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 Kiss Me

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Britt Vause


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PostSubject: Kiss Me   Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:26 am

This is stupid and has no purpose but I wanted to write something for you and I had Sinclair feels heheh i hope you like it even though the writing's shitty ><

Sinclair sat on the bean bag chair he had carried down from his room just for the gettogether. He hated sitting on the floor but he couldn’t very well take a seat on one of the couches which were always so full with other people. So he set his chair down in the corner and took a seat, merely observing everyone. Sawyer was in another corner with his tongue down Britt’s throat and Sinclair had to look away. He always shuddered to see his brother touching Britt. The boy was so… dirty. Britt had confessed before that he had five piercings, though all of them were covered by his clothes. Everything about Britt simply disgusted Sinclair, especially the way he was always all over Sawyer, even when they weren’t alone.
But the reason he truly hated Britt was that the boy had taken away his brother. And that was unforgivable. He had spent the last week staying up all night waiting to see if his brother would come home. But Sawyer never did. He spent all of his time at Britt’s apartment.
Although it certainly didn’t seem like it, Sinclair thrived off of physical contact. He was just extremely picky about who that contact was with. Sawyer was his first choice, of course. His only other options were his parents. And even he knew that he was getting too old to crawl into bed with mommy and daddy every night. So he spent his nights tossing and turning endlessly in his bed. By now, he looked as bad as Law with the deep bags under his eyes. Britt was making him miserable.
He had come down here in the hopes that maybe he’d find someone to talk to or Sawyer would notice him and come over. But after twenty minutes alone, it didn’t seem like that was the case.
Then Roman and Zach walked in the door, Piper, Jace, and Stein following them.
Stein. That was the solution to his loneliness problem. They had been spending a lot of time together in the past few months but this week Stein had been too busy working on his arch reactor to come and visit.
“Stein!” Sinclair spoke eagerly as he stood up to go and greet the boy. Stein was even allowed to occasionally touch him by now. Only holding hands and only after asking for permission, but it was a step in the right direction.
“Hi Sinclair.” Stein grinned brightly as Sinclair moved towards him. “Can I touch your hand?”
Sinclair nodded, even reaching out himself to initiate the gentle squeeze of the other boy’s hand.
“I’ve really been missing you.” Sinclair admitted softly. “Would you maybe want to come upstairs with me?”
“Like in your room?” Stein arched an eyebrow. He’d only been allowed in Sinclair’s room a few times before.
“Mhm. You could even… um, maybe lay with me if you’d like?”
“Yeah, I-I’d love that.” Stein was too shocked, overcome with excitement at the thought of actually getting to sit in bed with Sinclair. He was not delusional enough to think this would be anything intimate. But he wasn’t even wanting that, really. He just wanted to lay with Sinclair, in the most innocent sense of the word.
Five minutes later and they were indeed laying in Sinclair’s bed together, though it wasn’t exactly what Stein had imagined. Sinclair was stiff as a board, lying on his side facing Stein but with about a foot of empty space in between them.
“So did you want to… I don’t know, talk or anything?”
“I…” Sinclair sighed softly before reaching out to gently take Stein’s hand. “I asked you up here because I’ve been kind of… lonely lately. And sometimes I can’t sleep because of my insomnia but I can always call Sawyer over to lay with me and help me sleep. But he hasn’t been at home in like a week and I haven’t slept… I wanted to try to cuddle with you and see if I could take a nap but I’m really nervous.” The boy admitted, watching Stein’s face nervously, hoping the boy wouldn’t make fun of him.
“You look so tired.” Stein frowned deeply. “I thought something might be wrong but I know you have insomnia issues and I didn’t want to bring it up in case you didn’t like talking about it…” He reached out a hand, waiting for Sinclair’s nod of permission before gently touching the boy’s cheek. “I would love to cuddle you and help you sleep. I promise I’ll let you make all the moves, I won’t touch anywhere you don’t like.”
