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I am too tired to read over this but I wrote it in like an hour so excuse any typos ><


Ouija glanced over at Rigby sleeping beside him and he was taken aback by the sudden fluttering in his stomach.
What the hell was he feeling?
He refused to admit that he had actual feelings for Rigby… that he might be falling in love.
He quickly rolled out of the bed, fighting off the butterflies in his stomach as he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen. It was two in the morning and he was fairly sure everyone was sleeping. Except maybe Law, but that was alright. Law didn’t bother him.
He took a seat at one of the stools in front of the kitchen counter after pouring himself a glass of milk, hoping it would help him get to sleep soon. He had never had a problem with insomnia, sleeping was his favorite pastime, but lately he had found himself kept awake by his thoughts.
What were he and Rigby?
At first he had thought they were simply fuck buddies. Maybe they’d have a fling but it was nothing serious. But even then, even the very first time they’d gotten tangled in the sheets he had known it was something more than that. Rigby made him feel… different. He would be content spending time with Rigby even if they did nothing but talk. He liked Rigby for more than the sex and he wasn’t sure how to handle it.
Was he in love?
Fuck no, he couldn’t be.
“So you fell for that redneck, huh?”
Ouija nearly jumped out of his seat at the sound of his father’s voice. He turned around to see the man in the doorway, smiling lightly at him.
“Damn, dad. Get out of my head.” He groaned.
“I can’t help it sometimes.” Chandler smirked as he took a seat beside his son. “I hear you sometimes without trying to.”
“Well… what do you think? Am I… do I… love him?” Ouija sighed heavily.
“Sure as hell seems like it from what I’ve seen.” Chandler tapped the boy’s temple. “I mean… if you love him, I’m happy for you. We all know he loves you too.” He smiled lightly at his only son, his pride and joy. “I just… God, kid, you know I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“I’m a big boy, dad.” Ouija laughed softly. “I’m not worried about that. I’m just worried about… hurting him.”
“How?” Chandler tilted his head, frowning lightly although he could have just heard it in the boy’s mind.
“I don’t… I don’t know if I can fucking do a relationship. I mean… no one else? No Ajax? No late night booty calls? Shit, dad, like… how am I supposed to do that?” He groaned lowly.
“If you have to struggle to be with only him, then it’s not love.” Chandler shook his head. “If you love him you won’t think twice about anyone else.” He should know. He had been so deeply in love with Zach but now, the dreadlocked boy, while still close to his heart, was nothing compared to his tenderfoot.
“I guess that shit makes sense.” Ouija nodded. “I’ll wait and see then…” The thought of being in love terrified him. Never had he let himself be so vulnerable, given his heart to someone…

After another hour of conversation with his father, containing way too many references to his parent’s sex life that he did not need to hear, he trudged back up to his bedroom, smiling at the sight of Rigby still sound asleep and waiting for him.
He laid down beside the Southern boy, pressing a light kiss to his lips before nuzzling his neck, taking in his scent. It always had a way of calming him and he couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to mate with the boy.
But he didn’t even want to think about that yet. That type of commitment was forever.
He simply let himself lay there and watch the boy, bangs hanging in his face for once since he was not awake to push them away.
And then, needing to be closer to Rigby in order to fall asleep, he squirmed around until he was satisfied with the way they were entangled. His leg in between both of Rigby’s, his head nuzzled into the other boy’s armpit and Rigby’s head resting on his shoulder.
Like this, he finally allowed himself to drift off to sleep.
Only several hours later though, he was stirred awake by the sound of Rigby’s soft chuckling. Why did the boy always have to get up at the damn crack of dawn?
“Fuck are you laughing at, cowboy?” Ouija grouched softly. He was cranky in the mornings.
“In the mood to cuddle, were ya?” Rigby lifted Ouija’s head from his armpit to smile down at him. Ouija’s cheeks turned scarlet.
“Not my fault your ass is warm.” Ouija smirked lightly as he rolled over, disentangling himself from Rigby.
“Ah didn’t say ah minded it.” Rigby informed, pressing Ouija back into his arms. Ouija was stiff for a moment, not used to this open show of affection. But then he loosened up, throwing a leg over both of the other boy’s, burying his face in the crook of the farmer’s neck.
“You fucking smell nice for someone who spends their days on a farm.” Ouija informed and Rigby could feel the boy’s sly smirk against his neck.
They laid like this for another half hour, Ouija about to drift back to sleep when Rigby spoke again.
“When is Parkah supposed to be home?”
Ouija groaned as he remembered their friend would be coming home probably sometime soon.
“What time is it?” He grunted.
“He’s supposed to be back at like ten. So technically you could keep your stank ass here for a little bit longer.” He hated that it was obvious he wanted the man here.
“Ah could.” Rigby smirked softly.
Jesse and Finn had taken Parker and Cameron to meet Jesse’s parents. The Alpha had seemed quite eager to show his parents the little family he had made for himself. They were spending the night there but were to be back in the morning. Because Parker wasn’t home, Rigby had gotten to spend the night for the first time.
“Maybe I could come to your place next time.” Ouija grimaced the second the words had left his mouth. Well he sounded fucking needy. Who the hell was he, wanting to spend so much time with one person?
“Ah’d like that.” Rigby nodded, smiling lightly. He wasn’t sure if it would be a possibility if his father was home, but he was sure they could work something out. “Ah guess ah should get up and start getting ready to leave though.” He sounded reluctant but he knew they couldn’t chance Parker seeing them together.
“What do you think, time for a quickie before you go?” Ouija wiggled his brows, grinning lightly at Rigby who only laughed.
“Ah think weh can work something out.”

