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 Just For The Night.

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PostSubject: Just For The Night.    Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:59 pm

Danny could only blink, unable to take in the words Zach was saying.
“Danny? You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I just thought I’d offer.” Zach reassured, hand reaching out to clasp Danny’s.
Danny replayed Zach’s proposition in his mind, although he already knew what his answer would be.
“How long would I have them?”
“A few hours at most.” Zach sighed softly. “I’m working on a more long term solution but for now, I figured you might want to try it out.”
Danny felt his heart soaring, never thinking this would be possible. Zach had figured out a way to give him his sight back, if only for a few hours.
“I wasn’t sure if you’d be into it or if it would only… you know, make it worse, having it taken away again.”
“It probably will but… Zach, oh wow, I could see Bane.” His heart was nearly beating out of his chest just at the thought. “I’m doing it.” Anything to finally catch a glimpse of his mate.
“Alright.” Zach smiled softly. “I tested it out on a couple of my… test subjects. The shortest got three hours and the longest was almost 12.” Zach nodded. “It seemed to get longer every time, but I’m not sure. I’ve only tested it a few times, I’d need more to really get a hypothesis…” Zach trailed off but Danny was barely listening.
“I want to do it right now, I need to do it tonight.” Bane was coming over tonight and now it was all Danny could think about, getting to see his mate’s gorgeous face…
“I’d need to put you to sleep.” Zach nodded. “The surgery would take a few hours and you’d probably be in a bit of pain even when you woke up. It’s really risky Danny…” He sighed.
“I don’t care, Zach. I just need to see him.” It was the happiest he’d been in years thinking he could actually see again…
“Okay.” Zach smiled gently. He couldn’t understand how hard it was for Danny not being able to see but he did know how much the boy loved Bane. He wanted to help him.
“I love you so much.” Danny sighed, hugging the boy tightly.
“I’m going to go tell Roman and Jesse, okay?”
“They’ll talk me out of it!”
“I won’t let them.” Zach shook his head before jogging up the stairs to get his lover.
Moments later and the three men were heading back into the room, all of them smiling to see the grinning pup waiting on Zach’s table.
“You’re gonna be able to see for a day, huh?” Jesse smirked, stroking his hand through the boy’s hair.
“Oh man, Jess, I can’t wait.” Danny sighed happily.
“You should be excited, I got even sexier since you went blind.” Jesse teased, though he was truly happy for his beta.
“Oh shut up.” Danny’s smile didn’t fade though. “Guys, is Bane as beautiful as I think he is?” He questioned before shaking his head. “Nevermind, I know he is. Man, I can feel it. He’s going to be gorgeous.”
“Eh, he’s alright.” Jesse shrugged. “He’s no me but we can’t all be sex gods.” He winked even though the boy couldn’t see it.
“You’re such an ass. I’m not even going to look at you.” Danny smiled although of course he was excited to see his Alpha as well. He couldn’t wait to see everyone, really. He couldn’t even wait to see himself. He knew he had grown since he’d lost his sight. He was only a teenager still, growing every second.
“You’ll be missing out then.” Jesse chuckled and Danny only smiled as he felt Zach’s hands helping him lie down on the table.
“Alright, babe. I’m going to have to hit you with a pretty big dose of this to keep you out for as long as I need.” Zach murmured and Danny heard him messing around with his supplies.
“Okay… is it going to hurt?”
“You’re a werewolf, Danny.” Zach chuckled. “It shouldn’t hurt you, but be prepared, just in case.” He moved to grab a syringe filled with the anesthetics he needed. “Night.” He smiled gently as he injected the fluid into Danny’s neck. The boy only whined for a moment before he was out.

As Zach worked, Apollo was making his way to the Jardine home, only hoping that Bane’s brother wouldn’t know he was Jesse’s mate. And that Bane would not kill him for being there.
But Jesse had told him that they were giving Danny his sight back for the night and he was excited to see Bane so Apollo figured it was only fair that the boy got a warning.
He hovered around the home for a moment, knowing they probably had some high tech security system that he could set off at any moment. So he found Bane’s bedroom window, hoping the boy was alone inside as he looked for a small rock to throw. He stayed several feet away from the house and tossed the rock, watching as it tapped against the glass.
He groaned and threw another, slightly harder and this time it went straight through the glass and he cringed at how loud the shatter was.
A moment later and Bane’s face was pressed against the glass, eyes wide as he looked for the culprit. Finally, his eyes settled on Apollo, smiling nervously.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Bane groaned loudly.
“I’ve got to talk to you, can I come in?”
“I was just getting ready to come over to Zach’s place anyways.” Bane sighed. “But yeah, you can come in the front door like a normal person. Dylan’s not home.”
