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 His Leather Jacket.

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PostSubject: His Leather Jacket.    Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:11 pm

I wrote this because I enjoy the leather jacket Derek wears on Teen Wolf and I wanted Roman to have it hehe.
It's basically just a series of moments involving the jacket, it's not that good ><

Zach shivered in the cool night air, leaning into Roman’s side for warmth.
“It’s f-fucking f-fr-freezing out here.” He stammered out, teeth chattering.
“I’m sorry, this was supposed to be a romantic moonlit walk!” Roman whined, arm around Zach’s waist, trying to pull him close and keep him warm. Roman was warm most of the time, it didn’t bother him out here so he hadn’t thought about it.
They’d been out for about ten minutes now, strolling along in the park nearby their home.
“Yeah, n-next time p-p-plan one of these r-romantic walks for maybe June, not the middle of J-January.” Zach glared.
“Oh I could think of something we could do to warm you up.” Roman wiggled his brows lightly and Zach couldn’t help but laugh.
“F-fuck no, I’m not f-f-fucking you in a children’s playground!”
Roman tackled the boy, pressing him up against the jungle gym and capturing his lips in a deep kiss, his hands braced against the object on either side of Zach’s head.
“Qu-quit it!” Zach whined softly when the man pulled back. “I’m damn fr-frozen.”
Roman pulled back, slipping off the leather jacket he always wore and handing it over to his mate.
“Here have this and stop whining.”
Zach stared at it for a moment as Roman held it open for him.
He slipped into the sleeves, looking down and admiring himself in it, although it was about two sizes too large. It was rather warm, but he liked it for more than that. It was Roman’s.
“Come on, let’s go home.” Roman smirked, arm sliding around his lover’s waist as they began the walk home.
Ten minutes later and they were inside under the blankets on their bed with mugs of hot chocolate in hand. Zach still wore the jacket.
“Here, you can have this back I guess.” He murmured, slipping out of it and handing it over.
“Nah, you keep it. You look better in it.” Roman smirked.
And Zach did keep it.

Several months later and Roman was off on some mission with the rest of the pack, trying to catch some wolf who had been murdering people in some town nearby.
He had been gone for nearly a week and Zach was missing him dearly. They made sure to text constantly, but it just wasn’t the same.
It was late at night one of these days and Zach was curled in bed, Roman’s leather jacket tugged tight around himself to make him feel closer to the man, when his phone lit up with a text.
“Missing you” was all it said. However, to accompany these words was a picture. Roman was lying in bed at the hotel they were staying at. The picture showed from his face all the way down his shirtless chest, to where the blanket came to rest just at his pubic area.
Zach’s cheeks flushed and he felt a soft stirring in his groin before he responded to the text.
“Are you trying to turn me on?” He smirked softly as he texted these words, waiting only seconds before he received a response.
“That depends… is it working?”
“Maybe.” Zach grinned but there was no maybe about it, it was definitely working.
“Maybe? Guess I’m not trying hard enough.”
“This isn’t fair. I was about to go to sleep.” Zach groaned to himself before deciding he’d send Roman a little picture of his own.
He stripped down naked, except for Roman’s jacket. He left this on and held up his phone to take a snapshot of himself, much like Roman had, except that Roman could see every inch of him.
He sent this and mere seconds later his phone buzzed.
“That’s not damn fair and you know it.”
Zach chuckled softly.
“Does that mean you liked it?”
“You in my jacket does things to me.”
Zach only smiled, staying up late into the night texting his lover. And it almost felt like he was back there with him.

