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 Dream induced delirium

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Piper Pinkman


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PostSubject: Dream induced delirium   Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:53 pm

It was late, the small clock by the night stand blinking '3:04 am' in its neon red numbering.  The room was mostly dark, but the curtains were askew and the glow of the moon still managed to filter through the blinds and cross just over Dallas's sleeping face.  Law had been trying to dose off for hours now, even going as far as drinking one of his herbal remedies. It did nothing for him though, and he had found his way back to bed, laying with his head pressed firmly enough to his lovers chest that he could feel Dallas's heart beating against his cheek.  His eye lids had just started drooping when he felt the first jerk, an alarmed grunt leaving Dallas as he flipped over, almost knocking Law off of him.  The doctor had gotten into a routine though, having already moved himself out of Dallas's line of fire. This one had hit him fast and sudden.  Usually there was more warning, maybe a few more twitches and groans.  This time there was nothing gradual to it.  The man had immediately started moving as though he were fighting against something, strangled cries of alarm leaving him in his struggle. 
"Dallas!"  Law grabbed the mans hands, pinning them down at his sides in an attempt to keep him from hurting himself. "Hey, Dallas! Oui! Shit head, can you hear me?" He tried to keep his voice soft, knowing that to yell at the man would only be making it worse. He hated the way his lovers face was contorted in panic, the sounds leaving him sounding foreign and wrong to Law.  Feeling Dallas struggling under him was heart breaking, especially with him knowing how much the man hated being held down.  It was only for his sake though, Law reminded himself.  If he were to let go, Dallas was liable to hurt himself in his struggles, just like he had so many times before.
"Listen to me, hey, its Law!"  The dark skinned wolf was crooning softly, trying to drop kisses down upon his lovers freckled nose in hopes of bringing Dallas back to him. "Were at home, oui! You're safe. You're with me."  
There was a sharp gasp as Dallas finally snapped his eyes open, wild green orbs staring up at Law as though he were a stranger, an enemy. The man had began shifting unconsciously, his jaws snapping in Laws face as the thrashed to get out of the mans hold. He was speaking in broken sentences, some kind of army code that Law couldn't fully understand.  "Dallas! Look at me!" Law shifted himself, letting go of his hold on the man in favor of moving to take Dallas's face in his hands, forcing his lover to hold his gaze. "Its me, alright? It's Law!" 
Slowly Dallas stopped moving, realization dawning on his face as he became aware of his surroundings.  No more artillery fire raining down over his head, no more bombs dropping at random.
No more death.
Silence enveloped the room, so thick and eerie that Dallas finally found his tongue.  "Holy fuck, I need a beer."  The disoriented wolf pushed himself away from Law, moving to let his legs dangle over the edge of the bed. It was always hard for him to look at Law after one of his attacks.  He'd much rather abandon their bed in favor of going for a drink and forgetting it ever happened, but one glance over at the neon blue eyes staring at him, and he knew it wasn't going to be that easy.
"You don't need a beer, oui. Right now thats the last thing you need." The dark skinned wolf rolled his eyes, knowing the alcohol would only make any dreams he had more vivid. "But if you don't want to go back to bed, we can do something else."
Dallas could only groan at the man, cursing himself for the situation he was in. "I don't want to do anything. You should go to bed, Law."  Guilt was already settling in his stomach, the dark bags under his lovers eyes reminding him of just how little sleep the mans got. "Im fine. I don't need you're help."
Law ignored the mans last statement, knowing that Dallas was still reeling from his dream. "Im not tired, oui."  The werewolf pushed himself off the bed, taking a moment to stretch before offering his lover a crooked smile. "And im sure you don't want to go back to bed, so lets compromise, eh?" He knew Dallas's pride wouldn't allow him to be babied, so Law made up for it in other ways. The least he could do was keep the man company. 
"What the hell do you mean? A compromise?"  Dallas was pale and clamy, his body still shuddering with after shocks. He looked absolutely dreadful, as though maybe he had been to war again.
"I mean, im going to go start the shower, oui." Law leaned down to press a kiss to the tip of Dallas's nose, a tired smile on his face as he took in the mans freckles. He had 24 in all, including the one on his lip that blended in so well you almost couldn't tell it was there at all, but Law knew, because it was one of the many things about Dallas that he adored. "And I expect you to join me in about five, alright piss ant? Comprende?"  He didn't give the man time to object, leaving the room with a tiny knowing smirk. "I'll be waiting, oui!"
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Dream induced delirium
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