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 Jace Roden.

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PostSubject: Jace Roden.   Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:56 pm

Chandler strolled towards the home, tugging his jacket tighter around himself as he eyed his breath, visible in the freezing night air.
“Fuck.” He grumbled, glancing over as Zach’s house finally appeared in the distance. It felt like he’d been walking forever. He frowned to see a figure sitting on the front step of the house. It was way too small to be Roman. And it was too freezing for someone he actually cared about; like Zach or Jace to be out here.
“Hey.” He snapped as he approached, realizing it was Jace, Zach and Roman’s teenage son, sitting there. And there was a cigarette between his lips. “Knock that the fuck off.” He frowned at the young boy.
“You’re not my dad.” Jace shot him the bird with the hand that wasn’t holding the cigarette between his lips.
“What are you doing out here? It’s freezing.”
“Mom and dad are drunk and fucking in the living room. I’m locked out and they’re too damn drunk to open the goddamn door.”
“Your mom never taught you how to pick a lock?” Chandler smirked, pulling out one of the paperclips he kept on him at all times for situations like this, but Jace stopped him.
“I don’t really have a desire to watch them fucking.” Jace shook his head. “I can already hear them loud enough.”
Chandler paused and sure enough, Zach’s needful whining could be heard. He shook his head before taking a seat beside Jace.
“Yeah, I know all about that.” He had spent many a night sleeping down in Zach’s room, trying to block out the noises of Roman claiming Zach as his. “Pretty loud aren’t they?”
“You have no idea.” Jace shook his head. “I was about to call someone but then I saw you coming and figured I’d warn you before you went in.”
“Thanks for that, I guess.” Chandler smirked, though frowning once more as the smoke wafted in front of them. “Put that damn thing out.”
“Chandler I’m a fucking werewolf, not like I’m going to get cancer and die.” Jace rolled his eyes, pressing the lit end against his flesh, watching it burn before it healed slowly. He wasn’t a masochist or anything, it barely even hurt with his high pain tolerance. He simply enjoyed watching himself heal. It was fascinating.
“It’s still damn stupid.”
“You’re damn stupid, but I still like you.” Jace shrugged.
“You like me now?” Chandler teased as he snatched the cigarette and tossed it to the ground, grinding it out under his foot.
“Bitch.” Jace sighed, combing his fingers through his curly brown locks.
“Not really cool, your parents locking you out here and all.” Chandler murmured, watching the young boy.
“They’re getting old, I’m getting old. Guess they wanted to feel young again. Although they fuck like that all the time. Quite gross, really.”
“Yeah, your dad is pretty gross.” Chandler smirked.
“It’s weird thinking you’ve got the hots for mom. You act more like my age.”
“Yeah well your mom is pretty hot.”
“Ew.” Jace wrinkled his nose and Chandler laughed, tuning into the boy’s thoughts.
There was a pause before Chandler spoke.
“Oh wow, I didn’t know you thought I was hot.” He grinned slyly as he heard the boy's thoughts, thinking of how attractive he was.
“Stop fucking doing that.” Jace punched the man hard in the arm and Chandler only grinned.
Chandler couldn’t deny, Jace was beautiful himself. Even though he did look sort of like Roman. He had Roman’s toned body and facial hair, on top of Zach’s soft, feminine features. And those eyes… it was like looking at Zach himself.
“Sorry, can’t help it.” Chandler smirked. “You think Trever’s hot too? Get a better taste kid.”
“I said, knock that off.” Jace bared his fangs in warning and Chandler scoffed.
“Think I’m scared of you? Jordan has kicked my ass so many times, and I’m still not scared of him.”
There was a pause in their conversation as Jace listened to see if his parents were still going at it.
Zach was still whining and begging.
“I wish you’d fuck me like that.”
The words were so simply said that Chandler had to do a double take to make sure he’d heard the boy right.
His eyes bulged as he glanced down to Jace.
“You heard me.” Jace shrugged. “You can hear my thoughts anyway, might as well just say them. I wish you’d fuck me like that.”
Chandler couldn’t deny the stirring deep in his stomach at hearing the boy speak so vulgarly.
“Don’t go saying shit like that, kid.” Chandler muttered. “Your dad hears and he’ll kill me.” If it wasn’t for Jordan, he would have loved to piss Roman off like that, screwing his precious son.
“He thinks I’ve still got my “innocence.” I haven’t been innocent for about ten years now.” He was referring to an incident that had happened when he was seven and Chandler had heard about very well since it had led to one of the biggest fights Zach and Roman ever had. Chandler had thought it would be the end of them, but Roman could not live without his mate.
He realized he had never actually read Jace’s mind to see it for himself. He decided now was as good a time as any.
