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 Beautiful With You

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Several times a day Stein would feel a soft breeze and a moment later find the Russian standing in front of him even though mere seconds ago he was nowhere near him.
Today, Stein was lounging on the couch when one of these occurrences took place. Roman and Zach were out on date night. Jace was over at Piper’s. He had the home to himself other than Dmitri who was staying in Zach’s workroom until the experiments were finished.
“What do you want?” Stein sighed as Dmitri suddenly appeared sitting beside him on the couch.
“To admire your beauty of course.” The boy chuckled softly and Stein merely sighed. At this reaction, Dmitri frowned. “Do I make you uncomfortable?”
“Then I give you my sincerest apologies, Holland.”
Stein’s head snapped up at hearing this. He knew for a fact he had never told Dmitri his real name.
“How did you know my name was Holland?”
“I apologize again, I didn’t know I was not supposed to call you this. I…” Dmitri’s face turned uncharacteristically sheepish for a moment. “I was asking your mother about you. I wanted to know more.”
Stein was once again dumbfounded.
“Why do you want to know about me?”
Dmitri smirked once more, shaking his head.
“I thought you were smart?” He chuckled. “I thought I had made my intentions with you very clear. I find you to be… perfect. I can’t seem to find the right words in English to explain my interest in you, Stein. My vocabulary is still growing, but perfect is as close as it gets. I simply long to get to know you better. I just want to see you smile at me, really. I would be happy with just that.”
Stein felt a lump in his throat forming as Dmitri spoke. Was this what it felt like to be Jace? To have a man truly want to be with you? If so, he understood why Jace had abandoned them all so easily.
“But… why?” He knew he sounded stupid, but he didn’t get it. Not at all. He was so… plain. There was a reason no guy ever looked at him like they looked at Jace. He had accepted it long ago. But here came Dmitri, looking at him like maybe he was as beautiful as his brother.
“Have you never been told how lovely you are, Stein?” Dmitri was smirking again.
“I haven’t.”
“That’s a shame. A shame that people only show attention to the aggressively beautiful ones, like your brother. That’s why the more subtly beautiful ones get ignored, like you. I can tell you don’t think you’re beautiful, but you are. The problem is, you are not striking. When most men walk into a room, their eyes would not be drawn to you. That is the reason you are looked over so often. Because if they would stop to look, for just a moment, they would see something more stunning than they’ve ever seen before. I might have super speed, but I take my time, Stein.” Dmitri spoke as one hand came to caress Stein’s cheek gently. “I take time to look for the subtle beauty. And I’m glad I do, or I would never have found the most beautiful boy on this earth.”
Stein felt his cheeks burning as Dmitri touched him. He wanted to look away but Dmitri’s piercing silver eyes bore into him.
“You’re making me uncomfortable again.” He muttered finally and Dmitri laughed.
“I apologize again.” Dmitri nodded. “Would you like me to leave?”
“…No.” Stein admitted, sighing heavily.
Dmitri’s smirk spread into a wide grin.
“That is good because I was not really wanting to leave either.” Dmitri nodded, reaching out to gently trail his fingers over Stein’s metal hand. “I would much rather stay here and get to know you better.”
“What do you want to know?”
“A lot of things. But I feel like most of them would make you uncomfortable.” Dmitri chuckled softly and Stein averted his gaze.
“I’m not that awkward or anything.” Stein assured the boy. “I just don’t really know how to react to you.”
“Well I will help you with that.” Dmitri smiled. “Let’s play a game. I do something and you just react naturally. Don’t think about it, just let your instincts take over.”
Stein swallowed hard but nodded slowly at the Russian, wondering what he might do.
And then, the boy’s lips were crashing down on his own and all his breath was stolen away. But he did as Dmitri had told him. He reacted naturally and let his instinct take over, allowing his arms to go around Dmitri’s neck. He tried to forget the fact that this was his first kiss and just go with it. Dmitri’s tongue slithered in between his lips, exploring his mouth in a way that made his back arch. Apparently he had a sweet spot. Or was that just how kissing felt? He had no clue. But he did know he had to breathe and Dmitri did not appear to be stopping. He gently pushed against the man’s chest and Dmitri immediately obliged, pulling back and allowing Stein to catch his breath, panting heavily.
“Sorry, enhanced respiratory system, remember?” Dmitri chuckled, still slightly breathless. “You did very well listening to your instincts.” He smirked and Stein found himself smiling back.
“We could try it again.” Stein suggested gently once he had caught his breath and Dmitri grinned once more.
“This time, you make the first move.” Dmitri instructed and once again Stein simply reacted without thinking.
He moved forward, leaning into Dmitri’s chest as he captured his lips deeply. It felt as if he were floating and he kind of loved it. He now understood why Piper and Jace never stopped sucking face.
Dmitri’s arms wound around his waist and he responded by entangling his fingers in the boy’s hair. It was Dmitri who eventually pulled back this time, his lips moving to attack Stein’s collarbone next. Stein found himself groaning softly, fingers still tangled in fistfuls of Dmitri’s hair. He couldn’t seem to keep still as Dmitri’s hands took hold of his hips now.
“You are a very reactive person.” Dmitri smirked. “I like that very much.” He loved feeling Stein writhe under his touch.
“I can’t help it.” Stein breathed out. It was because this was the first time he was feeling these sensations but he did not want Dmitri to know that. He had already acted like a complete idiot.