“Kay!” Apollo chirped, jogging over to the front door and knocking, waiting for Bane to undo the many locks and chains that prevented intruders from getting in.
“Now what the hell did you need?” Bane muttered as he let the boy in, closing the door after him and locking it once more.
“It’s about Danny.”
“Is he okay?” Bane asked immediately, eyes wide.
“He’s fine, better than fine.” Apollo smiled. “Zach’s came up with a way to give him his sight back for a few hours.”
Bane’s jaw dropped.
“Wh-what?” He looked down at his outfit. A white t-shirt with a few tears and the ratty old jeans he’d had since he was fourteen. He was used to having a blind boyfriend, he didn’t bother dressing up for their evenings together.
“Just a few hours.” Apollo repeated. “But he’s so excited to be able to see you for the first time. I figured you’d like a warning.”
“Shit.” Bane cursed. “He… damnit he can’t see me like this.” His hands came up to massage his temples. He was not attractive, not in the least, even on his best days… How could he let Danny down like that?
“You look fine, babe.”
“No, I look “fine” on my best days, on special occasions or some shit. The best I ever look is fine.” He sighed. “You’ve got to help me. You’re pretty… come help me get dressed. Fix my hair or something?”
Apollo smiled softly.
“You want to impress him.” He grinned. “That’s so cute, babe.”
“Oh shut up and come fucking help me.” Bane turned and headed up to his room, Apollo following his lead, glancing around the home at all the weapons.
“Is your brother hot?” Apollo hummed.
“I don’t damn know.” Bane made a face. “I don’t think so but... I guess he gets his fair share of boys and girls?” He shrugged before shaking his head. “That’s not even important, come on.”
He shoved the door open to his room and Apollo had to admit, he was kind of curious to see it. He looked around, surprised that he found some posters on the walls of famous singers or actors.
“Zac Efron?” Apollo laughed, gesturing to the poster above the boy’s bed.
“Oh shut up!” Bane groaned. “Just because I’m not as damn prissy as you, doesn’t mean I don’t have crushes.”
The nightstand was full of picture frames. His bed was not made, the navy blue sheets practically half on the floor.
Apollo moved closer to the nightstand, going through pictures as Bane headed for the closet.
“Oh your brother IS hot.” Apollo purred lightly, holding a picture of the hunter.
“Ew.” Bane made a face as he looked through his clothing. “That’s from a few years ago.” Dylan stood out in the woods, dressed for a hunt.
“Aww is this you?” Apollo cooed, smirking at a picture of a young baby in his mother’s arms. The father stood beside them with his hand on the shoulder of a slightly older young boy.
“Only family picture I have.” Bane muttered.
Apollo only nodded, continuing through the pictures.
“No Danny?”
“If Dylan saw that I’d be dead.” Bane sighed. “Check under my pillow.”
Apollo raised a brow, though he did peek under the boy’s pillows, smiling as he pulled out several photographs.
One of Danny, smiling brightly as he sat on what looked like Bane’s bed. One of the both of them, Danny smiling again and Bane merely looking not as miserable as usual. But the third was Apollo’s favorite because Bane actually looked happy, lying in Danny’s arms. He recognized it as one he himself had taken at their last pack meeting.
“You love him, huh?”
“Yes, now come here and help me.” He sighed and Apollo moved to his side.
“Stand back and let me pick you something nice.” Apollo smiled as he began to glance through the boy’s clothing. “Do you only own things in black and brown?”
“Pretty much. There’s some white too.” Bane smirked.
“Your color is so pale blue.” Apollo groaned. “Why is there none of that?”
“Cause I’m not trying to look fashionable.” Bane whined.
“Well hold on.” Apollo nodded before heading out of the room.
“Where are you going?” Bane called after him.
“Your brother’s room. Does he have boys over a lot?”
“Sometimes but don’t go in there.” Bane groaned, but merely waited for the boy to return.
Apollo returned a few minutes later with a grin.
“I was right in thinking that some guy had probably left clothes over there. Here, try it on.” He tossed a pale blue button down shirt to Bane.
“I don’t want to wear some skank’s shirt!”
“I will shove you into it myself, Bane Coriander Jardine!”
“Speak my middle name again and I will end you.” Bane warned as he reluctantly slipped out of his t-shirt, attempting to squeeze into the button down.
“You look great, actually.” Apollo grinned as Bane did the last button. The shirt was a bit snug, but Bane wasn’t chubby, so it worked. It clung to his toned chest, making him look more muscular than he was but still slim. “Now put on these jeans.” He yanked a pair of tight gray jeans with several holes in them out of the closet and extended them to his friend.
“But they’ve got holes?”
