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 I love you this much!

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Sawyer Reynolds

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I love you this much! Empty
PostSubject: I love you this much!   I love you this much! EmptyThu Aug 20, 2015 2:56 pm

"Breccan." Rigby cooed softly down at the small child in his lap. The pack was having a get together so of course he had shown up several hours early for a daddy day with his son. Breccan was four years old now, the light of his fathers life. Rigby felt his heart soar everytime the child smiled at him. And when Breccan would cry? Rigby could hardly stand himself. It made him nauseous to hear his baby upset.
"Do you know that daddy loves you?" The southern man had his arms wrapped around the boys waist to keep him steady.
"Yeah. Daddy tells me all the time." Breccan giggled softly, knowing their routine well.
"Does 'e now?" Rigby crooned, one of his hands gently caressing the boys cheek. "Well do you love your daddy?"
"Oh yeah! I love my daddy bunches!" The boy nodded enthusiastically, his tiny hands moving to gently clasp around Rigby's. They did this every time they saw each other now. Breccan couldn't remember a time without it.
"How much?" The blonde man prodded on, his fingers gently moving across Breccan's ribs until the boy was bubbling with giggles. A wide grin broke over his face as his baby laughed, both of the boys arms shooting out as far as they could go. "This much daddy!" Breccan struggled to catch his breath, his cheeks pink with happiness. He loved when Rigby would tickle him. "I love you this much!"
"Oh yeah, is thah righ'?" Rigby paused to make sure Breccan had time to calm down and breath before opening his arm up too, as widely as he could manage. "Because ah love you this much."
"That much?" Breccan blinked at the man in wonder. His daddy always seemed to be so big and strong. He wanted to be like that one day, just like his daddy. "Wow, that's a lot!"
"It is a lot. I love you more than anything." Rigby winked at the boy, leaning down slightly so he was closer to Breccan's eye level. "An' look, both of our arms are open. You know what that means." The boy was only able to let out a delighted squeal before Rigby was scooping him up, enveloping Breccan completely in the safe haven of his arms. "We have to hug now, it's a given."
"You always say that daddy!" Breccan accused between bouts of giggling. "But you never say how come its 'a given'." The boy reached up, his hands gently pressing into either of Rigby's cheeks as he awaited a response. His daddy had an answer for everything.
"Well," Rigby pressed a tender kiss to Breccan's forehead. "Its a given because were already in position. And ah dont know about you, but ah'm not giving up any chances I have to get me some Breccan sugar." As he spoke, Rigby pulled the boys shirt up, gently pushing him back so that he could press his lips into the boys belly. From there he began to blow, Breccan's laughter warming his heart as he continued to give the boy raspberries.
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I love you this much!
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