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I did that thing where you shuffle a playlist and like write until the song is over. I found some romance playlist on Spotify hehe. The first two are really shitty, I kind of enjoy the last one though ><

1. Bane/Danny: Love Someone – Jason Mraz
Bane laid beside his lover, his skin still tingling lightly in the aftermath of their lovemaking. It had never been his favorite activity until Rigby had taught him how to enjoy it. And now that Rigby was behind them, forgotten and forgiven, he could enjoy it with his lover finally. It felt almost magical sometimes, how he would look over at Danny and nearly have his breath taken away just at how gorgeous the man was.
“I love you.” He spoke quietly.
“I love you too, Bane.” Danny smiled sweetly, his lips finding Bane’s collar bone.
Bane had always thought he didn’t need love in his life. His brother had been all he needed. He never thought love could be so… beautiful. Never thought someone could make him feel like his heart would beat out of his chest, like he would die if he lost them, like he couldn’t breathe just when they looked at him. But here Danny was, doing just that. Love made him do crazy things, feel incredible ways. But it was wonderful.

2. Parker/Ouija: 19 You + Me – Dan & Shay
Sometimes Ouija would find himself staring at Parker, simply grinning from ear to ear. And he wouldn’t even notice until the boy called him out on it.
He was simply so lost in thoughts of the summer they’d started dating. It had been the best summer of his life without a doubt, spending nearly every night out on the beach, fooling around until the early hours of the morning.
It was no secret he’d been hesitant about the relationship at first. But so quickly he’d found himself helpless against Parker’s smile and the way his skin would glisten when he stepped out of the ocean.
Most of their nights would end with them stumbling into the house at 5 am and Ouija snickering as Jesse scolded him for keeping Parker out so late. Some nights they were lucky and Jesse would have fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for them to come home so they would sneak up to Ouija’s bedroom and fool around until he woke again.
“Quit fucking smiling like that, shit.” Parker would grunt when he would catch Ouija grinning at him like this. But Ouija would only grin wider, his lips finding the other boy’s no matter who was watching. And more often than not within minutes they would be on their way to the beach, just like that summer.

3. Stein/Sinclair: Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer
When asked what the best day of his life was, Stein had no problem thinking of an answer. The day he first made love with Sinclair.
They’d gotten lucky with the timing. Zach and Roman were off on a weekend vacation for their anniversary. Jace was at Piper’s, as usual. Stein had been thankful for the empty home, knowing this would take time and they didn’t need anyone walking in on them.
Stein didn’t remember it as a passionate event, full of pleasure. Mostly, he remembered it as a day full of laughter, giggling at the looks Sinclair would make as he experienced these new sensations.
Of course, Sinclair had to explore every single inch of Stein before they got started. It was a tedious process, Sinclair slowly getting comfortable with every limb on Stein’s body. Stein couldn’t recall how long he had laid there, stiff as a board as Sinclair touched different parts of him. He couldn’t say it hadn’t been erotic in its own way though. Sinclair touched parts of him that Dmitri would have never considered to explore.
He could still remember the exact look on Sinclair’s face as his member began to rise while he looked over Stein’s naked body, a combination of embarrassment and confusion. He had only laughed and reassured the boy it was okay.
Even when they’d finally gotten to the lovemaking, it was hopelessly awkward. Sinclair was trembling like a scared puppy the entire time, slipping out of Stein’s entrance every few thrusts. It was full of awkward head bumps and Sinclair apologizing for every odd noise of pleasure that would leave his mouth. It ended with Sinclair finishing extremely early and stammering apologies as Stein only laughed and tried to guide the boy through a handjob to help him get off.
It was not a typical enjoyable sexual experience at all but Stein would not have given it away for anything in the world.
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