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 Ravish You.

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Jordan McMillian


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PostSubject: Ravish You.   Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:01 am

I got bored when you fell asleep and wrote this little fic with Jace having a crush on Chandler when he was little heheh. Enjoy ><

Chandler found himself knocking on the door of Zach and Roman’s household with a small smile on his face. This was unusual for him, being he normally hated going over. He enjoyed seeing Zach of course, but Roman never left them alone together anyways.
But he’d been liking the visits more and more lately. He’d never been a fan of kids, but he was finding he actually liked seeing the two little brats Roman and Zach had running around for almost ten years now.
Zach opened the door and pulled his former student into a tight hug.
“You never come over anymore.” Zach murmured, letting out a soft sigh, pleased to see his friend.
“Yeah, well that’s the mutt’s fault.” Chandler grunted as he took a step inside, shutting the door behind him.
“Is that Chandler?!” A voice Chandler recognized as Jace called from another room.
“Yeah, he’s here!” Zach called back and a moment later, the nine year old came strutting into the room. Yes, he was strutting.
He was wearing a shirt from when he was about six so it was so small it was revealing his midriff. He appeared to have attempted to put eyeliner on and he had what Zach swore was glitter in his hair.
“What are you wearing?” Roman blinked at his child, laughing softly at the sight.
“Aunt Sterling and Apollo were teaching me how to flirt.” Jace informed his father before setting his gaze back on Chandler. “Hello there, Chandler.” For a nine year old, he was sure to speak correctly with none of his childish lisp that he sometimes fell back into. As he spoke to Chandler he moved closer, holding out a hand as if for Chandler to kiss it.
“I’ll need to be having a talk with your Aunt Sterling.” Roman muttered softly as Chandler burst out laughing.
He took the hand and kissed it lightly, shaking his head at the young boy. He had known for a while now that Jace had a little crush on him and he found it really adorable. When Jace was younger he had hid when Chandler came over but lately it had switched to attempting to flirt with him.
“Don’t I look sexy?” Jace grinned, spinning around in front of the man, using words he’d heard Apollo and Sterling say before.
“Not sure that’s the word I’d use.” Chandler chuckled. He was not a pervert so of course the nine year old didn’t look sexy to him. But he appreciated the effort, truly.
“I want to…” Jace paused, searching for the word he was thinking of. “ravish you!” He finished, grinning proudly at himself. Chandler began to laugh once more, shaking his head.
“Now do you?”
“Mhm! I heard Auntie Sterling say that to Uncle Jason once.” He nodded. “Then they went to the bedroom… and didn’t come out for a while…He said some other stuff too.” Jace hummed thoughtfully, as if wondering what they’d been doing in there all that time. “He kept making weird noises…I think they were kissing. So yeah, come on.” He tugged on Chandler’s hand, marching towards his bedroom.
Roman’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he rushed to scoop his son up.
“Yeah, I’m taking you upstairs til Chandler’s gone.” He took the boy into his arms.
“Daddy!” Jace whined. “I don’t want to ravish you, I want to ravish Chandler!”
“You’re not ravishing anyone!” Roman groaned as they disappeared, Chandler still laughing so hard he could hardly breathe. “Your visits with Sterling are over!”
Jace could be heard whining all the way upstairs.
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Ravish You.
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