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 Ground Rules

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PostSubject: Ground Rules    Ground Rules  EmptyMon Mar 23, 2015 5:38 pm

Parker was waiting for him after his fight. Not unusual. They got paid together, taking their share of the bets and the extra for winning. Also not unusual. They even headed back to Parker's place together, something that had become a normal thing since he'd started seeing Ouija. Everything was fine, except the silence. Parker had barely muttered three words to him the entire time, and this, this was unusual. 
In fact, it was so eerie and strange that it was making Rigby nervous. 
"Soh, Park. Somethin' on ya mind?" 
More silence. Rigby glanced over, his eyes casting downwards so he could see the much shorter werewolf. Parker had his eyes set at some point off in the distance, or maybe at nothing at all. His face let nothing go, his lips pursed and his jaw set. So Rigby merely waited, keeping an eye on the boy as they walked, hoping that Parker would eventually glance his way. Or at least say something. Anything was better than this tense silence between them.

Finally it had been so long that Rigby had given up on Parker answering, so he was just opening his mouth to question the boy again when Parker finally cut his eyes over. They were a glowing golden, cutting through Rigby and stopping anything the southern  man may have been saying.
"Listen to me, you mother fucking son of a bitch." They had stopped moving completely, Parker having turned sharply to take Rigby by the front of his red button down flannel shirt; Ouija's favorite.

"Lets gets a couple of things straight, right fucking here, right damn now." Despite how harsh his voice was, Parker's breath was even. Rigby could tell though that the young wolf was trying hard to maintain his composure. Whatever he was going to say, it was serious if Parker was having trouble getting it out. He never had a problem opening his mouth. 

"Alrigh', well first, yar gonna let me go, nice and gentle like." Parker was much shorter than him, so the boy was nearly strangling him with the way he had to yank on the front of his shirt to keep a tight hold on it. "An' then, ah'll talk to ya about whatever ya damn want."
They locked eyes. Rigby still wore a tight smile, but his gaze assured that he had no intentions of letting Parker jerk him around. Slowly, the young wolfs fingers uncurled, and he lowered himself back onto the ground. He'd never realized how tall Rigby was until now, but the realization did nothing to shrink him back. Parker had been brooding on this ever since the very first day Rigby had spent over at his home, ever since Ouija had suggested the possibility of a threesome. 
"Soh," Rigby started softly, running is fingers through his hair as he often did when he was uncomfortable or nervous. "Whatch'a got on ya mind, Park?"

"Ground rules. For Ouija." Parker's fangs were exposed as he spoke, his wolf riled up at the tenderness of the subject. "We need to set some." He couldn't keep going on like this, that much was obvious. Watching the way Rigby and Ouija worked together, how easily they flirted and holy fuck, the way Ouija's eyes lit up when they did. 

Rigby was staring at him almost dumbly, the simple mention of Ouija's name having brought the smile back to his face. Ouija. Rigby would never get tired of hearing it. "Okay. Uhm....Okay." It actually took him a few moments to understand what Parker was getting at. "Ground rules? What kinda ground rules, Park?" He wasn't against them exactly, but he wouldn't agree to just anything. "Do you mean like, no sex?"

Parker's upper lip curled in disgust at the thought. "No, holy fucking shit no! But thats one damn reason we need these fucking rules!" Of course he didn't want them to have sex, but he had already accepted the fact that it was inevitable. "Just shut your fucking cock sucker and let me talk, damn." Parker reached up, his cheeks pink with frustration as he massaged his temples. "I know you pig fuckers are going to have sex, alright? Rule one is that you can't fucking tell me when you damn do. And neither can Ouija, i'll have this damn discussion with his fuckety ass later." 
"Damn Park! Why would either of us tell ya somethin' like that!" 
"You mother fucking wont." 
"Alrigh', Alrigh', fair enough." He had known Parker wasn't exactly comfortable with their arrangement, but he hadn't realized it was getting to the boy this badly. "What else?"