“They look like you bought them that way. Ripped jeans are cute.” Apollo nodded and Bane listened. Apollo knew more about fashion than he did.
He slipped out of his pants, tossing them aside and squeezing into the other pair that he had not worn in years.
“You look hot.” Apollo nodded appreciatively. “Now hair and makeup. Come on.” He grasped Bane’s hand and led him off to the bathroom.
“Makeup?” Bane raised an eyebrow, grimacing lightly as he was dragged to the bathroom.
“Just shh and let me work.”
Nearly twenty minutes later and Bane’s blonde hair was perfectly styled atop his head and his face powdered to hide any blemishes.
“I am NOT putting on lip gloss.” Bane shook his head, folding his arms across his chest as Apollo stood in front of him with the gloss opened.
“Oh come on.” Apollo sighed. “It’ll just make your lips look shiny and kissable. It’s flavorless so he won’t be able to tell.” Bane made a face but didn’t struggle as Apollo glossed his plump lips.
“I feel like such a girl oh my god.” Bane groaned, reaching to drag a hand through his hair like he always did when stressed but Apollo grabbed his arm in time, reminding him his hair was full of gel and spray.
“Well good thing you’re all done now.” Apollo smiled. “We should get over to Zach’s.” He nodded. “Ready for this?”
“No.” Bane sighed, smiling nervously as he peeked in the mirror. He had to admit, he didn’t look bad. But he still knew that he was going to let Danny down. Danny always said how he knew Bane would be beautiful…
“Well you should be. That little dork is lucky he’s got someone as sexy as you. Now let’s roll.” Apollo nodded, taking Bane’s hand and together they walked over to Zach’s.
Zach was about thirty minutes from being done when they entered the home. The rest of the pack was in the living room, waiting and several of them gaped to see Bane looking… well not like he had just rolled out of bed for once.
Bane narrowed his eyes as he trudged in, not liking the eyes on him and not wanting anyone to think he would be nice just because he looked nice.
“You wait here, I’m going to go set up a guest room to be all romantic in case you two want to… get freaky.” Apollo grinned as he headed off.
Bane swallowed hard at the thought, his heart nearly thudding out of his chest.
“Nervous?” Jesse chuckled and Bane shot him a glare.
“Shut the fuck up.” He muttered. “I’m not nervous.” He was terrified.
He sat in silence as the rest of the pack chatted around him, waiting for Zach to emerge with their pup.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Zach was nearly finished. It had taken longer than he thought because he was painstakingly careful, not wanting to hurt his friend.
“Ten minutes til he wakes up.” Zach murmured to his lover who sat by Danny’s side.
“Are you going to be done by then?”
“I should be.” Zach nodded.
And sure enough, about six minutes later he let out a sigh of relief.
“Done.” He smiled lightly. “Now we just wait.” He slipped Danny’s eyelids back shut and sat on Roman’s lap until four minutes later when Danny awoke.
Danny felt his senses return but he did not open his eyes just yet.
“Are you done?” He spoke up, wanting to make sure he didn’t mess anything up.
“Yeah babe.” Zach smiled. “It should be working if you open your eyes.”
“I don’t want to. Someone help me walk upstairs. I want the first thing I see to be him… Bane.” He smiled lightly as he sat upright, keeping his eyes shut.
“Alright kid, let’s go.” Zach smiled, as did Roman. Each of them took one of his hands and led him out of Zach’s room and up the stairs.
“Oh he’s here already.” Danny was beaming as he could hear his mate’s heartbeat. “Oh man Zach, you never have to get me birthday or Christmas presents ever again, this is the best thing anyone’s ever done for me.” He sighed happily.
“I just hope it works for long enough.” Zach smiled, gently stroking the boy’s wrist.
Finally, they reached the living room and everyone turned eagerly to face the pup.
“So? Can you see?” Jesse questioned, smiling.
Apollo bounded back into the room just in time, taking a seat beside Bane who was on the verge of vomiting he was so scared.
“I should be able to.” Danny smiled. “But I haven’t opened my eyes yet. I… I want to see Bane first.”
Everyone turned to glance at the boy who paled at all the attention. He stood slowly, tugging at the sleeves of his shirt as he made his way towards his mate.
“You smell nervous.” Danny frowned.
“I…” Bane began but he couldn’t finish, having to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat. Everyone’s eyes were on him and it was getting hard to breath. What if Danny was disappointed with the way he looked? “I’m fine.” He forced out. And he had to be. He couldn’t ruin this like he ruined everything with his snarky comments and rude exterior. Tonight was for Danny. He forced himself to calm down, even giving a smile as he eyed Danny in front of him.
