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 Dear Whoever,

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Roman Roden


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PostSubject: Dear Whoever,   Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:14 pm

Despite all his hours of praying, and all the sleepless nights he'd spent worrying,  it had happened.  Jordan had finally heard a heartbeat, and it wasn't Chandler's.  Heartbreak couldn't being to describe what the man was going through, and even though Jordan still held his hand and promised not to leave, Chandler had already made the decision for the boy.  No matter how he felt, Jordan's happiness and well being came first.  Wolves could not live without their mates, and so Chandler was not going to stand in the way of that.  He left Jordan late one night, dropping a kiss to his lips and a letter on his night stand before disappearing.
The letter was  not addressed to Jordan.  Instead it was for the boys new mate.

“To the one who loves him next, and the one who is blessed enough to be his mate.

He has terrible nightmares, and sometimes they aren't even nightmares, he just starts thinking about his family and it drives him crazy with guilt. So even if you're out doing something with friends, or even some stupid shit you yourself want to do, please go to him. Tell him that it wasn't his fault, and that some things happen for a reason.  Remind him that he is golden and his light shines so fucking bright it almost burns. Tell him his is okay and you will be there, and then fucking be there.

He is a loner by nature, having lived in the wild for most of his life.  Sometimes he will leave and he wont be back for hours, and then there will be times when you don't see him for a week.  You will take this personally. Fucking don't. He's simply taking care of himself and doing what it takes to feel happy and free, he loves it in the forest with the grass and the smell of trees.  He'll tell you how much he missed you while he was away, and then he will go on about how wonderful it was and you should listen, because its precious. 

He'll get very jealous. My god, he gets so jealous. Those earth brown eyes will turn deep green, like the grass in the meadows.  He hates that about himself, he doesn't mean to do it, and he will deny it if you mention it. Remember he loves you, reassure him that you love him too. 

On that topic, Jordan needs constant reassurance.  He acts tough, and really he is, but its still your fucking job to tell him you love him every fucking day and mean it. You need to cherish all the little shit he does, and realize how fucking lucky you are. If you can't do that, leave. Jordan deserves more than that.

If he's sick, he will act like it's nothing to worry about.  He is a werewolf, after all, but that's bullshit.  You still need to coddle him and make him soup. Don't be lazy, make it yourself, with real rabbit and deer meat, he likes it. Juice is also good, but fuck that.  If you're not a piece of shit you will  make him chicken broth and you will lie with him while he whines about being fussed over.  Tell him you don't mind, and you shouldn't.  You should love being the one who gets to take care of him. 

He is the most independent person I know.  He lived alone in the forest for most of his life so he knows how to take care of himself.  Don't let that fool you, he is so insecure, it still fucking breaks my heart. So when he starts an argument with how he is dangerous and you shouldn't love him, do not get upset.  Remind him of all the reasons why you love him, and why he is not the monster he thinks he is .  He'll come around.

Jordan comes first. Always. Don't ever think otherwise.

Make him tea and remember the way he takes his coffee.  He will notice. Also he likes to be the bigger spoon, let him. 

When he is having an anxiety attack, wrap  him up in your arms and rub his back.  Hold his hand and tell him he is safe, remind him there is an entire pack of people who love him. 

If you cannot treat him like royalty, let me fucking do it. Jordan deserves the world.

Losing him is a pain you will never shake. Your entire world comes crushing down and those piece wont ever fit the way they used to.  There will be fire in your blood and your bones will fucking splinter under the weight of it. You will never be a whole person again. Don't you fucking let him go.

He will love you with all he's got. Please give him the same and more. Don't ever let him hurt alone, and if you can stop him from hurting at all you fucking do that. Take care of him. Take fucking good care of him. 

I am begging you not to hurt him. I am also threatening you. He is golden. I wont let that shine out, and you shouldn't either.  If you fail him, remember that i'll never be far away.  I'll take him back in one foul swoop, and you will feel what I feel. I promise its worse than hell. 

Give him your all and he'll return the favor. You will never have to ask the universe for anything ever again."

— Sincerely, a name you’ll hear in passing.
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Dear Whoever,
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