"No lovey-fucking mushy shit infront of me, you got that? I mean it! I'm so fucking serious about this one." Park was growling softly in the back of his throat, his stomach clenching at the thought of Ouija, and the way his eyes followed Rigby as though he were the sun, the brightest thing in the room. Always. "The way his bitch ass looks at you is fucking bad enough, alright? Don't you fucking go acting like he's your damn sweetheart in front of me. You don''t damn need to rub it the fuck in. Thats two." 

"Ah can handle that." Rigby felt he owed it to Park. If he wanted to touch Ouija, he would simply have to start stealing the boy off to his house, or maybe find a way to sneak around when Park's away. But at any rate, he was in no position to deny Park unless it was absolutely necessary. "Ah might slip up a couple'a times, but ah'll work on it." Rigby loved touching Ouija. It had quickly become his favorite pass time. But he would at least attempt to control himself for Parker's sake. 

"You had fucking do better than try, Rigby. Three is that I was fucking here first. I mother fucking loved his bitch ass first. I wont let you steal him away from me, so when we're having time together, you don't fucking interrupt that. " Parker was flustered now, his heart aching because he had to have these rules. He wished he could be enough for Ouija, but it was obvious he never would be. But maybe Rigby could.....And Parker wasn't ready to accept that yet. These rules had to be hammered out, no matter how badly it hurt. 

"Four, is you mother fucking have to understand where I'm fucking coming from. I'm going to be jealous. "  saying it left a sour taste in his mouth, his tongue heavy with the words he was trying so desperately to ground  out.  Ouija was home to him.  Sharing was something he'd never really thought he'd have to do.  Maybe Ouija would have his bitches, but he never kept them around like Rigby,  he never wanted them like he wanted Rigby. 
Ouija Never even wanted Park in the way he wanted Rigby.
"I love that bitch. He's been my favorite fucking toy ever since I can damn even remember.   I  will never fucking love anything like I love his fuck headed ass. But he thinks of me as a damn brother....And you...He's never fucking looked at me, smiling as fucking sweet as he smiles at you." His broad shoulders slumped in something akin to defeat. "So I can mother fucking be jealous all I damn want, you got that, pig fuck?"

Rigby was nodding his head, eyes wide and alert as he tried to absorb all these new terms that he was supposed to be agreeing to.   Parker was almost hard to keep up with,  especially when every other word was a profanity, but Rigby was managing to muddle through it. God knows he didn't want to ask Park to repeat himself. "I got it. Or at least ah think ah do. "  The southern boy glanced over his shoulder, back towards Parkers home where he knew Ouija would be waiting for them.  He found he was almost impatient in his want to wrap this up so he could finally set eyes on the boy, but he relented.   This was obviously important to Parker.
"Soh, is that all? Or?"

"Shut the mother fuck up. I'm not through with you yet, hick bitch." Parker was wearing his mother's scowl.  It seemed to be glued to his face lately. "My fucking fifth and final rule is the most important of all these bitches, so clean your fucking ears out and listen the hell up."  The  young wolf took a moment to steady himself, making sure to catch Rigby with his threatening golden eyes before he spoke next. "You had  mother fucking never hurt him. I  know that bitch can handle his own shit and what the jolly fuck ever, and he will. But I'm just fucking letting you know that I'll get to your fucking ass before he does. And I swear to god, if I ever see him cry -" Parker had to take a breath to calm himself, the thought of tears rolling down Ouija's face enough to twist his insides into painful knots. " There won't even be enough of your stank pig fucking ass left to bury. "

"Jesus Park, ah wouldn't ever do anything ta hurt 'em! Where in the Holy hell is your head?" Rigby began to argue, but Parker was hearing none of it. "Just shut your fucking ass up and shake my fucking hand." The boy growled softly, jutting his hand out for Rigby to take. 

"Okay, Park. We got ourselves ah deal." The southern boy spoke as he took the shorter boys hand, shaking it firmly and offering one of his easy smiles when they finally parted.

"Alright. Let's go the fuck home then, my dad's going to be shitting all over himself since we've fucking been gone for so long." Park started walking again, as though he'd never even stopped, leaving Rigby to catch up after he remembered that Ouija was waiting for them, too.
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Ground Rules
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