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 Mini Fics

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PostSubject: Mini Fics   Sun Dec 07, 2014 4:48 pm

First one is the longer Bane/Danny one I mentioned Smile It doesn't really end well but I wasn't sure where I was going with it ><

Danny frowned as Bane led him into the home, wrinkling his nose at the unfamiliar scent that surrounded them.
“What is that?” He blinked as if to see what it was but of course, it didn’t help much.
“I got you an anniversary present.” Bane murmured, obviously nervous at showing this much affection for the wolf.
“A present?” Danny grinned widely. “Oh man, it’s right in front of me, isn’t it? I can smell it but I can’t see, this is not fair!” He whined until the sound of a soft bark alerted him to exactly what it was. “You got me a dog!?” He was beaming, reaching down and moving his hand around to try and pet the creature.
“You mentioned something a few weeks ago so I figured I would…” Bane trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. Although there was no denying, Danny was adorable as he finally found the dog. It was a black lab, gorgeous as it wagged its tail and pawed Danny’s legs. “It’s a seeing eye dog.” Bane added, smiling gently as Danny scratched the animal behind its ears.
“Bane…” Danny stood upright as the lab continued to bark at his feet. “This is the sweetest present anyone’s ever gotten me.” He murmured, leaning in to kiss Bane on the lips, but getting his nose instead.
“Yeah, yeah.” Bane grouched softly, cheeks a light red as Danny knelt back down to pet his new companion.
“What should we name it?” He smiled softly.
“I don’t damn care, it’s yours.” Bane nodded lightly.
“Hmm, he looks like a Spike. You like that?” Danny hummed softly as if the dog would actually understand. Part of Bane found it stupid and the other part found it endearing.
He took a seat on the couch and merely watched as Danny bonded with the newly named Spike. Danny attempted to teach the dog tricks, having to ask Bane to assure he really did what he was supposed to. This was how they spent the rest of the night and while it certainly wasn’t Bane’s idea of a romantic evening, he didn’t mind.
What he did mind was when Danny barely looked at him for the next two weeks.
Bane currently sat on the couch yet another day, watching as Danny tried to teach Spike to roll over. Today however, he was not so happy about it. Danny hadn’t spared him anything more than a kiss on the cheek since he’d gotten the damn dog and he hated to say he was jealous. So jealous that he knew he had to be giving off the scent and Danny still wasn’t picking up on it because he was too busy with the stupid mutt.
“Did he roll over?” Danny questioned his lover, sitting cross legged on the ground beside Spike who had indeed rolled over on command.
“No he didn’t cause he’s just a stupid fleabag.” Bane muttered.
“Hey, he’s getting there.” Danny whined, stroking Spike behind the ears.
Bane only rolled his eyes, for once glad that Danny couldn’t see him do so. He began to think of anything he could do to get Danny’s attention back and he hated that he even wanted it back, but he did and he needed to do something soon. He thought of something and opened his mouth to speak.
“Hey Da-“
“Spike and I are going out for a quick walk!” Danny smiled, cutting his mate off without realizing he had done so. “We’ll be back soon.” He pressed a kiss to Bane’s cheek before getting Spike’s leash and heading out the door.
The second they were gone, Bane let out a loud groan. He didn’t like fighting for his damn boyfriend with a stupid dog. And he did not plan to do it much longer. He was no pussy and he was going to stand his ground, even if it made him look like an idiot.
A little over an hour later and Bane sat by the window, waiting until he saw Danny and Spike come into view. He stood immediately, making his way to the door, ready for his plan of action.
A moment later and the door was opened. Danny was smiling happily as he stepped inside but not even a second after he entered, Bane slammed the door shut. He timed it so it shut on Spike’s leash, leaving the dog outside while Danny was in already.
Danny tugged on Spike’s leash and frowned as he realized it was stuck.
“Bane, you locked Spike outside.” He whined but only for a minute before he himself was shoved against the closed door roughly.
“The dog can stay the hell outside.” Bane growled, leaning in and kissing Danny furiously. It was a passionate, teeth clanking, lip bruising kind of kiss, the kind Bane never got enough of.
Danny was shocked to say the least, though he didn’t resist, an arm coming to wrap around Bane’s waist.
“You smell… mad.” Danny frowned as they pulled apart. “Is something wrong?”
“Yes!” Bane snapped.
“Did I do something?” Danny’s eyes were wide, really shocked by this.
“What’s wrong is that you haven’t damn looked at anything but that dog for the past two weeks and-“ Bane stopped abruptly at realizing how his sentence had been about to end.
“And what?” Danny questioned.
“And I…” Bane swallowed, forcing himself to growl out his words which really weren’t hurtful at all. “I fucking miss you, you damn asshole!” He snapped, once more shoving the wolf’s chest.
Danny looked shocked and upset at the accusation, though his heart swelled at hearing the fact that Bane missed him.
“I’m sorry… I-I… wow, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t…” The boy was a stammering mess and it almost made Bane feel bad. But hearing Spike bark outside took care of the feelings of guilt. “I was just excited.” He murmured, hanging his head like a toddler and Bane sighed heavily.
“I probably could have told you about it a little nicer.” Bane spoke gently, finding himself leaning into Danny’s chest.
“No, I’m so sorry.” Danny shook his head. “I didn’t know I was doing it… I just… we don’t have very similar personalities and… I don’t know. Wow, it was just fun having someone as perky as me all the time. I thought it bothered you so I’d use my energy on him.”
Bane’s face fell and he looked down to his feet.
“This was stupid anyways. I mean, it’s just a dog. You should be able to play with it, I bought it for you and…” Bane shook his head as he trailed off, turning away from his lover. “I was dumb, sorry.”
“You weren’t dumb!” Danny exclaimed, reaching out to touch the boy, finally getting a hand on his shoulder. "I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. Oh wow, I’m making it worse.” He whined softly.
“Just forget it, I said I’m sorry.” Bane breathed out as he opened the door and Spike came bounding in, barking happily.

