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Britt Vause


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PostSubject: Love.   Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:35 am

This is short and terribly written but I wanted you to have something to read when you woke up since i felt bad for disappearing tonight heheh. It's stupid but i hope you enjoy it anyways.

Britt could feel the contents of his stomach threatening to rise back up as he witnessed the scene in front of him.
He had come to apologize to Sawyer after the blow up they’d had last night. Britt hadn’t realized it was any different than the times Sawyer had caught him cheating in the past. He hadn’t realized that Sawyer had snapped.
And now he’d barged into the boy’s room only to find Cameron lying atop of his chest. Naked. There were still cum stains on the sheets around them. Britt was not sure if he was more hurt or pissed. He knew he had no right to be, but he was.
“Get the fuck up!” He snarled as he charged towards the bed, taking a fistful of Cameron’s blonde curls and yanking the boy up with it, startling him awake.
“What the-“
Cameron was hardly awake when Britt’s fist came down upon his jaw. And then he was on the ground, the redhead on top of him, hitting everywhere he could reach.
It was another moment before Sawyer woke and realized what was going on. When he did though, he was up, tugging at Britt’s waist and lifting him off of the blonde boy. Cameron was weak. He didn’t stand a chance against Britt.
“Let me fucking go!” Britt snarled, struggling against Sawyer’s grip with everything he had.
“Don’t hurt him, damnit!”
“I’ll fucking kill the bitch!” Britt was no longer thinking rationally. He was hurt, his chest aching. This was the weakest he’d felt in years and it was Cameron’s fault. So he wanted him dead.
He did not snap out of it until Sawyer slapped him across the face. Britt froze for a moment, blinking up at his lover before he felt the tears he’d been holding back begin to flow. Once they came, he couldn’t stop them. He hated himself for looking this weak, but it was out of his control now.
“Britt.” Sawyer could only stare at his lover. He’d never seen him cry before. He didn’t know how to handle it. “Wh-what ith your problem?”
“I fucking love you! You fucking bastard!” Britt slammed his fists into Sawyer’s chest repeatedly as the words came out before he could stop them. He had yet to respond to Sawyer’s proclaims of love, this was the first time he’d said it, the first time he’d admitted it to himself.
Sawyer had frozen, too shocked to stop Britt from running out of the room, cursing everything and everyone on his way out.
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