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 Song works

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Sawyer Reynolds

Sawyer Reynolds

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You and the beach - Luke Bryan

Rigby was a mess.  He could still see Bane in his rear view, even though the boy had faded away long ago.  Those eyes would haunt Rigby forever, so blue and fierce.  It was hard to believe that was supposed to be the last time he'd ever see them.  He'd taken Bane out the day before.  They had gone to the beach, and in fact there was still sand from the boys shoes in his floor board.  He could still taste that last early morning kiss, it was the most vivid even though they'd done nothing but make love that night.  He hadn't slept a wink. It was impossible to sleep when Bane was so close to him.
Rigby hadn't expected the hell he would experience when he went to drop the boy off.  Bane had kissed him one last time, just as the sun was rising in the sky.  And then the boy had gotten out of the car, telling Rigby that this would be the last time.
He was crying this time.
Rigby knew this was it.
He had played it cool, told Bane that he'd leave if it would make him happy, and he had.  But it was no use.  There was a familiar song playing on his radio, something Bane had always sang along with.
Rigby sang along, too
And for a moment, with the wind against his cheeks and Bane's song in his ears, it felt like the boy was with him.
For just a moment, Bane wasn't gone.
And truly he never would be.  The boy would follow Rigby everywhere, tucked away in the mans heart.


Take your time - Sam Hunt

Denahi had been watching the boy for a while now, intrigued by the fiery color of his hair.  But until tonight he'd never made a move on him.  His eyes were always intimidating, and The boy always seemed to have someone with him, even if he didn't come in with them.  He'd always leave on somebody's arm.  
Tonight Denahi had decided he would be that someone.
He was well known around the bar.  Even Denahi knew his name to be Britt, though that's not what Denahi called him.  
To Denahi he was the phoenix.  Made of fire and ash and mythical magics.
Tonight the werewolf found himself in need of someone with such powers.  Just for a night, he could be healed.
"Phoenix boy."  Denahi slid into the boys signature booth.  "Let Crocodile buy you a drink, eh?"
He wasn't going to complicate anything,  he merely wanted one night with the boy.  No more than that.
Just a little bit of his time.


I'm coming over - Chris Young

Sawyer knew he shouldn't be doing this, but he couldn't  help himself.  His room was too damn quiet, he missed Britt's smart ass mouth.  And despite all the excuses he might give, Sawyer knew he was  helplessly in love with the boy, that's why he was driving through town, on his way to Britt's apartment.  To hell with fighting.  He had left Britt alone after the boy had cheated on him, how fucking stupid could he be?  It would be a miracle if he got to the room and didn't have to kick some more ass.
But when he got there, Britt actually seemed to be waiting for him,  wearing one of his black cotton shirts.  The boy opened his mouth to apologize and just like that, all was forgiven.  Sawyer had been dying to touch the boy ever since finding another person had marked him.  Moving on wasn't worth it, not when Britt evoked such intense feeling in him.
They didn't make it to the bedroom.  Instead they simply locked the door and made love where they fell, and later, they made love again while listening to Ajax banging on the door.
Evidently he had forgotten his key.
And Sawyer couldn't be bothered to let Britt go.


Bebe Rexha - I can't stop drinking about you.

He'd been here for an hour now, drinking steadily.  He couldn't feel his face anymore.  But he couldn't seem to stop himself either, not until his heart was completely numb and he could no longer feel his chest constricting so violently.  
Dimitri had come to him last night, upset because Stein had told him about Sinclair and how he had moved on, how he had no place for Dimitri as his lover anymore.
The Russian had been devastated, and so Ajax had put on Led Zeppelin and they had screamed and sang, jumped on his bed, played air guitar.
And then Dimitri had fucked him.
He'd fallen asleep right after, but not Ajax.  Instead he had stayed awake, basking in the feeling of Dimitri pressed into his side.  It was what he craved most during the day, and having it had been breath taking, worth staying awake for.
And the Dimitri had started muttering in his sleep.
The only intelligible word being 'Holland'
Ajax had wanted too kick him out of the bed, but the man was sleeping so peacefully and he had been so hurt...
Instead Ajax slipped out of the bed, going to lay on the couch until it was time for him to go to work.
And now he was at this bar, drinking himself stupid while the Russian man was back at Jesse's house, trying to persuade Stein.
Ajax ordered another shot.
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Song works
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