The rest are little things inspired by a word like our fifty threads.

1. Flowers
Chandler smiled to himself, finding he was actually in a half decent mood for once on Valentine’s Day. He actually had someone to celebrate with this year.
Last night, he’d went out and bought Jordan some chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. Normally, he thought such clichés were stupid, but he’d done a lot of things for Jordan since meeting the boy that he’d never dreamed he’d do in a million years. And now this morning he had gotten up bright and early, crept out of bed and made his way to the kitchen to prepare a nice meal for his lover. He was being so thoughtful, it kind of frightened him.
He cooked the breakfast, careful not to burn or drop anything as he placed it all onto a tray and began the trek up to Jordan’s bedroom. He had assumed Jordan was still sleeping, but upon opening the door, he learned that this had been a mistake. Jordan was curled on the floor around the now empty vase. The flowers that had once been daisies were no more, other than the many petals and stems scattered around the bedroom floor.
He stared, astounded at his lover who turned to grin at him with several petals in between his teeth.
Chandler was extremely confused for a moment before he realized what had happened and he began to laugh.
“Wait, is this not what they were meant for?” Jordan asked, wide eyed as his lover laughed at him. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” He adored flowers, as Chandler knew. But what the man didn’t know was that he only adored them for the amusement they brought him when he tore them to shreds with his teeth, like he had done in the wild.
“They were just for you so if that’s what you like to do with them, then so be it.” Chandler snickered softly, shaking his head at his lover.

6. Tease
Ajax frowned as he reached for his phone on the coffee table where he had left it the previous night and realized it was not there. The hell? He simply groaned and figured he had misplaced it. Maybe it was in the car still. He moved to grab his keys but they were not there either…
“What the fuck?” He sighed, trying to retrace his steps.
What had he done last night? He’d gotten home from the shop… put his keys away, phone on the coffee table and then got on his laptop… He looked for the computer only to find that it was not in its usual place as well.
“What’s going on?” He whined softly.
And that was when he heard snickering from the doorway. He glanced over to see his best friend, shirtless and leaning against the doorway from his bedroom, laughing softly.
“What did you do with it?” Ajax glared lightly and Justin simply shrugged. “Justin!” He whined.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Justin chuckled and Ajax moved to elbow him in the stomach. “Well that was rude.” He smirked.
“Come on, where is my stuff, jackass!?”
“It’s right in this room, silly.”
Ajax frowned and glanced around the room.
“You’re not looking high enough.” Justin smirked.
Ajax glanced upwards and saw his laptop, along with his phone and keys but they were atop of the high bookshelf.
“Justin!” He cursed. “Really?”
Justin laughed, rather pleased with himself.
“I’m not doing anything! I told you where they were, just get them!”
“You know damn well I cannot reach that.”
“Sucks for you.” Justin chuckled.
Ajax folded his arms across his chest and pouted as Justin continued to laugh at his own prank.

5. Feathers
Chandler sat in his bedroom, sighing heavily as he wondered where Jordan could be. They’d had a fight and Jordan had stormed out to avoid hurting Chandler like he feared.
Honestly, Chandler didn’t even remember what had started the fight. It was probably fucking stupid, but he was pissed anyway… and a little worried about Jordan’s safety.
Damn tenderfoot.
He was thinking about going to look for the boy when he heard a noise out front of the house. He was immediately up, hoping it was Jordan as he ran to the door. He opened it and his eyes widened at the sight in front of him.
Jordan was crouched over on all fours, like a dog and in his mouth was a dead bird. He glanced up at Chandler with innocent chocolate brown eyes before moving forward and nuzzling Chandler’s leg lightly. He then dropped the bird at the man’s feet.
Chandler’s jaw dropped and for a moment all he could do was stare before he began to laugh softly.
He knew his lover still acted like an animal but at times it was still shocking. But he knew Jordan had brought the bird as a peace offering.
“Get the hell up, tenderfoot.” Chandler smirked, tugging the boy to his feet. Jordan smiled, leaning in for a kiss only to be stopped by Chandler’s outstretched hand. “No kissing until you wash out your mouth babe.” The boy had just head a damn bird in there for god’s sake.

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