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 While We're Young

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Jace Roden


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PostSubject: While We're Young   Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:41 pm

Stein sighed as Jace gave him that damn face again. The boy looked as if Stein had just hit him and Stein didn’t like it. He was only trying to protect Jace, keep him from getting hurt. He didn’t trust Piper with his brother.
“You’re being crazy, Jace, that’s what I’m trying to say. You’re constantly running around, spreading your legs, smoking weed.”
“It’s called living, Stein. Maybe you should try it once in a while.” Jace snapped before he was out the door again.
Stein groaned when he left, flexing his mechanical arm as he tried to calm himself. He didn’t like the new Jace lately. He wanted his brother back…
They were staying at Jesse’s this week while their parents were away and Stein was not fond of all the people around.
He’d only been alone for about five minutes when there was a presence on the seat beside him.
“What are you doing out here alone, pretty?”
Stein glanced up to see Ouija and he merely rolled his eyes.
“We’ve grown up together and you never flirted with me before now, so quit it.”
“Hey, I’m not allowed to say you’re cute?”
“No.” Stein shook his head.
“It’s not my fault you keep yourself locked up in Law’s workroom all the time. I never get to damn see your face.”
“I like it that way.”
“Well maybe I don’t.”
Stein sighed. Jace had always said how hot Ouija was but he was not seeing it. The boy was alright, he supposed. But he was so busy trying to act cool it took away from his natural handsomeness.
Stein’s eyes found the man’s tattoos. His arms and neck were completely covered in them and Stein assumed the rest of the man’s chest was as well.
“Why do you do that?” He questioned.
“The tattoos?” Ouija arched an eyebrow as Stein nodded. “Well, why did you do that?” He retorted, jabbing a finger at the boy’s metal arm.
“Easy. It makes me feel powerful. I didn’t like feeling weak with all the wolves around here.”
“Well maybe my tattoos make me feel powerful.” Ouija shrugged. “They make me different, unique, I like em.”
“You’re a mind reading werewolf, how much more different can you be?” Stein snickered.
“You can never be too different, Holland.”
“It’s Stein.” He informed.
“My bad. Sorry, Stein.” Ouija grinned lightly. “I like that. Like Frankenstein.” He snickered, eyes lingering on the boy’s arm.
Stein was much less uncomfortable with the boy’s eyes on his arm than his face. He was quite proud of his arm, liked when people noticed it.
“You ever give a handjob with that thing?” Ouija questioned curiously and Stein scoffed. His arm was capable of much more than a damn handjob. “Geez, I didn’t mean to offend you.” Ouija held up his hands defensively at seeing the boy’s face. “Just curious is all.”
“Well for your information, no, I haven’t. But I’m sure it would function just fine.”
“If you want to try it out anytime, I’m your guy.” Ouija gave a sly grin and Stein had the urge to punch him with the mechanical arm. He’d never had an interest in him until now when none of his bitches were around to jerk him off.
But then Stein thought of Jace’s words. Maybe Stein should try living, see if he liked it.
Ouija was rather shocked when Stein didn’t immediately turn him down. This gave him the confidence to continue, leaning forward. His hand rested on Stein’s thigh as he spoke, his breath warm on the boy’s face.
“Tell you what, Stein. You jerk me off with that thing and I’ll suck your dick. How’s that sound?” He was practically purring, finger trailing down Stein’s strong arm.
Stein was surprised to feel his stomach stirring. No boy had ever had this effect on him, but then again, no boy had ever even really talked to him before.
He didn’t quite know how to respond.
“I… yeah.” He nodded slowly, taking in Ouija’s shocked but pleased face.
“Alright then sweet thing, let’s go. Pretty sure there are some guest rooms open.”