Another half hour later and Ouija was rolling off of the other boy, both of them panting heavily.
“Shit, that never gets old.” Ouija wiped sweat from his brow as he slipped the used condom off of his now limp member, tossing it into the trash can by his door.
He leaned back in, a hand on Rigby’s cheek as he captured the other boy’s lips. Rigby loved the way Ouija kissed, so passionately, as if it would be the last time they’d ever see each other. Each kiss between them held a feverish urgency, but also an undeniable love.
Ouija pulled back after a moment of this, smiling down at Rigby. And then, the words simply slipped out.
“I love you.”
Rigby blinked several times. Of course, he had not been expecting it. But he felt it too, he had known it for a while now.
“Ah love you too.”
And then they were at it again. God only knows how much time had passed before Ouija pulled out of the boy once more, grinning down at him. By now, both of them were drenched in sweat being it was the middle of the summer and they were hot enough without the activities they had just done. And of course, as always, Rigby’s bangs were pushed out of his face, sticking to his forehead with sweat. Ouija quite enjoyed being able to see his defined widow’s peak.
“Shit!” Ouija cursed as he finally glanced over at the clock. They had lost track of time, clearly. “It’s 9:45.”
Rigby groaned as he hurriedly rolled out of bed, slipping into his boxers and jeans, throwing his shirt over his shoulder and pulling Ouija into his arms for another quick kiss and a promise to see him later. Then he was out the door, leaving Ouija to take care of the evidence. He discarded this condom as well, burying all of them in the trash can under some random pieces of trash he had around. He knew Parker, even without an advanced sense of smell, would be able to smell the sex in the room. He could pass it off as someone else sharing his bed the previous night. But of course, Parker was a werewolf, he would be able to pick up Rigby’s scent as well. And so Ouija covered the room in his own cologne before rummaging in his drawer for his stash he’d gotten from Piper, rolling himself a blunt quickly and lighting it, trusting Mary Jane to cover the scent of his and Rigby’s rendezvous.
He had thought he was in the clear as he heard the front door opening, signaling the arrival of the Alpha and his family. And then, he turned to sit on the bed only to realize he had forgotten the sheets, still with Rigby’s fresh cum splattered across them.
“Fuckin shit.” Ouija groaned, quickly balling them up and shoving them under the bed. He was still in the middle of getting the new ones, lit blunt hanging from his mouth, when Parker entered the room. “Ayy, Park.”
“Since when do you clean your room, fuckhead?” Parker arched an eyebrow, looking around the room which was rather spotless now since Ouija had thrown out all of the trash that littered the floor to hide the condoms in his trashcan.
“Since I was bored.” Ouija shrugged as he plopped down on the mattress. “That’s what fucking happens when my homie ditches me to see his grandparents. How’d that go, by the way?”
“Shitty.” Parker grumbled. “They didn’t like me or mom. But that should have been fucking expected. Dad was devastated. They loved Cam though.”
“Well everyone damn loves Cameron, don’t they?” Ouija gave an eyeroll. “He’s just little Miss perfect, isn’t he?”
“Hey, don’t damn start with my brother.” Parker loved Cameron, felt the need to protect him almost, even though he was the younger one. “He’s been through some shit.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Ouija waved it off.
“So, I think I might go see fucking Sterling or something, see if he’s free. I could use something to take my mind off of this shit.”
“Sure, damn leave me again.” Ouija rolled his eyes although really, he was aching for Parker to leave, see if maybe he could invite Rigby over again…
“I can stay if you want me to, shithead.” Parker enjoyed feeling like Ouija wanted him around.
“Nah, it’s cool. Go get laid.” Ouija shrugged it off.
Ten minutes later and Parker was gone and Ouija practically dived off of the bed to grab his phone. He had already dialed Rigby’s number and his thumb was hovering over the call button when he realized just how fucking pathetic this would be. The boy had just left for Christ’s sake.
But he was already aching to see him again.
So maybe this really was love…
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