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PostSubject: Rocinante    Rocinante  EmptyFri Aug 28, 2015 12:35 am

He likes to wear old band t-shirts, mainly things he has managed to dig out of Chandler's closet.  

His hands are always warm.
Ever since he's been able to remember, his mother always took special care to make sure that he wasn't bothering his father.  Sometimes Jace would even play games with him to keep him quiet, such as 'don't break the sugar bowl'.  Through all of this, Rocinante learned that he was supposed to stay out of peoples way.  Now he doesn't speak very often when it comes to most people.  When he's comfortable though, he is able to let loose and his goofy, obnoxious self.  

He is always trying to help people, even though most of the time he only winds up making the situations worse.

Rocinante cannot be burned by fire, but it scorches him to the core to  see tears on his mothers face.  

He loves to hear Breccan call him Rosie.  Its make's his chest flood with warmth.  Because of this, most of the time now he doesn't even introduce himself as 'Rocinante.'  Instead he tells people to simply call him Rosie. He feels closer to that name.  It identifies more.  Plus, Breccan gifted him with it, and because of that Rocinante feels its precious.

Whenever he catches Breccan sleeping, he likes to connect the boys freckles into constellations.

He's perpetually clumsy.  He trips over his own two feet, and occasionally he gets so excited that he chokes on air.

He's a major momma's boy.  For most of his childhood he was Jace's constant shadow, and even as a teenager he can normally be found somewhere close to his mother.  He doesn't like to let Jace get out of his sight.

He resents Piper.  Not because the man hadn't wanted him, but because Rocinante cant begin to count how many tears he had witnessed his mother shedding because of the man.  To him, making Jace cry is unforgivable.

He loves to wear beanies, even if it isn't cold out.

He is missing his right canine tooth.  It was knocked out in a fight when he was smaller, and now whenever he's nervous he runs his tongue over the spot of his missing tooth.

He's very tall and lanky, much like Piper.  This only contributes to his constant clumsiness being it makes it harder for him to balance himself.

Sometimes, when he gets particularly upset or panicked, he likes to count Breccan's freckles to calm himself.

He knows whenever Jace is hurting.  He is extremely close with his mother, and anytime he detects such as a hint of sadness, he is instantly at Jace's side.  He particularly likes to hold Jace's hands and warm them.  It always puts such a bright smile on his mothers face.

The worst thing someone could do to him was ignore him.  Rocinante can handle harsh words and physical disputes, but he absolutely hates being ignored and looked over.
When he was around eight,  he had accidentally tripped and busted something that meant a lot to his father.  Because of this Piper and Jace were busy 'talking', with the rest of his family standing by to watch.  Rocinante, feeling as though it were all his fault, went down to Zach's work room in an attempt to hide because of his guilt.  It was there that he found a large vile of bubbling orange liquid, something Trever had been working on with Zach.  Out of simple curiosity, and not having anyone around to tell him any better, Rocinante drank the liquid.  It resulted in his body going through a strange transformation.  He gained the ability to conjure and move fire with his body.

He likes to name Breccan's freckles, just to hear him complain and see the boys tender smile when he demands Rocinante to knock it off.  His favorite is named Frank.  Frank the freckle. It never fails to get a rise out of Breccan.

Unlike other kids, he has never felt ashamed of his relationship with his mother.  He still likes to crawl into bed with Jace whenever he feel's he needs momma time, and he's never afraid of anyone knowing about it.  

He has his mothers hand print tattooed across his back, the mans name centered just over where his heart would be through his chest.

Rocinante loves to serenade Breccan with old, ridiculously cliche songs.  On nights when he cant sleep or he feels down, he'll perch himself outside of Breccan's window and play music from his phone.  From there he sings, usually obnoxious and loud to get the boys attention.  But then sometimes, if Breccan comes to the window and he's wearing one of his really soft smiles where the light is even reaching his eyes, Rocinante will sing sweeter and softer.

He has a habit of whistling whenever he's in a good mood.  And if its happy because of Breccan, he usually whistles one of their songs.

He has liked Sinclair ever since he can remember.  If he's over at Jesse's house and he knows that Sinclair's awake because he cant sleep, Rocinante always insists he do things to help.  He reads books,  and makes the boy warm milk.  A few times he's even bounced around Sinclair's room declaring that he was a sheep and that he must he accounted for. It usually doesn't do anything to put Sinclair to sleep, but it gets him laughing, and he's not so lonely anymore.  Sometimes, if he's particularly lucky, He will manage to get Sinclair tired.  At first he just sat beside Sinclair until he was asleep, but eventually he somehow weaseled his way into the boys bed. They snuggle now.  Rocinante is proud.

He smokes cigarettes only because after he got his fire powers, he was always trying to find excuses to use them. Lighting a cigarette was good enough for him. Plus, in his expert opinion, it looks bad ass.

He's terribly allergic to strawberries, but he was always curious about what they taste like.  On his fifteenth birthday, he had to be taken to Law because he consumed an entire carton of strawberries.  Even while Law was giving him shots and threatening to pump his stomach, Rocinante was telling Breccan about how delicious they had been, and how it had all been worth it.  His lips were still coated in the sticky red juice when he kissed his friends cheek, just before promptly vomiting strawberries into his lap.
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