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 Ten Things You Didn't Know About: Bane & Jordan

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Jordan McMillian


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PostSubject: Ten Things You Didn't Know About: Bane & Jordan   Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:48 am

I saw someone do this so I figured I would heheh. Most of them are dumb ><

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About
1. He has a bit of a crush on Jason, but he’d never say it out loud.
2. He loves Danny’s voice ever since he heard him sing once. It’s not like he’s a particularly good singer, Bane just loves the tone to it, the rasp. He’d never tell Danny this, but he always hopes he’ll sing again.
3. He thinks he may be asexual, but he’s never explored his sexuality and doesn’t quite understand it. He’s not aromantic, he has romantic feelings for Danny but when it comes to getting physical, he’s never very interested.
4. He has recurring nightmares of Danny attacking him on the full moon, because he knows if they ever became a reality, he would not be able to defend himself. He wouldn’t be able to put Danny down like any other wolf.
5. He once had a crush on one of Dylan’s friends who was a fellow hunter from Texas. He was what started Bane’s interest in Southern guys. The guy was almost ten years older than him, however, and when Bane attempted to make a move, he was shot down. After this he became kind of bitter and focused on hunting instead of relationships.
6. He never lets Danny leech for him when he’s hurt because Dylan taught him at a young age to deal with pain and never depend on anyone else.
7. If he had to be in a relationship with someone other than Danny, he thinks he’d be most compatible with Chandler because he’s the only one he can really talk to. He feels like Chandler gets his hatred of humanity.
8. He’s surprisingly a big romantic. His idea of a perfect date would be Danny dressing up and taking him out to an extravagant restaurant before spending the night stargazing in the backyard.
9. He never thought he’d love anything more than his brother, but Danny has proven him wrong. He can’t imagine living without him anymore.
10. Despite what he says, he actually finds that he’s grown to like, even love, most of the pack and it’s nice having a sort of family again. Dylan had been all he ever had and turns out, the man wasn’t much of a family.

1. When he first met Roman, he had an animal sort of attraction to him. It was like lust. But after really getting to know the man, he’s like a father. Jordan feels kind of sick even thinking about how he used to want him.
2. He’s terrified of the day he hears his mate’s heartbeat, not knowing if it will be Chandler or not and not knowing if he could leave the man.
3. He has had a love for animals ever since he was young and before he was bitten, had dreams of being a veterinarian.
4. If he had to sleep with someone other than Chandler, it would be Rhett. He saw the man at Trever’s house once when Zach had invited the pack over and heard of the man’s reputation in bed. He always holds back in bed with Chandler and thinks it’d be nice to let loose with someone who’s naturally rough in bed. Plus, there’s something about conceited men that he can’t seem to resist.
5. He loves Chandler with all his heart but sometimes wishes that the man was a wolf like him, it would be so much easier and it would save him a lot of stress in the long run.
6. He misses his mother dearly and has recurring nightmares of the night he killed her along with the rest of his family. He tries to hide them from Chandler most of the time but there are times when he can’t hold it in anymore. All it takes is a look and Chandler knows and they’ll spend the rest of the day lying there, holding each other.
7. Jordan’s idea of a perfect date would be something fun and crazy like skydiving or something as simple as going on a run through the forest with Chandler.
8. He misses his family anyways, but he really hates that neither he or Chandler have parents around. He always wants to receive approval from Chandler’s parents and have Chandler meet his.
9. He’s very excited to get married one day, whether it is to Chandler or not and he knows he will want Roman to walk him down the aisle. He doesn’t think the man will mind, but he never gets around to asking him.
10. Roman is the only one he will actually sit down and talk to about his family and how much he misses them. But Chandler knows without having to talk about it, of course.
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Ten Things You Didn't Know About: Bane & Jordan
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