Another week later and Zach was in the kitchen preparing dinner for himself. Roman was still not home and like usual when Roman was not there, the leather jacket was around Zach’s shoulders.
He was merely humming to himself when a sound out front caught his attention. A moment later and the door was being opened and he set eyes on his lover, back finally.
“Roman!” Zach cried out and ran to hug the man but before he could reach him in the doorway, Roman had lunged forward, pressing Zach against the nearest wall and kissing him hard.
Zach’s breath was taken away. Roman had not kissed him with vigor like this in a while.
Finally, Roman pulled back and took Zach in his arms. Zach was still attempting to catch his breath as Roman cleared the kitchen table with one arm and laid Zach down on it before kissing him once more.
“I.” He began as he slipped Zach out of his sweatpants. “Missed.” He continued, undoing his own belt. “You.” It was a growl as he finished his statement, ridding himself of his shirt. He moved to Zach then, slipping the boy out of the jacket and shirt before redressing him in just the jacket.
Zach’s heart was thudding in anticipation as he laid on their table, naked apart from the jacket. Roman was handling him with care and yet rougher than usual and he craved more of it.
“I missed you too.” He barely had time to get the words out before Roman’s lips were on his again, the man’s hands on his hips.
As they kissed, Roman lifted Zach back into his arms, their lips never parting as he pressed his lover up against a nearby wall.
“Legs around my waist.” Roman murmured. It was a command and Zach obliged, finding himself more aroused than he thought was possible.
With his legs squeezing tight around Roman’s waist, he found he could feel the man’s erection against his rear and he craved it more than ever now. He glanced up at his lover to see what was taking him so long and he found the man simply staring at him, cobalt blue eyes glowing as they ran over Zach’s form.
“Like what you see?” Zach smirked softly.
“It’s that damn jacket.” Roman growled softly as he shifted the rest of the way, thrusting upwards into Zach without warning.
Zach let out a sharp gasp as he was penetrated, his nails digging into Roman’s shoulders.
“Roman!” It was a strangled cry as his lover began to move, claiming him as his mate.
And Roman took him like that, against the kitchen wall as Zach’s dinner burned in the oven.

