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"Howdy Jace, you're very beautiful today."  

He was doing it.
Rigby was sweet talking his shawty.
Piper's knuckles clenched so tightly that he was certain his nails were cutting into his palms.  He couldn't find it in himself to care though.  If he didn't find something to distract himself he was going to snap and break Rigby's jaw.
The man was already known as the home wrecker of the pack now.  He'd fucked up Danny and Banes relationship nearly completely, and then he was certain that Sawyer had a problem with him after some incident between him and Britt.
And now Jace.
No. Fucking hell no.  There would be no new addition to that list.  Piper wasn't about to let shit go down that way.
Ever since Rocinante had been an infant, Jace had been carrying the boy over to spend time with Rigby and Breccan.  And that had infuriated Piper but he'd swallowed it down, figuring that since he was still trying to figure out how to handle a baby  and he'd already caused his little mate so much pain, he'd let it slide.
But then it continued and became a normal occurrence.  Sometimes Jace even came over just to see Rigby and Breccan for a play date.
Piper at first hadn't known what to do with himself. He had been sure that Jace would never cheat on him but with each passing day he grew more and more wary of his lovers like for Rigby. He liked the southern man because Rigby was good with kids, and he was charming.
Piper had changed ever since his first melt down about Jace's being pregnant. Now It wasn't that he still didn't want their baby.  He was actually growing to really love their kid, the boy he and Jace had made together.  But he had been afraid to hold it much, not knowing what to do with his hands and very much afraid that he would be too rough and hurt it.  And hearing the kid cry, Piper couldn't stand it.  Not because it annoyed him, but because the sound of the child upset made his heart ache. He was still  learning how...
Or trying.
Jace was always so busy with Rigby now, he hardly had time to try and teach Piper how to parent.  Maybe it was because the southern man always knew what to do with Breccan.  The child never cried when it was with him, and Rigby always seemed to be playing with it or singing to it, throwing it gently into the air and catching or steadily bouncing it on his knee.  He was like super dad, and at first Piper had really envied him.  
But now that feeling had soured and scorched until all Piper felt when looking at the man was hatred.
Rigby had began flirting with Jace.  At first it was little things, just soft smiles and hugs that lasted just a little too long.  But then it became subtle touches and offers of play dates.  He started treating Rocinante like Roci was his own. Kept talking to Jace about the family he'd always dreamed of.
He was working himself up for an ass whipping.
Piper was trying to control himself though.  He had already caused Jace so much stress, he couldn't imagine seeing the boy upset anymore because of him.  So he had stayed back with Britt and Sawyer, ignoring the two as they ate each others faces and instead focusing solely on not allowing himself to go over and give Rigby a piece of his mind.
But then Rocinante suffered a fall, his small cry ringing throughout the room.  Jace had jumped up immediately, but he was stopped by Rigby's hand on his shoulder. "Ah've got him Jace, don't you worry."  The southern man had just been reaching down to scoop Rocinante up when Piper swept the boy away instead.
"Actually homie, you know what?"  Piper cradled Rocinante to his chest, instantly soothing the pup  with his touch. "You ain't got shit.  Don't touch my fuckin' kid anymore."  The tall blonde handed Rocinante over to Jace, not wanting to scare the boy as he snapped. "And let me just get this shit right with you now, manwhore.  If I ever see you lay another damned hand on my Jace Daniel, i'll fucking knock your teeth down your throat. Do you feel me bitch?" Piper took a threatening step forward.  "Because if not, you're mothering fucking going to the very next time I hear you sweet talkin' my shawty."
Piper turned away after that, knowing it would only devastate Jace if he were to start a fight there in front of the babies.  So instead the man simply wound his arm tight and possessive around Jace's waist as he lead them to the door.  He could hear Jace rambling on, probably scolding him for making a scene and potentially ruining his friendship with Rigby.
His 'friendship'
"Put Rocinante down, Jace."  Piper turned to the boy as the got to the car. "Buckle him in and come here shawty." The man stayed to the back of the vehicle, only waiting on Jace to secure their child in before he had his hands on the boys waist, pushing him back against the car door.  He pressed their lips together in a flurry of passion, his mouth skilled on a level that kept everything smooth and sensual but still strikingly possessive. He wouldn't allow Jace to pull away from him, only offering the boy short lip brushes in between kisses so that he could breathe.
"Jace Daniel,"  Piper began finally with their foreheads still resting together, tenderly caressing the werewolf's cheek with the back of his knuckle. "You gotta forgive your Pipe-man when shit like that happens.  He was getting too touchy with you, and we both know what he's known for. And im tired of his ass trying to steal my little family away from me."
"You're little family?"  Jace was still mesmerized by their kiss, but the mans words still managed to hit home.  He could very vividly remember a time when Piper cowered at the mention of starting a family.
"Yes my little family Jace! You're mine! My shawty, my Jace Daniel, my ride or die. You are my fucking always and forever. My future depends on every kiss! And Rocinante? I love the hell out of him! I mean, its hard because I dont know how to be a daddy.  But I do love him, Jace.  How could I not yo? He's ours.  He looks so much like you but his hair is all blonde and he's so tall already.  Our little boy.  You guys are my entire fucking world, Jace. So you really can't even be mad at me for protecting my life. "  Piper went in for another kiss, this one softer and sweeter. "If he ever touched you boo....I wouldn't be as nice as Danny was about it.  And unlike Sawyer I wouldn't let it go. I'd go find that mother fucker and he'd pay. You're mine. Now and fucking forever, shawty."
And Piper kissed him again, his hands curling around Jace's pert ass cheeks while Rocinante cooed gently from the car seat. These two people, they were all he needed in the world. His son's bubbly laughter and his shawty, tiny and doe eyed and completely perfect in every aspect of the word. Piper woke up early every morning now just because that's when Jace was up to start yoga. Sometime's he'd interrupt, sometimes he'd just watch and admire. He spent some afternoons at work, and then others with Jace in his lap while the boy played with their baby. His nights were the best. That's when he got to lay Rocinante down for a nap and get in his cuddle time with Jace, where he could openly admire the boys body and even consider the possibility of making another child.
It was possible now. Jace had proved to him that miracles happen and anything, anything is possible.
Even him being a father.
So he would protect Jace's love for him. He work to be better every day to earn the boys affections, and he'd fucking throw hands with anyone who dared look twice at his tiny brown eyed boy.
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