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 Dark Side

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Dallas Reynolds


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PostSubject: Dark Side   Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:27 pm

Just to let you know, when Dmitri speaks Russian I write it out as the way it's supposed to be pronounced since Russian writing has all those weird characters that are not on our keyboards ><


“I want you to stay away from him.” Sinclair spoke softly, trying to look Dmitri in the eyes without getting intimidated.
“Oh do you?” Dmitri was smiling rather condescendingly at the other boy.
They were about the same height but Dmitri was solid, muscular where Sinclair was very lanky and awkward. He was toned, but still slim. He didn’t look like he would stand a chance against Dmitri in a fight.
“I do.” Sinclair confirmed. “He’s mine now. You can’t touch him… ever again.” He shook his head.
“And just who is going to keep me away from him? You?” Dmitri chuckled, jabbing a finger into the boy’s chest at which Sinclair winced. Dmitri damn well knew the boy didn’t like to be touched, but he didn’t understand just how much of an issue it was.
“Please don’t touch me.” Sinclair grimaced.
“And why shouldn’t I?”
“I don’t like it.” Sinclair spoke through gritted teeth as Dmitri invaded his personal space farther, leaning in close to him and shoving him again.
“Do I look like I care about what you like, suka?” (bitch) Dmitri snorted, the last word coming out in his native language.
“I speak ten languages. Speaking Russian does not intimidate me.” Sinclair attempted to puff out his chest and stand his ground. He had to get Dmitri out of here or he could take Stein away…
“Oh, you speak Russian, do you?” Dmitri smirked, finger still poking into the boy’s chest.
“I do. Also, I said don’t touch me so if you’d kindly otva li, (fuck off) I’d appreciate it.” Sinclair rarely got angry, but he was livid now. He got angry when anyone refused to stop touching him.
Sinclair disliked the word hate. He never wanted to say he hated anyone. But Dmitri… he really hated Dmitri. He hated him for trying to take Stein away, for touching him without his permission, for looking at him like everyone else did, like he was weird and no competition at all.
But most of all, he hated Dmitri because the man had hurt Stein before. He had hurt Stein and was now trying to come back here like he was still worthy of a second chance. That was punishable by death in Sinclair’s eyes.
Dmitri was still chuckling softly at Sinclair’s attempt to be threatening and it was causing Sinclair to grind his teeth angrily. Finally, he spoke again.
“Like I said before, I want you to leave Stein alone, got it? Go back to wherever the hell you came from.” Sinclair spoke firmly.
“Like I said before, who in the hell is going to make me?” Dmitri seemed rather amused at how angry Sinclair was getting. “Because it certainly isn’t going to be you.”
“It is going to be me!” Sinclair snapped, a bit concerned at how he was losing his temper. “I’m not scared of you! I’ll… I’ll fight you if I have to!”
At this, Dmitri bust out laughing.
Sinclair had not lost control of himself since he was ten years old. He had learned control of the shift much earlier than Sawyer had. He hadn’t had to be locked up during the full moon since he was ten either. He had one of the best controls in the pack.
But this laughter was all it took for Sinclair’s wolf to burst out of him, tackling Dmitri to the ground. He hadn’t even shifted willingly since he was fifteen. His wolf had been crammed inside of him for so long that it had been eager to escape and now it was out for the blood of the first man Sinclair had ever hated. His fangs were going for flesh, jaws snapping at Dmitri’s throat. Dmitri was much stronger than Sinclair in human form. But with Sinclair shifted, he didn’t stand a chance, even with his super speed. Speed didn’t do much of anything when you couldn’t run away.
Luckily for both of them, this altercation had gone down in the middle of Jesse’s living room. And the Alpha’s home never seemed to be empty for long. It was only minutes before Jace and Piper had entered the house, Jace cursing softly before shifting, attempting to help the situation but only getting Sinclair’s claws in his chest. The boy appeared to be completely gone, for he would never hurt anyone when he was in human form, especially not his lover’s brother.
Jace, like Sinclair, hated being in wolf form. But his father would still make him go out, fully shifted, and hunt with him at least once a month to satisfy his wolf. This was why. When your wolf was deprived for too long, it could be deadly when you finally lost control.
After realizing that he was no help and Sinclair could very well kill Dmitri if someone didn’t break them up, Jace let out a low howl, hoping his father or Jesse would hear him and come quickly. The two men were over at Roman’s house so they arrived at the same time a few minutes later with Stein jogging behind them. Stein’s jaw dropped when he caught sight of the two men on the ground.
“Stein, you’re his anchor, get over there.” Jace insisted, tugging his brother towards the two men.
“Screw anchors, that kid’s going to bleed out in about a minute.” Jesse shook his head before shifting himself and letting out a thunderous howl that shook the very foundation of the home, snapping Sinclair back into human form.
It took Sinclair a moment to register where he was and what he had done but then he saw the blood all over him, tasted Dmitri’s flesh in his teeth and he nearly vomited as he stumbled to his feet. Dmitri was clearly still breathing, but barely.
“Let’s take him to the trailer.” Jesse nodded to Roman and the two stepped forward and took Sinclair by each arm, even as the boy struggled.
“Let go of me!” He insisted. “I’m fine! I’m under control, I swear!” He pleaded, the hands touching him nearly too much for him to handle. “I need to shower, please don’t lock me up!”
By now, nearly the entire pack was there, watching him. But Sinclair didn’t pay them any attention, didn’t even realize they were there. All he knew was that his brother was not there. If he was, he would not be letting Jesse and Roman touch him like this.
“Where’s Sawyer?!” He exclaimed, struggling harder under the grips of the two larger wolves. “I need him! Just put me down, I won’t shift again, I promise!” His squirming to get away was nearly successful for a moment which forced Roman to place another hand on him to hold him tighter. “I said STOP touching me!” Sinclair snarled as he went back on his previous words, shifting again in his panic to get away from the two men as they carried him out of the door and over to the trailer in Jesse’s backyard. Before he was taken outside, he caught a glimpse of Stein kneeling down beside Dmitri, checking on him. “Stein! I-I didn’t mean to hurt him!” He exclaimed before he lost sight of everyone inside the home, all of them staring at him as if he were crazy.
They always looked at him like that though.
But maybe this time, they were right.
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Dark Side
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