“Don’t try to help it. I said I like it.” Dmitri grinned up at Stein as he pushed him back so he was lying flat on his back on the couch. Stein thought his heart might beat out of his chest as Dmitri moved to straddle him. “Don’t worry, I won’t go farther than you want me to. I just thought this might be more comfortable.”
“It’s fine.” Stein nodded, cursing to himself as he felt himself becoming erect, his hard-on suffocated in his tight jeans. Dmitri could tell the boy was uncomfortable and so he acted as if he did not feel it pressing against his abdomen. He simply continued nipping at the flesh of Stein’s neck.
“Can I kiss a bit lower?” Dmitri questioned and Stein nodded.
“A little bit.”
Stein felt something a bit… off and a soft breeze and then he looked down to find his shirt off. He hadn’t even known Dmitri moved. His cheeks burned red as Dmitri’s lips trailed lower down his chest, stopping at one of the boy’s nipples. Stein let out a soft moan, his back arching slightly.
And then, suddenly the front door opened, revealing Jace who had decided to come home early from Piper’s to spend the night with his brother. His jaw dropped at the sight in front of him, his brother moaning with his back arched as Dmitri straddled him, a nipple tugged in between his teeth.
“J-Jace! Did you ever hear of fucking knocking?” Stein didn’t know why he was struggling to cover his bare chest, Jace had seen it before. But regardless, a second later and his shirt was back on and somehow they were both sitting up in a less embarrassing position. Bless Dmitri and his speed.
“I didn’t know I had to knock in my own house.” Jace rolled his eyes. “I am sorry I interrupted though. It’s about time you two hooked up. I’m sick of watching him drool over you 24/7.”
“Jace.” Stein groaned.
Dmitri only laughed though.
“I must say I agree about it being time we hooked up. But I will leave you alone to talk with your brother. If you want you can come see me later downstairs.” Dmitri pressed a kiss to Stein’s cheek before he left the room in a blur, disappearing down to Zach’s workroom.
“Holy shit Stein!” Jace hissed, smacking his brother in the arm as he sat down beside him. “I’m so fucking glad I came home. Details!”
“We didn’t do anything.” Stein sighed. “That was as far as we got, when you walked in.”
“You have a hickey! Your first! I’m so proud!” Jace was giggling and Stein could only roll his eyes at his twin. “Just wait until mom sees.”
“Oh fuck.” Stein groaned, hiding his face.
“Don’t complain. At least you don’t have to worry about dad ripping Dmitri’s throat out.”
“Yeah, he doesn’t give a shit about what I do.”
“I’m still in shock.” Jace shook his head. “Who would’ve thought you would be getting it on with Dmitri on the living room couch? Where anyone could walk in? Following in my footsteps.” Jace laughed softly, an arm around his brother’s shoulders.
“I got hard just from him kissing my neck.” Stein groaned. “I am the worst at fooling around.”
“Don’t feel bad. Don’t tell Piper I’m saying this but Dmitri is fucking gorgeous. I’d get hard if he even looked at me in the right way.”
Stein shook his head, giving a light eyeroll.
“You are a fucking sex addict. You get a boner when any attractive guy looks at you.”
“So?” Jace couldn’t help but laugh lightly because it was somewhat true. “But really, Dmitri is like a sex god. You have got to tell me what he’s packing down there.”
“Who says I’m going to see what he’s got down there?” Stein scoffed, folding his arms across his chest.
“Uh, Stein, he totally wants to screw you. And I’m not pressuring you or anything, but I’m not letting you pass up this opportunity. He’s the first guy I’ve ever seen you even have a little bit of an interest in. If you’re not ready, I get it. But I think you should go for it… unless you think he’s just trying to pop it and drop it. In that case, I’ll kick his fucking ass.”
“I remember when I used to be the one protecting you.” Stein smirked softly. “When did you get all big and bad?”
“When hot Russians started trying to fuck my brother.” Jace informed with a smirk, leaning in to peck his brother’s cheek.
“I honestly don’t think he’s just trying to get in my pants.” Stein smiled lightly. “He seems… like he likes me. I don’t get why though, but it’s… nice.”
“We can totally double date now!” Jace beamed. “Or you know foursomes are an option.”
“Don’t be gross.” Stein groaned. “A foursome would just be me and Piper watching awkwardly as you and Dmitri fucked. Because I’m not touching Piper and we all know he wouldn’t touch me in a thousand years.”
“You are no fun at all.” Jace groaned.
“So why did you come home anyways?” Stein questioned.
“Well I told Piper that I was too sore to go again and we were just going to nap together so we were spooning but I damn hate being the little spoon because he fucking drools on my neck so I told him I was just gonna go home to spend some time with you and he could call me when he was done with his nap.”
“Is that what relationships are like?” Stein chuckled. “You two just fuck, smoke, and sleep, don’t you?”
“Pretty much.” Jace yawned. “Sounds boring but it’s really amazing. But if you want me to, I can leave and let you and speedy have some alone time?”
“No, I’m kind of glad you walked in actually. It was like I was under a damn spell. I probably would have let it go all the way and I don’t want to do that yet.”
“Yet?” Jace grinned slyly. “Is that implying that you do want to do it eventually?”
“Maybe, alright? I barely even know him.” Stein groaned. “Leave me the hell alone.”
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Beautiful With You
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