Nearly a year later and Zach laid on the cold hard ground of the alley he was in. He was incapable of any movement, fading in and out of consciousness but he relaxed because he knew his lover would be there any moment. Roman always showed up when something happened to him.
Sure enough, seconds later and Roman came running into the alleyway, falling to his knees beside his lover.
“Are you okay?” It was gentle even though Roman was fully shifted, fangs shining menacingly with the small amount of moonlight that reached them. “What happened?” He would kill whoever had done it.
“Mugged.” Zach managed to get out as a trail of blood trickled down his cheek. “Took the jacket.” He murmured softly. They had also taken his wallet but he didn’t care about that. They had robbed him of his lover’s jacket, one of his most treasured possessions.
“They didn’t… hurt you, did they?” Although it was obvious they had hurt Zach, Zach shook his head, knowing that Roman was questioning if they had sexually assaulted him.
“No…” His voice sounded strange to him as he got the urge to take a small nap. “Guess they’re not into the whole dreads thing.” He smirked lightly. “Just hit my head off the wall…” He nodded towards a bloody patch on the brick wall and Roman winced at the sight of it, reaching out and placing a hand on his lover’s head to take away the pain. “Twisted my arms behind my back…” He held out his wrists which bore large hand shaped bruises. “Roman… I need your jacket… s’cold out here…”
Roman merely nodded his head, his first priority being to make sure Zach was going to be okay. But he would definitely get the jacket back and those men would be dead before the sun rose the next morning. He could still smell them.
“Did they take anything else?”
“Wallet… ring I was wearing…” Zach rattled off, eyes rolling lightly. “Hey… I think I might have a concussion.” He informed lightly, dazed smile on his face.
“I think so. Alright, let’s get you back to Trever. He’ll fix you up.” Roman nodded as he lifted his lover into his arms.
After a moment he felt Zach’s head lolling against his chest and he nudged the boy awake.
“No no baby. No falling asleep. Not until we make sure you haven’t got a concussion. Come on, stay awake for me.”
“But m’tired.” Zach yawned lightly, curling into Roman’s chest.
“Just wait a little bit sweetie.” Roman crooned as he continued leeching. “So…” He tried to think of something to talk about to keep Zach awake. “What did they look like?”
“Gross.” Zach frowned. “Three of em… One was really big, like fat. And another was really big but muscular. He had greasy blonde hair… he’s the one who did the bruises and hit my head off the wall…” He murmured, trailing off. Well, at least now Roman knew which one he would murder first.
“Yeah? And what about the third one?”
“He was pretty strong but kind of scrawny looking. He wasn’t wearing a shirt… I could see his ribs. He wanted to… do stuff to me. But the other two said they didn’t have time.”
On second thought, maybe that one would be the first to die.
“They smelled like beer…” Zach recalled, nose wrinkling as he talked. “I hope they’re not wearing my jacket… don’t want it to smell like that.” He whined. “It smells like you… I like it…”
Finally, they were reaching Trever’s home. Roman kicked in the door, not caring that it was the middle of the night.
“Trever!” He called out and a soft shriek could be hard which he assumed was Toni startled by the noise.
Trever was done in seconds, glaring in only his boxers.
“What in the fuck are you-“ He stopped as he set eyes on Zach, leading them back to his workroom. “Put him on the table.” He commanded and Roman obliged, for once not fighting with the man.
“Just looks like a concussion… he’s a bit out of it.” Roman informed.
“Trever… you look nice.” Zach grinned, reaching out and caressing the man’s stubble. “I like it when you don’t shave.” He sounded quite dazed and Trever only chuckled.
“Yeah, I’d say he’s got a concussion. He’s never that nice to me.”
“Mmm… you smell nice.” Zach was humming gently. “Like Toni. Toni smells like cotton candy… were you two cuddling?” He cooed.
“Yes, we were until your oaf of a boyfriend came in screaming. Now Toni is under the bed.”
Zach giggled softly.
“Don’t think he likes Roman very much…” The large man frightened him. Toni preferred Danny.
“Anyway, do you think you can handle him?” Roman questioned.
Trever scoffed.
“Yes, I’m sure I can handle a small concussion.” He rolled his eyes as if Roman was questioning his abilities.
“I’m going to get Zach’s shit back they stole. Take care of him.”
“I took care of him long before you did.” Trever reminded, giving another eye roll as Roman kissed Zach gently before exiting the home.
“Now it hurts.” Zach let out a soft whine, pressing a hand to a bleeding area of his head. The dreads there were matted with blood.
“Here, I’ll hook you up with some morphine.” Trever nodded.
Zach laid there, whining still.
“And it’s cold. I want my jacket…”
“Where is it?”
“They took it.” Zach sighed. He hoped his lover would be okay and be back soon.
By the time Roman returned with the jacket, wallet, and ring in hand, Zach’s head was bandaged and he was sound asleep. Trever had him hooked up to several monitors to keep an eye on him in case anything more went wrong.
“He’ll be fine.” Trever informed him. “Just make sure he doesn’t overexert himself for about two weeks. No physical activity, reading, that sort of thing. Make him rest a lot but watch him when he does.” There was a short pause before Trever spoke again. “Did you kill them?”
“Of course.” Roman responded, sitting the wallet and ring down on the small table beside the worktable where Zach laid. He gently laid the jacket over top of the boy like a blanket to keep him warm.
“Good.” Trever nodded. “You can stay here tonight if you want, he can’t really be moved right now. I want to keep an eye on him for the night. You can sit in this room with him and I’ll leave you alone, just let me know if any of the machines start beeping.”
Roman nodded to show he understood, pulling up a chair beside Zach’s bed and taking his lover’s hands. He grunted a soft thanks before Trever left the room.
Zach slowly stirred awake at his lover’s touch, smiling tiredly.
“Hey… you got my jacket.” He murmured.
“I did.” Roman smiled gently. “You feeling okay?”
“Better…” Zach slurred lightly. “Missed you… want to go home…”
“Can’t go home yet, babe. Trever wants you to sleep here tonight.”
Zach sighed heavily but leaned over, resting his head on Roman’s shoulder.
“Alright… I’m gonna go back to bed, kay?” He sounded like a small child and Roman found it adorable the way his eyes were slipping shut like he could barely keep them open.
“Alright babe.” He chuckled softly, tucking the boy tighter in with the jacket and watching as he slept.

