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 40 Reasons You Should Go To Prom With Me

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Jordan McMillian


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PostSubject: 40 Reasons You Should Go To Prom With Me   Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:58 am

I got bored so I wrote out Ouija's reasons Ajax should go to prom with him bwahah

40 Reasons You Should Go To Prom With Me
1. I’m pretty hot.
2. You’re hella sexy.
3. We’d be the hottest couple there.
4. I look hella fine in a suit.
5. I’m way better looking than Justin, let’s be honest.
6. I’ll pay for your tux.
7. I’ll pick you up on a motorcycle and that’s pretty badass, right?
8. I’m too good looking to go to prom alone.
9. I’m not a very good dancer but I’ll learn for you, sweetcheeks.
10. Seriously though, I promise I’ll only step on your feet like three times at the most.
11. We can get freaky afterwards if you’re into it.
12. If you say yes I will let you give me any tattoo you want. Anywhere. Wink
13. Coming up with forty reasons is harder than you think so you should say yes just because I have put forth a lot of damn effort.
14. I want to see you all dressed up.
15. Even though you’re beautiful wearing anything.
16. Or nothing at all.
17. But seriously, you’re like a damn goddess and I want to worship you for a night.
18. I will treat you like royalty.
19. You are the only person attractive enough to be my date, no one else will do.
20. I want to show you off to everyone.
21. Maybe if I’m too busy dancing with you, I won’t get into any fights.
22. We’ll have a great time, really.
23. I’ll kick Apollo’s ass if he starts shit with you.
24. I want to get laid on prom night and I can’t do that without a cute date.
25. We can chill afterwards. Maybe watch some TV, steal snacks from Jesse’s fridge.
26. We can take cute pictures together.
27. Seeing that adorable ponytail of yours would make my day.
28. I can read your mind so I’ll know exactly what you want to do.
29. If you say yes, I’m going to kiss you and you know I’m a damn good kisser.
30. If you say no, I’ll just drag you with me to prom anyways.
31. These reasons are getting hard to come up with. So go with me because I’m extremely dedicated.
32. I just really want you to go with me.
33. I’m the best looking guy you know (and the only single one).
34. I’ll even buy you alcohol so we can spike the drinks at the prom.
35. If you don’t say yes, dad will make fun of me for not getting a date.
36. Mom thinks we’re adorable together and basically wants us to get married and you don’t want to upset mom.
37. Just because you say yes doesn’t mean we have to get married though. I’m too young for that shit.
38. My tattoos are pretty sexy, right? (So is the boy who did them.)
39. You like it when I flirt with you and if we go to prom, I can flirt with you all night long.
40. Just please go with me?
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40 Reasons You Should Go To Prom With Me
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