Jace let out a soft whine as he finished his cup of juice, wanting more but he wasn’t allowed to get in the fridge by himself.
“MOMMY!” He called out but he got no answer. Daddy was out with friends. “MOMMY!” He yelled again before hopping off of the couch and going to see where his mother was.
Jace knew his mom had went downstairs but little did the child know just what his mother was doing down there.
“Mommy?” He called down the stairs.
“Baby, mommy’s busy!” Zach called up. “I’ll be up in a minute, go wait on the couch like you were.”
Jace, like a good boy, did as he was told. He plopped back down on the couch and waited.
However, the small distraction had allowed Zach to make a mistake, allowed the bitch he was working on to overpower him. And in the struggle, a cage had been knocked over which contained an experiment gone quite wrong that Zach had been planning on killing sooner or later.
Moments later, Jace was watching his TV show happily when a hoarse voice called out to him.
“Help…” It was merely a whisper, coming from the doorway, but Jace got up to investigate. The sight that met him caused him to scream in horror.
Crawling in from the kitchen was a blob that no longer looked human, though it sounded like one.
Its legs had been hacked off, only stumps in their place. It was covered in blood from head to toe as if it had no unmarred flesh on its entire form. It was covered in large, pulsating boils, the result of an experiment gone wrong. It was dragging itself towards Jace using its arms, fingers clawing at the white rug, leaving red stains in its path.
“Help!” It begged and Jace screamed louder, backing away from the creature as quickly as he could. “MOMMY!” His voice was the terrified screaming of a young child before he shifted into wolf form, as he always did when he was scared. He didn’t have much control over it yet.
Zach stumbled up the stairs moments too late, cursing himself as he saw the scene in front of him. An escaped experiment and a tiny werewolf throwing a tantrum. He took hold of the bitch and threw it, sending it tumbling down the stairs and hopefully ending its life.
Then he moved to handle his child, wrapping him tight in his arms and taking the injuries the boy’s claws gave him.
“Mommy’s here!” He cried out before shushing the child gently.
Roman was home in seconds, sensing the panic of his lover and his pup.
“What happened!?” He growled, in wolf form as he burst in the door, eyeing the two of them, running to take his child in his arms.
“I’m so sorry!” Zach was wailing as loud as Jace as the child shifted back, high pitched cries filling the room. “Oh God, it’s all my fault!”
When Roman finally heard the whole story, there was hell to pay. Chandler was called to take Jace away, babysit, as the two of them fought.
*Flashback over*
Jace sighed as he glanced to Chandler.
“Finished going through my memories?”
“Yep.” Chandler nodded. “Well, that one. I could keep going. Any interesting stories you want me to see?” He grinned.
“Well let’s see… You could watch me freaking out during the full moon and hurting mom. You could watch me fucking one of daddy’s friends, but you can’t tell anyone cause I promised.” He smirked lightly.
“You’re too young to be fucking anyone.” Chandler shook his head.
“I’m seventeen.” Jace laughed. “Quit acting like an old man.”
“I am interested in knowing who it was though.” Chandler nodded. “But I don’t want to watch it because then I’d feel like a creep watching you screw someone.”
“Fine then, just watch part of it.” Jace nodded and Chandler obliged.
(I’m telling this from like the point of view of Chandler watching it)
He was seeing through Jace’s eyes, it was like he was Jace, but he had no control over his own actions. He could hear the boy’s moans, could feel a man’s lips tugging at his neck, biting and kissing, hands rubbing down his sides. But he could not yet see who it was pleasuring him. He could only see his hands, entangled in the man’s thick brown hair.
A soft growling as the man pulled away told him that it was a wolf, whoever it was, a member of the pack. But still, Chandler couldn’t see as the man sank to his knees, shedding Jace of his pants quickly and turning him around so he was facing the wall, ass jutting out.
“Keep quiet.” Came the soft warning growl before Jace’s entire body was engulfed in pleasure, the wolf’s face buried in his ass.
He didn’t heed the elder wolf’s instructions very well, his moans coming out as loud, needing whines.
Chandler only stayed to watch as the man stood, taking Jace’s chin in one clawed hand and shushing him before he snapped back to reality.
It was Jason.
“Well, I wasn’t expecting that one.” Chandler admitted.
“Yeah.” Jace smirked and Chandler rolled his eyes at noticing the boy had lit another cigarette and was inhaling deeply. “He’s a gentleman in the streets, beast in the sheets.” He gave a sly grin as he blew the smoke out into Chandler’s face.
“You’re too perverted for your age.”
“Once again, Chandler, I’m seventeen.” He rolled his eyes.
“Your dad would have a stroke if he heard you talking like this.”
“Well good thing he never will then.” Jace grinned. “But seriously, I love dad. I’d never hurt him like that.” He nodded, smiling fondly at the thought of his father. “I can be his perfect little boy at home, not going to kill me.”
