rather not.

35. When's the last time someone held your hand? - Just a few hours ago. Chandler and I are constantly holding hands.

36. how long does it take you to get up in the morning? – Forever. I’d never get out of bed if Chandler didn’t make me.

37. If you are listing to music do you like it loud or quiet? - I normally like music quiet, just background noise to calm me, help me think.

38. How often do you fake a smile? - A lot. Not because I’m sad all the time or anything, but because I’m not very good at conveying my emotions. Smiles don’t come naturally but the pack taught me I’m supposed to smile when I’m happy, so I force them usually.

39. Last person you hugged? – Chandler, probably.

40. what if the last person you kissed, kissed someone else in front of you ? – Whoever Chandler kissed would be dead and he’d probably get at least a bloody nose.

41. Is there someone you trust but probably shouldn't? - I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t trust Chandler. He’s pretty fickle and bitchy, but I love him anyway, I guess.

42. Is there anything that happened today that you didnt like? - I didn’t like when Chandler got all pissed off about me training with Roman. I need to practice my control and I can only do that with Roman, so it’s frustrating when Chandler throws a fit.

43. What do you think about the most? - Keeping calm. I’m constantly checking in on myself, making sure I’ve got myself under control so I don’t fuck up and hurt someone again.

44. Do you have any special talents? – Uh? My premonitions, do they count?

45. Do you have any phobias? – Like I said before, clowns I guess.
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Jordan 1-45
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