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 Happy Birthday!

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Jace Roden


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PostSubject: Happy Birthday!   Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:48 am

Chandler glanced down at the fifty dollars in his hand before looking back up to Dallas.
“So let me get this straight… You’re paying me fifty dollars to go find out if Law wants kids?”
“Do you want the money or not?” Dallas grunted softly.
“Oh I’ll take the money.” Chandler chuckled, slipping the bills into his pocket. “I just think you need to grow some balls and talk to him yourself.”
“Just shut up and talk to him, okay?”
“You got it.” Chandler smirked as he turned to eye Law who was currently lounging on the couch beside Bane.
Dallas moved off to another area of the room, eyeing Parker and Ouija, toddling around their playpen together. He smiled fondly, feeling the soft aching in his chest. He had been feeling like something was missing lately and he had realized that this was it. He wanted a baby. Some of the other pack couples had been getting busy lately and he wanted to be next… but then again, he didn’t trust himself with a child. He was sure he would ruin it just like he ruined everything good in his life.
He tuned in to his advanced hearing as he saw Chandler plop down beside Law. He kind of wished he hadn’t chosen Chandler to do this, but he wanted the man because he could read minds, could tell what Law was thinking.
“Yo, Trafalfuck.” Chandler spoke as he looked over to the doctor. “Dallas wants to know if you want him to knock you up?”
Dallas growled, panicking as he heard the boy’s words. Goddamnit that was not what he’d wanted at all. He stood, rushing over to them and taking Chandler by the collar of his shirt.
“That’s not what the hell I told you to do!”
“Oui, let the kid go, shithead.” Law smirked softly as he tugged his lover away from the mind reader. “Didn’t even give me a chance to answer his question.”
“Just don’t answer it, okay?” Dallas shook his head, refusing to meet the man’s gaze. “It was stupid, I shouldn’t have sent him to ask you.”
“So you want to knock me up, oui?” Law questioned with one of his crooked grins as he wrapped his arms around the man’s neck.
“Just let it go.” He groaned softly.
“No. Talk to me.” Law nudged the man lightly. “You want kids?”
“I… I do.” Dallas admitted lightly. “But I don’t even know why I asked because even if you want them too, I know I’m not good enough to be a father so really, just don’t answer and let’s pretend this didn’t happen.”
“Stop being a pussy, fuckpants.” Law shoved his lover gently. “We’re going to talk.” He took the man’s hand, leading him to his workroom. He sat on the worktable and sat Dallas beside him, simply staring at him for a moment. “So, kids?”
“I… want one.” Dallas nodded slowly, averting his gaze.
“I do too. Possibly more than one. I like kids.” Law smiled fondly. They were innocent, not yet corrupted by the world.
Dallas let out a soft sigh of relief.
“Do you want one… with me?”
“Of course, shithead.” Law nudged the man, rolling his eyes.
“You do? Even though I’m a drunken bastard?”
“You’re my drunken bastard. And I’ve seen how you are with kids, you don’t act like a prick around them.” Law found it adorable, really. “You’re a big fucking softy, I knew it all along. Big bad war veteran wants a baby to cuddle.” Law was only teasing and he knew Dallas could tell this by the tone in his voice as he reached out for the man’s hand. “I’ve seen how you are with Stein, Dallas, you’re practically a father to that kid.”
“But… what about us?” Dallas sighed. “We’re so fucking dysfunctional, you think it would be good for a kid to grow up around that? We beat the shit out of each other every other night.”
“We like to fight, but we’re not animals. I think we could hold back around the kid, if we have one. And we heal, so if we go at it a little too hard, the kid wouldn’t even have to know.” Law smirked softly. “I’m not trying to push you into it, I just want you to know that I think we could raise a little brat if we wanted to. And we could be damn good at it, oui.”
Dallas couldn’t help but smile at his lover.
“You think so?”
“I know so.” Law nodded. “But if you don’t want to risk it, I understand.”
“I… I want to.” Dallas looked hesitant but there was excitement in his eyes. He had wanted a child ever since he’d first gotten with Vince. He wanted to be a daddy.
“Good because I want to too.” Law gave an unusual wide grin, leaning in to capture Dallas’s lips roughly. “This kid is going to be a terror.” He snickered. With the two of them as its parents, it was sure to piss some people off.
“It’s going to be our little angel.” Dallas smiled softly and Law cooed mockingly.
“God, you’re such a wuss sometimes.”
Dallas responded to this with a punch to the doctor’s arm. Law only laughed.
“So…” Law spoke again after a moment. “I can either artificially inseminate myself right here, right now. Or…” He gave a sly grin as he leaned in to press a kiss to the veteran’s neck. “We can go upstairs and try it the old fashioned way.”
“I think we can give that way a try.” Dallas grinned and Law did not have time to react before he found himself thrown over the wolf’s shoulder and being carried up to their bedroom.
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Happy Birthday!
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