“Just hope he never finds out. Jason would be dead before you even realized he knew.”
“He won’t. Only ones that know are me and him. And you now. He never even told Sterling. They’ve got that whole open relationship thing. Sterling knows he fucked someone but he doesn’t know who… Sterling’s got a big mouth.”
“Yeah, if Sterling found out the whole pack would know in about an hour.”
Jace nodded in agreement.
“Do you… like him?” Chandler questioned softly, waiting for an answer although he could just get his own if he needed to.
“I… I guess so.” Jace averted his gaze, obviously not liking this feelings talk.
“Doesn’t it hurt though, knowing he’s got a mate already?”
“Course it does. But I’ll have mine too soon. So it doesn’t matter.” Jace shrugged. “He can’t have feelings for me, I know, it’s just fucking. But… I need it sometimes.”
“Why don’t you try finding an actual boyfriend or something?”
“Because I figured I might as well just wait for my mate now.”
“You know Jesse didn’t find his until he was like twenty five, right?”
Jace only shrugged.
Chandler shook his head, about to speak again when all of a sudden, the door opened.
Roman stood in the doorway in his boxers. Being a wolf, his drunkenness always wore off quickly, much quicker than Zach’s.
“Fuck, baby, I’m so sorry.” He sighed as he looked down to his son, helping the boy stand.
“It’s fine.” Jace smiled softly. “Chandler kept me company.”
Roman frowned at the man in question, though nodded slowly. He knew Jace liked him, for whatever weird reason.
“I’m really sorry. I didn’t even realize you weren’t home, we got out of hand.”
“It’s fine.” Jace repeated, kissing his father’s cheek. “I’m fine, just cold.” He paused, glancing back to Chandler. “Can he come keep me warm for a while?”
“Like… lay in bed with you?” Roman arched an eyebrow. “Not a chance. But I guess he can come in and sit with you for a while.” He looked to Chandler now who smiled gratefully to Jace. “Zach’s passed out on the couch though if you were here to see him.”
“I was originally, but now I’m here for Jace.” Chandler grinned as he took Jace by the arm and led him inside. He would never touch Jace because of Jordan, but being a little extra touchy with the boy wouldn’t harm anyone. All it would do was piss Roman off, which was something Chandler always aimed to do.

Justin was humming softly as he entered his brother’s home. He didn’t bother knocking, knowing that Jason would be able to hear him coming and he had a key.
When he didn’t see the man in the living room, he headed upstairs instead, towards the sound of Jason’s heartbeat… and the heartbeat of someone else. Justin assumed it was Sterling, but he didn’t listen close enough to be sure.
He found himself outside their bedroom door, only knocking once before swinging the door open. He had walked in on Jason and Sterling fucking before, he didn’t care what they were doing as he entered.
But his jaw dropped to find his brother naked in bed beside someone who was definitely not Sterling.
Roman’s son, the recent edition to their pack laid naked beside Jason, curled into the man’s chest, sound asleep.
“Dude, you got laid?!” Justin grinned at his brother. “It’s about time.”
Jason sat upright, gently laying Jace onto the pillow properly before shushing his brother.
“I knew you and Sterling had that open relationship going on, but Sterling was the only one screwing around. Finally, you got some.” Justin chuckled, eyeing Jace’s lithe body. Although Jace wasn’t small, he wasn’t huge either. He had his father’s toned muscles. But it was so tiny, even delicate compared to Jason’s gargantuan form. “But did it have to be with Roman’s kid? I mean, you know he’s going to kill you, right?”
“He won’t find out. Jace swore he wouldn’t say a word. Apparently, his dad doesn’t even know he’s sexually active.”
“Kids have big mouths. Word will get around Jason. And you said it was MY dick that would get us thrown out of the pack.” Justin teased but Jason frowned deeply.
“You… don’t really think Roman will find out, right?”
“Uh… no?” Justin could never lie very well to his brother, who now cursed softly.
“Shit, I was stupid.” He groaned, dragging a hand through his hair as Jace stirred on the bed beside him. “I never should have fucked him. But Justin, you weren’t here. He’s like a drug. I was intoxicated on… him. Everything about him…”
“I know what you mean, man.” Justin nodded solemnly, having had his fair share of hot one night stands he couldn't resist. “So… how was it?” Justin grinned slyly. “You must have broken him, he looks miniature next to you.”
“Actually, he hurt me just as much as I hurt him. He’s terrible at controlling the shift. I can tell he’s only had sex a few times before. He didn’t know how to handle his wolf, he was clawing the shit out of me. If he ever fucks a human, God help them.”
Justin chuckled softly, glancing down at the younger wolf beside his brother.
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Jace Roden.
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