Zach’s heart was racing so hard he thought it might beat out of his chest as he ran towards his home. He could see the flames from a mile away and although he was desperate for breath, he couldn’t stop.
“ROMAN!” It was a terrified scream as he saw only firemen outside of the home, his lover nowhere to be found. The man was still inside.
Zach hurdled towards the house only to be caught around the middle by one of the larger firefighters.
“Not so fast!” The man grunted as he kept hold of him.
“Let me go! My fucking husband is in there!” He shrieked, kicking his legs wildly to try and get to the burning home.
Roman would be okay, right? He was a werewolf… he had to be okay.
But as the minutes passed, no one emerged from the home which was now crumbling.
Roman had burned, just like the rest of his family.
Zach found himself on his knees on the ground as his world fell down around him. Roman… gone. It didn’t feel real. Roman had always been there. Roman was always there when Zach was in trouble and now Zach had not been there when he needed it.
The pain in his chest was so immense he wished the man was here to leech for him.
The firefighter had let go of him some time ago but he hadn’t realized. He was curled on the ground, strangled sobs that sounded more like screams leaving him at regular intervals.
He only stopped to look up when he felt hands patting him on the back. He glanced up to see Danny and Jesse on either side of him, their own faces showing distress.
“He’s gone.” Jesse whispered. As Roman’s Alpha, he could feel it. It was like a part of him was missing. And he felt completely responsible… he should have been there to save him, should have known.
Zach only let out another sob at these words, pounding a fist against the ground beneath him before Jesse scooped him up.
“Let’s go.” He murmured. “You can stay at my place…”
“No.” Zach shook his head. “T-trever’s.” It was all he could do to get the words out, his body racking with now silent sobs. He had cried so hard his head was throbbing and his chest ached. He felt like he might be sick any moment now but he didn’t know how to stop it. Something was missing. It’d never feel right again.

A week later and Zach was at Trever’s home still. Many friends had been over to offer their condolences and try to cheer him up but nothing had worked.
He was sitting on the man’s couch, staring at the wall like he had been for the past seven days. He barely moved and wouldn’t have eaten if Trever hadn’t force fed him several times. He had simply given up. He wasn’t sure he wanted to live anymore but he couldn’t bring himself to commit suicide, it always seemed so weak to him.
There was a knock on the door and Zach assumed it was someone else here to try and make him feel better to no avail. But Trever moved to answer it and came back several minutes later with a box in his arms.
“What’s that?” Zach arched an eyebrow, face emotionless.
“Everything of yours they could save after the fire.” Trever nodded, sitting the box at Zach’s feet.
Zach didn’t move.
“Not going to look at it?” Trever questioned. Zach shook his head. “Fine, then I’ll look at it for you.” He sighed, sitting on the couch beside the boy and pulling the box into his lap, opening it and reaching in.
He pulled out a picture frame. The glass was cracked, but the picture inside was preserved. It was Roman and Zach on their wedding day, both of them wearing wide grins with tears in their eyes.
“I don’t want to fucking look at that.” Zach snapped, turning his head away as his eyes threatened to water again.
“Alright, next thing then.” He pulled out a watch. Roman’s.
“Nope.” Zach shook his head once more and Trever reached in again.
They went through the box like this retrieving mostly items of little importance. Finally, at the bottom of the box, Trever pulled out something Zach finally wanted to look at.
Roman’s leather jacket.
“My jacket.” Zach murmured, reaching out and taking it from his friend, holding it tight to his chest. It smelled mostly of smoke now, not of Roman. But he still found a certain comfort in it.
And then he was crying again as he slipped into the long sleeves that were still two sizes too big for him.
It almost felt like Roman’s arms were around him again and he managed a soft smile. He had been so cold lately since Roman wasn’t here.
At least the jacket remained to keep him warm.
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His Leather Jacket.
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