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Jordan McMillian


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PostSubject: Spoiled.   Wed Dec 31, 2014 8:52 pm

Jace grinned as he sat down beside Chandler, throwing his legs over the man’s lap.
“Hey.” He smiled, ignoring as Jordan growled softly from his spot beside his lover.
“Hey, kid.” Chandler smiled, throwing an arm around Jace’s shoulders and the other around Jordan, trying to calm his lover.
“Got any plans later?” Jace arched an eyebrow.
“Not really, probably just chilling with tenderfoot over here.” Chandler smirked lightly. “Why?”
“Well mom mentioned something about an experiment he wanted help with and I figured maybe you could…” Jace’s hand trailed down Chandler’s chest slowly as he gave the man a sly smirk. “Come over? Spend the night?”
“Sounds cool to me if it’s alright with your mom.” Chandler shrugged lightly and Jordan’s jaw dropped.
Chandler always refused to acknowledge how Jace was trying to… seduce him and Jordan had no clue how the mind reader could be so oblivious.
“Yay!” Jace grinned, leaning in to kiss Chandler’s cheek and linger for moment longer than necessary. He pulled back then, walking away with a wave to his mother’s friend.
Jordan was nearly foaming at the mouth, hands clenched into fists as he fought the shift.
“Tenderfoot, what the hell is wrong with you?” Chandler chuckled. “Your jealousy turns me the fuck on.” He gave an impish grin, leaning in to kiss his lover’s neck, but Jordan did not appear interested.
“I’ve got to go cool off.” Jordan growled softly as he abruptly stood from the couch. He always left Chandler when he was angry, not wanting to risk shifting and hurting the man again.
He made his way to an empty corner of the room to calm down but was only there for a moment before Jace had approached him.
“Something wrong?” The boy questioned although he damn well knew what was wrong.
“Look, slut, why don’t you just go the hell away?” Jordan snapped and Jace stuck his lower lip out as if pouting.
“Aw Jordan, I don’t think my daddy would be happy to hear you were talking to me like that.” Jace spoke as if he were hurt by Jordan’s words but Jordan of course knew that Jace was constantly throwing around Roman as a threat.
The boy had Roman completely wrapped around his finger and he used it to his advantage that his father would never believe anyone else over him.
“Jace, I swear to fucking God if you come within ten feet of Chandler again I will rip your throat out, no matter what the hell your father does!” Jordan growled.
As if on cue, Roman was now walking towards them. Jace immediately put on a hurt face, eyes watering with fake tears. Jordan cursed the kid for being such a good actor.
“What’s wrong?” Roman immediately panicked, taking the boy into his arms.
Jace sniffled and shook his head, though leaning into his father’s chest.
“Nothing’s wrong daddy, I’m fine.”
“What happened?” Roman persisted, glancing to Jordan. “Are you two fighting?”
“I-I…” Jace swallowed, pausing as if he was too choked up to speak. “It’s my fault really.” He sniffled before continuing. “Jordan says I’m around Chandler too much, he doesn’t want me to see him anymore.”
“Jordan.” Roman frowned at the beta lightly and Jordan’s jaw dropped.
“Roman!” He exclaimed. Of course he had seen it coming but he had hoped Roman would at least question his son. “I swear, he is trying to fuck Chandler!”
Jace gasped as if this was the most ludicrous thing he’d ever heard. And then, he promptly burst into tears.
“I-I am not!” Jace cried out and that was all it took from Roman to be pressing his son tight to his chest.
“Shh, it’s okay, baby.” Roman cooed softly, stroking the boy’s back. After a moment, once Jace had calmed, he spoke again. “You are around Chandler a lot. Jordan’s just a little jealous. Maybe you could just not be around so much?” It was well known he despised Chandler and wanted the man nowhere near his children but somehow Jace had gotten attached.
“I-I just…” Jace sighed, wiping tears from his eyes as he continued. “You know I have trouble making friends around here… No one seems to like me much and I… Chandler, he’s all I’ve got.” He looked down at his feet. “But yeah, Jordan… I-I guess I can stop coming around…”
“That’s a damn lie!” Jordan exclaimed. He knew it would do nothing but anger Roman with him but he had to defend himself, or at least try. “He’s got plenty of damn friends around here!”
Jace began to cry once more and Roman glared at Jordan.
“Jordan, you’re just upsetting him!” Roman growled. “Can’t he just hang out with Chandler! They’ve been close since he was born!”
“But!” Jordan’s eyes widened. “Roman, he’s trying to get in his pants, I swear!”
“Don’t even talk about him like that!” Roman frowned deeply. His baby was too young to be doing that shit, or so he thought.
“But it’s true!”
And Jordan had no choice but to groan and shut up or be at risk of pissing off Roman which would in turn piss off Jesse and get him kicked out of the pack.
“D-daddy,” Jace sniffled after a moment. “Do you think y-you could go get me some tissues?” He questioned, dabbing at his eyes with his shirt sleeves.
“Of course, precious.” Roman nodded and darted off.
The second he was gone Jace’s tears stopped and his smirk returned.
“You little bitch.” Jordan snarled, hands clenched into fists once more.
“Told you I didn’t think daddy would like you talking to me like that.” He only shrugged as if to say “I warned you.”
“Can’t you just get your own fucking boyfriend?”
“No. Because I want Chandler.” Jace spoke simply. “Growing up with my daddy, I got everything I wanted. This is just next on my wishlist. And I will get it, sooner or later.”
With these words, Jace put his sad face back on and ran off to find his father with the tissues leaving Jordan to only mutter softly under his breath.
"Spoiled little brat."
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