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PostSubject: Fire.    Fire.  EmptySun Aug 30, 2015 5:43 am

“He didn’t mean to break it!” Jace snapped at his lover, fangs bared in his anger. He normally gave in when it came to Piper. But this time was different.
Rocinante had broken Piper’s most prized possession. The man was insisting that their child needed a spanking. Jace disagreed. It had been an accident after all. They’d been fighting all morning over the issue and although they’d agreed to save the fight for later since they were supposed to visit Jace’s parents today, the fight had broken out anyways in the living room.
Roman stood watching, but for once he was not trying to separate it. He was really loving watching Jace stand up for what he wanted. Hell, maybe the boy would finally grow some balls and leave Piper’s sorry ass.
“Don’t you show your damn teeth at me, shawty. We both know you’re all talk.” Piper sighed, exasperated with the whole thing. “I thought parenting was pretty clear. The kids fuck up, they get punished. Am I missing something?”
“Oh so now you decide you want to take part in the parenting?” Jace scoffed, folding his arms across his chest. “And fuck off, my teeth are out cause I’m fucking pissed. Because you’re being a prick. He’s clumsy. He tripped and broke it. He didn’t mean to so he doesn’t need punished.”
The fight continued like this for a while. Stein had Rocinante in the other room, playing with toys. Trever and Zach had been in Zach’s workroom downstairs. But when the yelling got louder, they made their way up, not realizing they left the door to the work room open behind them.
“I’m so sick of you, Jesus fucking Christ!” Jace groaned as he forced himself to step away from the situation before he ended up strangling his lover. “This is the stupidest fucking argument we’ve ever had!” It was the loudest Jace had screamed so far and it startled Stein enough to dart into the other room once he’d made sure Rocinante was content.
Rocinante though, followed. He peeked through the door into the next room. He saw the anger on his mother’s face. He hated when the wolf teeth came out, they meant his mother was mad at him or hurting. Neither was good.
Maybe he should hide. Jace looked really angry.
He darted out of this room, looking for a good hiding spot. He came across the door to the stairway that led to Zach’s workroom. It was always closed. Something had to be hiding in there. He quickly ran down the stairs, leaving the door open behind him.
He was fascinated by the room he found at the bottom. Luckily, there were no experiments to traumatize him, only vials of colorful liquid around the room. They were all so pretty and tempting but most of them were too high up for him to reach. However, there was one that Trever had forgotten to put away. It was left sitting on a counter just low enough for Rocinante to reach if he stood on his tiptoes.
He eagerly grabbed the vial of orange liquid, taking out the cork and grinning in awe as it began to bubble in his hand. He started at it curiously for a few minutes before bringing it to his mouth, swallowing the tiny vial in one gulp.
This was just the first batch of a solution Trever and Zach had made, hoping to try it out on a bitch first. After having success on Dmitri, the two were unstoppable, wondering what other super humans they could create. This solution was more dangerous though, and even a drop could have been deadly if it went wrong.
It took effect immediately and Rocinante let out a soft whine as the glass vial clattered to the floor and shattered. He did not feel so well.
Jace’s senses were heightened in his wolf form. He could hear the tiny glass bottle shattering even from up here. And he heard his son’s tiny whimper.
“Roci!” Jace snapped out of his anger immediately, darting down the stairs as quickly as he could towards his mother’s workroom. He remembered all too well the horror that had come out of his mother’s room when he was young, traumatizing him. He did not want that for his baby. He was in the room in no time, scooping Rocinante into his arms and eyeing the boy worriedly. “What did you do baby? What’s wrong?” He glanced down at the floor, seeing the shattered bottle. “Did you drink something?”
Rocinante nodded hesitantly, still unsure of what it was that he was feeling. He was kind of hot.
Everyone finally arrived in the doorway now, eyeing the two boys.
“Is he okay?” Roman was the first to ask.
Jace didn’t answer, trying to figure out the answer to this question on his own. Suddenly, a burning sensation spread throughout his palm where he was gripping Rocinante. He hissed, immediately sitting the boy down on the work table, blinking several times in confusion.
“What the hell did he drink, Trever!” Jace turned around to bark at the man, fangs bared once more. “He’s burning me!”
Trever simply walked past the boy, kneeling in front of Rocinante.
“Do you know what color it was?” He spoke gently.
“Orange.” Rocinante nodded firmly. “It was bubbly and pretty.” He hummed.
Trever stood up, turning back to Jace.
“He should be fine. It shouldn’t hurt him there just might be some… side effects.”
“What kind of fucking side effects?” Jace snapped, looking nervously back at his baby.
“It was a serum to turn someone into a super human. Like Dmitri.”
“What the hell does it do?”
“We can’t be sure until it takes effect. Something with fire.”
“Trever, if I can never hold my baby again because of you, you’re a dead man.” Jace was trembling just at the thought, glancing back to his son. He kneeled in front of the boy. “Are you feeling okay, baby?”
“I feel okay.” Rocinante reassured. “Just a little funny.” He admitted. “Am I still hot?” He questioned, reaching out to place his hand against Jace’s cheek.
Jace grimaced lightly but did not pull away from his son’s hand.
“You are pretty hot. But I want to hold you anyways.” He smiled gently at the boy. “Call Law.” He spoke as he glanced back to his father. “I want a real doctor in here.”
Ten minutes later and Law was over at the house, examining Rocinante who laid obediently on the work table.
“Why don’t you go relax while I take a look at him, oui?” He arched an eyebrow at Jace. “You need to calm down.”
Jace merely frowned in response, but he did step out of the room. He really did plan on trying to calm down, but the second Trever tried to follow him, he caught the man by the throat, slamming him against the nearest wall.
“Jace!” Zach exclaimed but he was ignored.
“I’m going to fucking rip your throat out if my baby is anything less than perfectly fine!” Jace snarled, his eyes flickering golden. He was staring at Trever’s throat with a rather hungry look in his eyes. He hadn’t hunted in months, too busy raising Rocinante.
“Roman, get him!” Zach nudged his lover.
“But I’m kind of enjoying this.” Roman chuckled. He wouldn’t mind watching Trever get his ass beat for once. But after a moment of Zach glaring, he caved. “Oh fine, ruin all my fine.” He reached out then, knowing Jace was seriously about to lose himself when the boy snapped his jaws at him as well.
That was when Piper stepped in, taking his tiny lover by the waist.
“Jace Daniel, you need to relax shawty. Roci’s going to be just fine, you know that. Breathe baby.” Piper put their earlier fight aside, knowing he was Jace’s anchor.
And sure enough, Jace slowly calmed himself. He let himself rest in Piper’s arms for a moment before glancing up at his father apologetically.
“Daddy, I need to go hunting with you sometime soon.” He informed. His wolf was becoming restless. He’d really been ready to murder Trever just then.
Then again, he would murder anyone when it came to his baby. No one hurt his Rocinante.
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