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 McKenzie Bennett

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PostSubject: McKenzie Bennett   McKenzie Bennett EmptySun Aug 30, 2015 12:52 am

The boy with the platinum blonde hair would jog by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at 8 o’clock. Rigby knew this because he’d taken to people watching. Not many people walked the road in front of his home so it wasn’t hard to keep track of everyone. And when someone did it for weeks, especially a cute boy with bright white hair, it was easy to remember.
Rigby knew he shouldn’t be taking an interest in anyone. He was done with love. He only had room in his heart for his baby. But he could still admire this stranger every week, couldn’t he?
It was Wednesday night, 7:30, and Rigby had perched himself by the front window, trying to convince himself this was not creepy, not at all. He just wanted to see the boy. It’d been weeks now he’d been admiring the boy. It gave him something to look forward to on weeks when Breccan wasn’t there. He sat there for nearly an hour. And then he began to get worried. It was 8:30 and still no boy. Sure, maybe he was just running late. Maybe something had come up and he couldn’t take his jog tonight. But something didn’t feel right. What if something had happened to him? Rigby was worried even though he’d never met this boy.
He stayed at the window, not sure what he’d do if the boy never came. Where would he go to look for him? He had no clue where he came from.
Luckily, he didn’t have to deal with this for much longer. At 9 o’clock, the white haired boy came barreling down the road. He was not taking his usual leisurely jog. He was running, running away from something. And instead of continuing down the road until he turned into a small dot in the distance, tonight the boy was coming right up to Rigby’s porch.
Rigby had barely registered what was happening until he heard the knock at the front door. It was real. He forced himself up and over to the door, taking a breath before opening it.
“Howdy, what can ah do for ya?”
“Hey!” The boy was panting heavily, looking behind him as if worried someone was catching up. Rigby had been able to tell he was cute from far away, but up close the boy was flawless. Although his sharp cheekbones were far too similar to Bane’s for his liking. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed me before, I jog a lot around here. But the past few nights I’ve noticed this creepy dude watching me from a parked car on the side of the road and then tonight I saw the same dude but he wasn’t in the car, he was taking a jog. And he’s been fucking following me for like a mile now and you know how they say if you think you’re being followed to take four rights because you just made a circle and that definitely means they’re following you? Yeah well I did that and he is and I stopped at a payphone to call my damn friend but he didn’t answer and so I decided to just jog faster so he couldn’t catch up and I think he’s a while back but the point is I’m really damn scared and I decided to knock on your door since like I’m pretty sure you’re normal since like serial killers don’t live on farms, you know? Nice Southern gentlemen live on farms so I figured this was a safe bet and can I come in before that guy like catches me and chops me up into pieces or some shit?”
Rigby could only blink at the boy for a moment. He had just spoken very quickly, still panting rapidly as he did so. It had been hard to keep up but Rigby had gotten the gist of it.
“Come on in.” He nodded, stepping back to allow the boy to stumble inside before closing the door behind them.
“Thank you so much, really.” The boy was practically bouncing his weight back and forth from foot to foot, glancing around the home nervously. When his eyes finally fell on Rigby, he stumbled lightly. It was like he had not really seen the man before. Only now was he really taking the man in. And he was gorgeous. “Whoa. I kind of expected you to be like a little old man who lives on a farm by himself, not a lumberjack looking motherfucker.” He slapped a hand over his mouth after the word’s left it. He had a habit of blurting out the first thing on his mind, no matter what it was. “That’s a compliment, just so you know. You’re like… you look like Thor or some shit.”
Rigby couldn’t help but smirk, unsure of how to handle this boy.
“Thank ya… I think?”
The boy only nodded in response, glancing around the room nervously. They stood in silence for a moment before Rigby spoke again.
“So what’s your name?”
The boy looked shocked at the question, looking as if he had to think about his answer before he spoke.
“McKenzie Anderson Bennett. Kenzie for short though. Ken for like really short. But I like Kenzie.”
Rigby was looking at the boy quite strangely. He was certainly interesting. Did he ever stop moving?

Reading this over it sounds stupid >< But my idea is like maybe he stays with Rigby for the night or something and Rigby likes him but then he leaves and he thinks he's never going to see him again. And then maybe he turns out to be a new fighter in the circuit Rigby and Park fight in and I don't really have much. ><
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McKenzie Bennett
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