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Strings.  Empty
PostSubject: Strings.    Strings.  EmptyFri Aug 14, 2015 10:37 pm


Ouija took several deep breaths as he sat on the edge of his father’s bed, strumming his guitar lightly.
“You’re really doing this, kid?” Chandler arched an eyebrow as he sat down beside the boy.
“Yeah… I am.” Ouija nodded firmly, sticking a hand in his pocket to assure that the small box still rested there against his thigh.
Tonight he was going to propose. It was a terrifying thought for him but he knew it was what he wanted. He couldn’t picture a life without Parker anyways, this was just solidifying it. And Rigby was out of town for the weekend, it was the perfect time. He didn’t want the boy to feel left out or jealous since Ouija was making such a show of it.
“Good luck.” Chandler smiled at his son, really quite proud of the boy for making this type of commitment. He was still a little young, but he was an adult, he was old enough. “And I’ll beat Jesse’s ass if he tries to fuck this up for you.” He assured and Ouija smirked, shaking his head.
“It’ll be fine dad, I even talked to Jesse. Well not about proposing specifically… but I got his approval to be with Park. I covered everything.” He grinned.
“Then get out there, kid.”
Ouija nodded and stood up, heading out into the living room with his father, holding his guitar at his side. He stayed standing as Chandler went to take a seat by Jordan’s side. He hovered there for a moment, finding Parker and smirking before making his way to the area in front of the boy which luckily happened to be the center of the room.
“What are you doing with a damn guitar?” Parker arched an eyebrow but Ouija merely grinned, ignoring him before speaking out to everyone.
“Hey, can you guys give me your attention for a couple minutes?” Ouija questioned as he strummed his guitar lightly, shaking off the nerves he felt from the weight of the ring in his pocket.
He was met with silence as a response and he nodded a thank you.
He tried to keep himself from chickening out as he began to strum the beginning of his song.
As Ouija began to play, Parker was watching him with wide eyes, wondering what in the hell he was on that was making him act like this.
“Met this boy when I was one year old
We were holding hands tight so I'm told
And it felt like an eternity
Said it felt like an eternity
'Cause I knew back then we were more than friends
Two sided story it all depends
And I've said it once, and I'll say it again
It'll only end up hurting me.
Years flew by, I was less than twelve
Long division, I need your help
Can you come on over and work with me?
Anytime you like I'll make it work for me
'Cause I knew back when if we get too close
When the time is right maybe I'll propose
Baby climb on up, show me the ropes.” Parker’s jaw had dropped by now along with Cameron’s beside him. Everyone was shocked, really, because of how happy Ouija looked while singing. He looked sincere as well, dancing around but all the while locking eyes with his lover. Now, Ouija reached out and pulled Parker to his feet to dance with him.
“Darling I want all the strings attached
I love it when you look at me like that.” As Parker was forced to stand in front of Ouija now, he was attempting to glare at his lover but he could not help but smile. And that was exactly the face that Ouija was singing about. He absolutely loved it.
“Let's go get lost, live without a plan
And I know you've got the world to see
But you know you mean the world to me
And I know right now you got second thoughts
Do whatever it takes, pay whatever the cost.
You know me, not the type of guy
To stick around, to do the time
But you must have me hypnotized
I'm d-d-d-down to be by your side every night.” Ouija was still grinning brightly as he sang this part, leaning in to brush his lips against his lover’s earlobe. Even Parker could not hide his smirk anymore, wondering what in the hell had gotten into his lover but enjoying it nevertheless, almost forgetting how stupid they must look.
“Darling I want all the strings attached
I love it when you look at me like that
And you're the only boy that brings me back
'Cause baby I want all the strings attached
It's like always and forever
I won't let a moment pass
And when I'm with you I feel better
I want all the strings.” Ouija allowed himself to dance around the room as he repeated the chorus, finding it was quite enjoyable to be singing in front of everyone. But even as he moved around the room, he made sure Parker knew he was singing to him, even if all the boy was doing was watching and shaking his head.
“And baby when you fall down, I fall too
And if you get lost, then I'll get lost with you
And when the waves crash down
Then baby I won't move.” By now, Parker was even letting himself enjoy the song, slightly swaying from side to side as Ouija came back towards him, singing the last chorus slightly slower, gazing into Parker’s eyes the entire time. Finally as the song came to an end, Ouija put down his guitar.
Ouija sang the last lines quietly as he slowly lowered to one knee, slipping the small black box out of his pocket and watching as Parker’s jaw fell again. He blinked rapidly, looking down at Ouija as he wondered if this was some sort of joke. “So what do you say?” Ouija smirked, panting softly from his singing and dancing. “Will you marry me?”
“I-I…” Parker was stunned but he paused to calm himself, not about to sound like a fucking idiot. “Of fucking course, was this damn necessary?”
Ouija only laughed as his arms wrapped around Parker’s waist, tugging him in close so their bodies were pressed flush against one another. He slipped the ring on his lover’s finger slowly, smirking at it for a moment before speaking.
“Of fucking course it was necessary.” He murmured softly, kissing him deeply.
Parker would never admit it, but he sort of felt like he was floating as Ouija kissed him. But he was all too aware that everyone was watching, including his parents. He pulled back slowly, nervously looking to his parents. But before he could even find them, Cameron was tackling him in a hug.
“Get the hell off of me.” Parker groaned, feeling his cheeks burn when he realized everyone’s eyes were on him.
“I’m so fucking happy for you.” Cameron grinned brightly, then moving on to hug Ouija tightly as Parker looked to Finn and Jesse.
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