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 Bigger Than Love

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Jordan McMillian


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PostSubject: Bigger Than Love   Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:09 am

“I love you.”
It was a soft whisper into the dark room, Jesse’s lips pressed against Finn’s earlobe as his hips rocked slowly.
“Sh-shut up.” Finn’s cheeks were a light pink and he had no clue how to react to the words the man had said.
Of course Jesse had implied he loved Finn several times but Finn had tried to ignore it. But now, there was no ignoring something when Jesse had just came out and said it.
But he should have known it was coming, the man had been so damn sweet all day and even now their sex wasn’t fast and hard like Finn preferred it. Jesse was slow, gentle, caressing and kissing every inch of his body. And while Finn liked it rough, there was something about the way the man was touching him that was driving him insane. He was fucking blushing, something Jeremy had never managed to make him do.
“I love you.” Jesse only repeated and Finn wanted to smack that shiteating grin off his smug face.
“I said shut up.” Finn muttered, nails raking down the wolf’s back as the man pleasured him.
“But it’s true.”
“Fucking stop that.” Finn grumbled softly. Part of him was aching for Jesse to go faster but a part of him he was refusing to acknowledge was kind of enjoying this.
Then he realized they were actually making love, not just screwing. Shit, what had he gotten himself into?
Abruptly, Jesse stopped moving and Finn instinctively let out a soft sound almost like a growl.
“What the fuck?”
“Say you love me.” Jesse spoke simply.
Finn was taken aback by the man’s words but he snapped out of it quickly.
“And what if I don’t?”
“You do, I can smell it on you.” Jesse smirked and Finn cursed under his breath. Did he love Jesse?
Regardless, he certainly wasn’t going to say so.
“Fuck off, shitface. Keep moving.”
“Not until you say it.” Jesse only grinned, leaning to press his lips to Finn’s chest, his erection resting perfectly still inside of the boy.
Finn groaned, digging his nails deeper into the flesh of the man’s back.
“Fucking move.”
“If you think I’m going to give in, you’re wrong.” Jesse chuckled. “I can stay like this all night. I’m quite comfortable, really.”
“Why the hell are you such a prick?” Finn growled, pretending his stomach didn’t flutter when he looked up and met Jesse’s gaze.
“Come on, just say it and we can finish having fun.” Jesse’s voice was practically a purr as he leaned in to attach his lips to Finn’s sweet spot in the crook of his neck.
“Asshole.” Finn couldn’t help the moan that passed his lips then, sounding so vulnerable he wanted to strangle himself. Jesse was too good with his mouth and Finn regretted ever letting the man discover where his weak spots were.
Finn’s toes curled as Jesse left love bites down his neck, the man’s hands holding his hips tight. He was going to kill someone if Jesse didn’t fucking move.
“I love you.” Jesse said for the third time and this time his words were accompanied by a kiss to Finn’s sweet spot and the boy couldn’t help but cry out.
“I love you too, alright?”
Jesse’s grin seemed to light up the dark room as he captured Finn’s lips in a deep kiss.
“I knew it.” He teased as Finn’s fist landed on his chest.
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Bigger Than Love
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