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PostSubject: Freakshow   Freakshow EmptyMon May 25, 2015 12:26 pm

“Do I fucking have to, Cam?” Finn sighed heavily. But of course, he was already grabbing his car keys.
“Please, momma? You can just wait outside. It’ll be like twenty minutes at the most.”
“Alright. Just come on.”
Morgue was doing the most dangerous stunt of his career tonight. Cameron had promised to be there for him but Finn knew the boy hated driving alone. He wanted a ride. And even though the thought of seeing Morgue made his stomach turn, he couldn’t tell the boy no.
“Well if you two are going, I’m going too.” Jesse nodded. He had been wanting to take a look at his competition.
“Can you please not?” Cameron groaned.
“I won’t come in, I just don’t want you two to go alone.”
“I’m not a damn toddler.” Finn’s upper lip curled lightly but unlike Morgue, Jesse barely paid it any attention. He simply snatched the keys from his hand and headed out to the car.
“Can I fucking come then?” Parker appeared seemingly out of nowhere and Cameron could only nod with a groan.
“I guess we’re all going.” Cameron groaned. He just hoped Morgue didn’t see any of them…

Twenty minutes later and Finn was parked out front of the building, watching the crowd build up outside. It looked like it truly was a big show. What in the hell was Marilyn about to do?
“It’s stupid for you all to wait out here, but you can’t come in all right? Especially not you.” Cameron pointed to Jesse as he got out of the car.
“Can’t I fucking come in? He doesn’t know me.” Parker arched an eyebrow. “I want to watch the show.”
“…Fine. But stay in the back, okay?”
Parker grinned as he got out, waving goodbye to his parents and following Cameron inside. Parker lingered standing in the back of the room while Cameron made his way to his reserved seat in the front row.
Only moments later, Finn was getting out of the car. He just had a bad feeling about this. He needed to watch, no matter how much it hurt. And he could not stop Jesse from following him.
The two of them watched from a dimly lit back corner, Finn only hoping Morgue would not recognize him.

Act after act performed, but still, Morgue was not found. Tonight, he was the closing performance. He had never been the finale before. What in the hell was he doing? Finn couldn’t help but be a bit concerned. Even if they weren’t together anymore… he didn’t want to watch his first love die.
Finally, Finn caught a glimpse of bleach blonde hair peeking out from backstage. It was almost time. A moment later and Kendrick and that damn Asia bitch he’d always hated so much were carrying something large onto the stage. As they leaned it against the wall, Finn could see that it was a bed of razor blades. What in the hell was Jeremy thinking?
A moment after that and Morgue stepped onto the stage to some applause. People recognized him. He was the reason many came to the show. He always did something new. Especially lately, his stunts had gotten extremely dangerous. Almost like he was trying to kill himself, almost like he did not want to live anymore without Finn.
Finn could not help but notice how different he looked. His hair, still bleach blonde, was shaggy and only hung to his chin. His eyes were less sunken in than they had used to be. He wore the contacts Finn had always hated, the ones that made it appear as if his entire eye was black. But the most shocking difference was his size. Jeremy would never be a large, muscular guy, but he did not appear so sickly anymore. His arms had some meat to them. You could no longer see each and every rib. Had Finn been that damaging to his health? Was he better off now? It hurt to think about.
Finn was forced from his thoughts as Asia began to speak.
“Tonight, Morgue has decided to create a bed of razorblades.” She began, gesturing to the bed leaned against the wall. “If he moves at all while laying on this, obviously he’s going to have cuts from every single one of these, all across his back. He is putting his spine, his nerves, his life, at risk tonight.” She then gestured for Morgue to take the floor.
Morgue stepped forward, slipping his shirt off and tossing it aside.
“When I lay on this bed of razors, I’m going to have a mirror placed on top of my chest.” He began to speak and Finn felt a sharp pain in his chest. Then I’m going to raise a brick, drop it, and shatter the mirror. This mirror is a metaphor for me and destroying a part of myself that I don’t want to have any longer. This is about destroying my past. This is about a new beginning.”
Finn felt as if he might be sick. Jeremy was getting rid of him, of their memories. He should be happy for the man… he wanted him to move on. But it fucking hurt. Not to mention he was terrified, wondering if this would really be the time Jeremy died.
As Morgue moved to lay down on his deathbed, Finn wondered what he would do. Would he run up there to hold him, to comfort him?
The entire crowd seemed to be holding their breath as Morgue lowered himself on top of the bed, letting out a sigh as he finally laid down. He appeared to be fine.
Finn let out a sigh of relief and even heard Jesse beside him do the same.
With a wave of his hand, Morgue signaled Asia to hand him the mirror, which he placed on top of his chest. She brought him the brick then as well, which he raised up. He held it there for a few seconds, dragging out the suspense, something Finn would have laughed at if they were still together and Morgue was not risking his life. Then without warning, he forcefully dropped it, successfully shattering the mirror. There were gasps from the crowd as it shattered and Morgue merely laid there for a moment. Even Asia and Kendrick looked nervous, worried something had gone wrong.
But then, Morgue stood, reaching out for a hand from Kendrick. He stood, unharmed, as the crowd cheered wildly. He only smiled softly as he brushed the pieces of broken glass from his chest and Asia turned him around to show his back to the crowd. There was not a single drop of blood, only long indented lines across his back.
He was pulled into Kendrick’s chest for a hug as the crowd continued to cheer. Cameron had darted onto the stage as well, tackling his father in a hug as the man laughed. When Cameron pulled back, he took a bow, grinning widely.
Finn had always loved seeing the joy on the man’s face after a show. Even Jesse was speechless beside Finn. He had to admit, it was impressive. He had always thought Morgue was no competition for him at all. He was the strong one, the attractive one. But he saw now that Morgue had a different type of strength. And maybe he wasn’t conventionally attractive, but there were girls in the audience going wild and attempting to sneak their way backstage. Maybe Jeremy was more competition than he’d thought.
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