Sinclair swallowed the nervous lump in his throat before slowly moving forward, closing the gap in between them.
“Thank you…” Sinclair murmured as he eyed the other boy hesitantly, as if not sure where to start.
“I’ll just lay here and be still. You tell me what to do, how you want to hold me or me to hold you. Just let me know.” Stein smiled encouragingly, extremely happy to be having his first real physical contact with his boyfriend.
“Well… Sawyer usually hugs me around the waist but you’re smaller than me so I don’t know if that’ll work.” Sinclair hummed. “I… I’m just going to try and get comfortable and then you can move if you need to.” He rolled around for another moment before he got situated. They were lying chest to chest. Sinclair had wrapped his arms around Stein’s waist tightly and pressed his head into the crook of the boy’s neck. He normally wasn’t as in touch with his wolf side as the others, but he allowed himself to inhale deeply and let Stein’s scent calm him. “Is this okay?”
“Oh yeah, this is really okay.” Stein wore a calm smile as he wrapped his arm around Sinclair’s shoulders, cradling the boy into his chest almost like a small child. He had not been this happy in a long time. It was such a huge step for Sinclair and he was glad the boy trusted him enough to lay with him like this. “How are you feeling?”
“It’s… nice. M’tired.” Sinclair suddenly found himself unable to keep his eyes open.
“Go ahead, you could use a nap.” Stein nodded, stroking the boy’s back gently.
Sinclair needed no more permission. He had drifted off within seconds. Stein was content to watch his boyfriend sleep for hours, even when his arm went numb underneath of the boy.
At one point Law came in to check on the two, wondering where they’d gotten off to. He was completely in shock to see Sinclair so comfortable he was actually sleeping in Stein’s arms. It was like a miracle.
“Be good to him, oui.” Law spoke softly to Stein. “He must be really falling for you if he’s letting you hold him like that.”
“I wouldn’t hurt him.” Stein reassured. Sinclair made him feel things he had thought he’d never feel again since Dmitri left. Sinclair was his world now.
The boy didn’t wake up until the gettogether was almost over and many of the pack had left the home. He blinked his eyes open, pressing closer into Stein.
“Sleep well?” Stein spoke softly.
“I did… I’m sorry I slept so long.” Sinclair’s cheeks flushed lightly as he moved so he could look at Stein, though he didn’t change their position, keeping their bodies entangled together.
“Don’t be sorry.” Stein chuckled softly. “You’re cute when you sleep.” He couldn’t help but smirk slightly.
“You’re cute all the time.” Sinclair responded, though averting the other boy’s gaze. He was not used to being paid compliments. “Thank you so much though, really.”
“It’s not a problem, Sinclair. I’m just glad you got some sleep. I don’t want you getting as bad as your mom with that shit.”
“I’m fine.” Sinclair reassured, glancing back into Stein’s eyes.
They simply laid there for another few minutes and Sinclair found himself unable to look away from Stein’s face. The boy was simply so beautiful.
Sinclair was overcome with a strong urge to get more contact with the boy. And the only way he could think of was to kiss him. Maybe he could manage just a quick one…
Without thinking or hesitating for once, he shot forward, his lips landing on Stein’s ever so softly.
Stein was shocked but he didn’t dare pull away. He’d been wanting this for quite some time now. He didn’t respond either, not wanting to scare Sinclair off. Sinclair seemed to not know what to do now, just letting his lips rest against Stein’s.

This moment just happened to be when Britt had gone off with Ajax and Sawyer decided to come and find his brother. He had been shocked when he smelled Stein in his brother’s room, but nothing could have prepared him for opening the door to find the two kissing.
“Holy thit. Did I interrupt you two?” He spoke with wide eyes as he opened the door.
Sinclair pulled back quickly, his cheeks a deep shade of red.
“I-I just…. We weren’t…” He couldn’t seem to find words. Stein didn’t seem eager to talk either, merely grinning brightly.
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Kiss Me
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