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PostSubject: Caretaker   Caretaker EmptyMon Jul 27, 2015 7:42 am

This is a pointless thing with our people taking care of each other I wrote because I was bored heheh.
Also, I know we discussed it being air borne probably but I had just said it was transferred through bodily fluids for the Dmitri part ><

“I heard that you were ill.” Dmitri hummed as he entered the room with a tray in his hands. He was actually travelling at normal speed so he didn’t spill anything. Atop of his tray was a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a glass of water, some pills, and an ice pack in case Stein’s fever had broken and he was feeling too hot.
“I’m fine.” Stein sighed softly. He disliked being cooped up in bed constantly. But even he knew this sickness was serious… “Now get out of here before you get sick. The whole family already is.” Zach was left to take care of them all. Luckily, Piper had been helping with Jace and now Dmitri was here for Stein.
“I was under the impression that it was only transferred through bodily fluids?” Dmitri arched an eyebrow. “So as long as I stay away from your blood and resist the temptation to ravish you on this bed right now, we should be fine.” The man spoke with a smirk as he sat the tray on Stein’s lap.
“Oh yeah, I bet I look very sexy today. It must be hard for you to resist me.” Stein gave an eye roll, speaking sarcastically. He knew very well he looked like shit.
“You know I would gladly give up my life to this disease just for a night of passion with you, my solnishko.” (Sunshine) Dmitri teased. “Even with you looking like you were just hit by a train.”
Stein couldn’t help but blush.
“You’re an idiot sometimes, you know that?”
“I only do it to make you smile at me like that.” Dmitri chuckled as he took a seat at the edge of Stein’s bed.
At this point, Jace woke up in the other bed in the room. He was staying at home again while he was sick. It had been so Roman could take care of him until the man himself had gotten sick, now he was simply there to be with his family.
“Where the hell is Piper? I want some damn soup.” Jace whined pitifully. “And give me that damn ice pack.” He reached out for it after checking to see that Stein didn’t look to be sweating. He himself was dripping with sweat, his fever had just broken.
“I see you have not gotten any less bossy since I last saw you.” Dmitri shook his head as he approached, sliding the ice pack beneath the boy’s head so it rested against his neck.
“Yeah, I don’t change much.” Jace shrugged. He was quite cranky when he was sick, really. Especially when he did not have his daddy to take care of him. Roman had tried to continue looking after his boys, even after he’d gotten sick himself. But he’d only done that for about an hour until Zach forced him to lay down, threatening to lock him up in his workroom if he had to. “Seriously though, where the fuck is Piper?”
“Right here, shawty.” Piper spoke as he kicked open the door, carrying in his own tray to sit across Jace’s lap. “Shit, did Law find a cure while I was gone? You’re looking fine as hell, Jace Daniel.” Piper grinned and even though Jace knew his lover was just trying to please him, he still smiled back.

Meanwhile, in their parent’s bedroom down the hall, Roman was still in the beginning stage of his illness, teeth chattering violently, becoming slightly delirious as he waited for his lover to come back with more blankets.
“Alright, baby. I’ve gathered every blanket in like a fifty mile radius I’m pretty sure.” Zach joked as he entered the room with a stack of blankets he’d found around the home that Jace or Stein weren’t already using. He approached his lover, beginning to cover him when Roman grabbed him by the waist.
“You have to lay with me.” Roman murmured softly, voice quite hoarse and soft, unusual for him.
“I can do that. You know I’m always up for spooning. You wanna be big or little spoon?” Zach was practically purring at the man as he crawled in bed beside him, one by one throwing the blankets over them, even though he was already hot enough with Roman’s flesh against him.
“Big.” Roman grunted as he pulled Zachariah into his arms, holding his smaller lover against his bare chest, trying to absorb his mate’s warmth. “I hate this, Zachariah.”
“I know, baby.” Zach sighed. “But it’s okay, really. The boys have people to take care of them. It’s not your fault you’re sick and you could stand to be babied for once. Let me take care of you, let Piper and Dmitri take care of the boys.”
Roman growled softly as his body shook violently with his constant shivering but he stopped speaking, pressing his face into Zach’s dreadlocks.

Britt sat on the edge of the bed, eyes locked on his lover who was sleeping, he was pretty sure. Sawyer slept like the dead while he was sick, so Britt allowed himself to move under the covers, pressing a kiss to each of the man’s eyelids.
“You’re gonna be okay.” He murmured gently, stroking the boy’s hair. “I love you so much. We’re going to be okay…” He was speaking to himself, really, for he never would have sounded this sappy if he knew Sawyer was not really asleep.
But the boy wasn’t. He was listening as he worked on developing another fever. Britt loved him. It was always nice to hear, being it wasn’t said very often. He decided not to be a prick for once and pretend he had slept through it, letting his lover comfort him.
He “awoke” after a few more minutes, tiredly smirking up at Britt.
“Thince when do you cuddle?” He snickered and Britt only popped him on top of the head.
“Shut up and go back to sleep. I liked you better then.” Britt groaned. “I can cuddle you when you’re sleeping because you’re not running your damn mouth.”
“Tho rude.” Sawyer shook his head. “Everyone elth is being nithe to their loverth, you know?”
“Yeah well I’m being as nice as I ever am. Need anything?”
Sawyer was about to say he would like another blanket, his favorite one that Law had taken to wash last night since Sawyer had sweat so much when his fever broke that it was soaking wet. But then he realized he was already covered with it. He assumed his mother or father had done it but truly, it had been Britt. Britt was also the one that had gathered all of his favorite music on a playlist that was playing quietly from the stereo in the corner. Sawyer had yet to notice.
Britt’s acts of kindness often seemed to go unnoticed. But that was fine by him, that was how he liked it.
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