Several hours later and Stein was in the bedroom he and Jace were sharing at Jesse’s, sitting alone on one of the beds when the window opened and Jace tumbled in, giggling softly as he landed in a heap on the floor.
“What’s up with you?” He smiled, noticing the weird look on his brother’s face.
“I sucked a dick tonight.” Stein informed matter of factly.
Jace’s jaw dropped, expecting his brother to say anything but that.
“You what?!” He exclaimed, plopping on the edge of the bed and looking at his brother with wide eyes. “Who? I didn’t even know you were seeing anyone?”
“I’m not.” Stein sighed. “And I don’t think I’m going to start seeing the guy either. I just… you told me to try living and so I did.” He shrugged.
“Aw, shit, Stein!” Jace groaned. “Sucking stranger’s dicks is not what I meant, now if you get AIDS it’s going to be all my fault. Oh fuck.”
Stein couldn’t help but smirk at his brother.
“Relax, we know him. He’s in the pack.”
Jace was quite interested now.
“Oh, who was it? Was it Jason? I’ll kill you if it was Jason, I would kiss you just to taste him, I swear.”
“First of all, you’re gross. Secondly, no it wasn’t him.”
“Oh yeah, you never liked him, you had a thing for Sterling… oh shit, was it Sterling? Does he have a tiny dick? I always thought he would.” Jace nodded, humming softly.
“No, it wasn’t him either.” Stein found himself laughing, reminded of times he used to have with his brother before he had gone off and gotten involved with Piper. “And I think you’re still kind of high.”
“Probably.” Jace shrugged. “But come on, I’m dying here! Who the hell did you blow?”
“You little shit!” Jace gasped. “You know I wanted his dick!” He whined softly. “He said I wasn’t his damn type, I guess you are though. Was it big? Did he touch you back? How did it happen?” He was flying through questions rapidly and Stein found he kind of enjoyed the attention.
“One question at a time.” He chuckled softly.
“Alright, first of all. How the hell did you end up sucking a dick today?”
“Well… he came over right after you left and started flirting with me. At first, I wanted him to fuck off but then I thought about what you said and decided I wanted to live a bit. He was really interested in my arm and wanted me to jerk him off with it. So he said if I gave him a handjob, he’d suck my dick. And I… said yes.” Stein nodded.
“So how did you end up sucking his?”
“Well I did it… I jerked him off and he seemed pretty satisfied, you know, said it was really good. And then he went to follow through with his side of the deal and it was… like I wasn’t really me. I was in a lot of pleasure and I kind of wanted to keep going and so I just kind of moved so we were…” He trailed off but he didn’t need to finish, Jace got the picture.
“You 69ed with him!” Jace squealed and Stein cursed softly.
“Be quiet, won’t you?” He groaned.
“I’m so proud, you’re getting some action!” Jace grinned. “Well, how was it?”
“I mean… it felt pretty good.” Stein nodded. “But I guess I feel kind of gross now.” He admitted. “Like, he’s never even going to damn talk to me again. It was stupid.” He shook his head.
“Well… do you want him to talk to you again? Do you like him?”
“I don’t know.” Stein admitted. “He’s an asshole, you know?”
“Yeah, but he’s a pretty hot asshole and if you can get him, you should go for it.” Jace nodded.
“You’re no damn help.” Stein sighed heavily.
“Really, though, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel like you needed to go suck some guy’s dick.” Jace frowned.
“And I’m sorry for making you sound like a slut.”
“Apology accepted.” Jace laid down beside his brother, cuddling into the boy’s side. “But seriously, are you going to be alright?” His brow was furrowed with worry.
“I’ll be fine.” Stein shrugged it off. “I just feel like an idiot… like why would I even do that with him? My first sexual experience and it’s not going to mean shit.”
“I didn’t think you were sentimental about that sort of thing.” Jace spoke curiously.
“I’m not… I just… I don’t know, leave it.” He shook his head.
“It’ll be alright.” Jace reassured, kissing his brother’s cheek. “Talk to him sometime, maybe he wants to see you again.”
“Doubt it.”