Danny paused for a moment before he opened his eyes, blinking several times as for the first time in years, he could see. He set eyes upon his mate and his jaw dropped.
“Oh wow.” His own heart sped up to match Bane’s as he saw the boy for the first time. “You’re… beautiful.” His voice was soft as he reached out to place his hand against Bane’s cheek. “Even more beautiful than I hoped.” He sighed.
Bane smiled lightly, his heart skipping several beats.
Danny leaned in, gently pressing a kiss to Bane’s lips. Bane did not pull away like he usually would have done when they were in front of the pack. Instead, he wrapped his arms around the boy and pulled him closer, kissing him deeply. A moment later and Jesse began to clap, elbowing Jason next to him until the boy clapped as well and then everyone was clapping, all of them genuinely happy to see Danny getting his eyes back. Danny pulled back at the round of applause they were getting, blushing as he finally got to see Bane’s face after they kissed. The boy’s eyes stayed shut for a second longer, a look of complete peace on his face before he opened his eyes and smiled. Danny panicked as his vision began to blur but he then realized it was only because he was crying. They were happy tears though, the happiest he’d ever shed.
Jesse let out a whistle at the two of them and Danny snapped his head towards his Alpha.
“Oh wow, Jesse…” He smiled softly. “You look… the same.” He chuckled although he was still grateful to see him. He was losing even the memories of the man’s face. He moved forward to hug the man tight, glancing around at the rest of the pack before his eyes settled on Zach. “Aw man, your hair!” He ran forward to embrace the other boy, eyeing how long his dreads had gotten.
Zach laughed, beaming brightly to see Danny so happy like he had used to be.
“And Roman!” Danny was running around to everyone, overwhelmed by all the sights. “Oh man, there are so many of you I’ve never seen before, wow.”
He approached Sterling first who was smirking lightly.
“Sterling… o-oh man, I didn’t know you were pretty or I would have been a lot more flattered when you told me you used to have a crush on me.” He blushed and Sterling merely laughed, smiling softly. “And Ajax too! Aw man, you guys couldn’t have told me you were attractive.” He rubbed the back of his neck, thinking of how awkward he had been in front of them. “And Justin and Jason! Oh crap I don’t know who’s who.” He blinked at the identical twins. “I mean I could tell by scent but it’s actually easier to tell when I’m blind.” He grinned.
“I’m Justin.” The beta smiled as he stood to hug his fellow pack member. “I’m sorry you’ve missed out for so long, I’m pretty hot, right?”
Danny only rolled his eyes as Jason then moved to embrace him as well.
“Jordan, you’re… wow, I didn’t picture you to look like that.” Danny chuckled, smirking at the coyote who gave him a light smile. “You and Chandler are actually cute together, oh wow.”
“You’re all so… wow.” Danny breathed, scanning the home. It was just as he remembered… He took another moment before rushing to Bane’s side. He wanted to look at the boy as long as he could.
“You’re staring.” Bane murmured, although he was smiling gently. He was never this nice around people but he didn’t want to ruin this tonight. It was Danny’s first time seeing anything in years.
“Sorry.” Danny blushed. “You’re just so beautiful…” He was breathless at seeing his mate’s beauty.
“Ahem.” Apollo spoke up as he approached them. “Don’t mean to interrupt your moment but I’ve made arrangements in the guest room for you two if you’re interested.” He smirked. He hated Danny, but not even he could ruin the night for the boy.
“Oh wow.” Danny blinked. “Yeah, I’d uh, like that.”
“You need a new catchphrase.” Bane chuckled softly and Danny’s stomach fluttered.
“Oh God, your smile.” He was grinning so wide his cheeks hurt.
“You’re going to have a heart attack if you don’t stop looking at me.” Bane smirked, shaking his head. Although it felt good, honestly. Danny was obviously not disappointed with the way he looked.
“I might but it’d be worth it.” Danny nodded, caressing the boy’s hand gently. “Would you like to go upstairs?”
“Of course.” Bane smiled. It was well known sex wasn’t his most preferred passtime but for Danny, of course. He had gotten better since the first time at handling the boy’s shift anyway. He reached out for Danny’s hand, moving to lead him upstairs like he was used to but Danny stopped him.
“You don’t have to lead me tonight.” Danny smiled gently. “I could carry you up there without tripping and hurting you!” He sounded ecstatic at this realization.
“You’re still clumsy.” Bane muttered but he nodded, allowing Danny to pick him up, bridal style.
Danny did so, smiling happily as he kissed the boy’s cheek, pausing.
“Are you wearing makeup?”
Bane turned scarlet.
“Just take me to the bedroom.” He grit his teeth tightly, hoping no one else had heard.
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Just For The Night.
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