It was a week later and Stein was in Law’s workroom during the gettogether, as usual. He had found that his experience from the week before had been bothering him even more today because he had walked in to see Ouija with his hands all over Ajax in the corner. Ouija hadn’t even looked his way.
But of course, he’d expected it.
He was rather angrily mixing together some herbs Law had to see what they would do when put together. He was so consumed with his thoughts that he didn’t notice the door opening and someone entering until Dallas was leaning against the wall beside him.
“Hi.” Stein muttered softly.
“Hey. Working on something?”
“Not really. Just messing around.”
“Why don’t you come out and socialize instead of staying cooped up in here?” Dallas wore a gentle smile as he watched Stein. He always tried to urge Stein to find some friends, but the boy had proved unsuccessful so far.
“I don’t like anyone out there, no one to talk to.” Stein shrugged.
“You could talk to me.” Dallas gave a grin.
“I can talk to you in here.”
“Alright, fair enough.” Dallas gave up and took a seat on the edge of the worktable. “You could go talk to your brother maybe.”
“Nah, he’s having Piper time.”
“Piper time?”
“Mhm.” Stein nodded simply as he mixed the concoction in the jar in front of him. “Where’s my dad?”
“On the couch talking to Jesse.”
“Well then, they’re probably hiding on the porch making out.” Stein informed.
“Ah.” Dallas nodded, sitting in silence a moment before speaking. “What about you? Got a boy toy like your brother?”
“No.” Stein spoke too quickly, his voice soft and Dallas picked up on it as well as the skip in the boy’s heartbeat.
“Oh wow, you really do have a guy? Hiding him from mom and dad?”
“No, Dallas. It’s not like that.”
“Oh, just a crush? Aw come on kid, you can tell me. I promise, I won’t tell.” He grinned lightly, pleased Stein seemed to be partaking in normal teenager things.
“It’s not like that either.” Stein grumbled softly.
“Then tell me, what is it like?” Dallas arched an eyebrow.
Stein sighed, pausing before turning to face the older man. He trusted Dallas. The man had always taken an interest in him, came in here to talk to him when no one else, not even his own brother, did.
“You… promise you won’t think I’m stupid?”
Dallas wasn’t used to Stein sounding so… vulnerable. He was quite worried now, though he nodded his head.
“I swear, kid. You’re ten times smarter than I am. I could never think you’re stupid.” He chuckled and Stein gave a small smile before speaking.
“Ouija put the charms on me and said if I jerked him off, he’d suck my dick and I don’t know why I did it but I did and then I sucked him off too and now I feel gross because he hasn’t even looked at me since then and I feel fucking stupid for even thinking he wanted more than just to get off quick and I feel like damn Jace because I don’t even want a damn boyfriend and I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much.” He spoke all of these words very quickly and it was almost hard for Dallas to follow along. But he caught the gist of it and when Stein finished, he was furious. But he held it in.
“Shit, kid.” He shook his head. “I’m surprised, honestly, never thought you were the type to do that sort of thing… Not like I’m judging, hell, I was that type of kid.” He chuckled. Dallas could have had any girl he wanted as a teenager, and he had been well aware of that fact.
“Well… what do you think I should do?” Stein questioned, not believing that he was actually asking for advice.
“I’m not the best role model, kid.” Dallas admitted, trying to think of something a proper parent would say. “I think you should stay away from that boy, honestly. I’ve had experience with guys like that.” He had been a guy like that. “I know it hurts and you can’t get that first time back, but he’s not looking for anything more than what he got from you. You deserve a better guy than that, Stein. You deserve a Prince Charming, alright? And don’t you settle for anything less than that.”
“Thanks Dallas.” Stein let out a heavy sigh. Dallas’s advice hadn’t been what he had been hoping, but he knew it was what he needed to hear. Ouija was no good and it was no use wasting all this time thinking about him.
“No problem. And if it’s still bothering you, you can always come talk to me, alright?”
“Yeah, I know.” Stein gave a grateful smile as Dallas left with the excuse that he needed to check on Law.
But truly, he was going to find Ouija. He had always hated the boy, being he constantly found him with his hands on Law.
He found the boy in the corner with Ajax in his lap, whispering something in the boy’s ear that had him rolling his eyes.
“Hey kid.” Dallas spoke up as he approached the two of them. “Ouija, can I have a word with you?” He didn’t want to create a scene.
“What do you want?” Ouija arched an eyebrow, looking quite irritated to have to take his hands off of Ajax’s ass.
“Well come over here with me and I’ll tell you.” Dallas’s voice held a certain authority, leaving no room for Ouija to deny him.
The boy stood, promising Ajax he would return, before following Dallas to an empty room. He was taken by surprise, however, when the second the door shut, he found himself slammed against the wall, Dallas’s hand around his throat.
“Listen good, kid, cause I’m only going to say this once.” Dallas growled, claws out and digging into Ouija’s flesh. “If your dick comes anywhere near Stein, I will rip your throat out with my teeth, got it?”
Ouija was finding it difficult to breath, his own claws coming to swipe at the hand holding his throat. But he still managed to speak and still managed to be an asshole.
“Last time I checked, where I put my dick has nothing to do with you. And Stein is none of your damn business. It was just head, calm down grandpa.” He snickered softly even as he struggled against the older wolf’s hand.
“Stein is my fucking business. And if you touch him again, you’ll have to deal with me. You hear me?”
“Take your damn hands off of me. And you’re not Stein’s mother, so hop off, alright?”
Dallas only growled at the boy’s words, setting him down on his feet.
“Oh so that’s your problem?” Ouija cocked his head. Like his father, he had a tendency to read people’s thoughts, get inside of their heads when he fought with them, even if it had earned him many black eyes. “Don’t have kids of your own because even you know you’d be a deadbeat dad so you’re trying to raise Stein instead, yeah? Well guess what, gramps, he doesn’t need fatherly advice from a drunk.” He ducked as Dallas threw a punch and led himself out of the room.
He truly hadn’t even thought of his and Stein’s encounter since it had happened.
But now, maybe he would see the boy again. He had always had a tendency to want things he couldn’t have.
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While We're Young
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