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Whoah whoah whoah yeah 

It had been four weeks since he'd last seen Breccan.
The boy had come to the house a few times asking for him but Rocinante had made sure that Jace and Piper sent him away.  Ever since the night Denahi had sent him that text, the night he had burst in to find them just as they had been pictured, naked and tangled up.  He'd fought for the first time that night, and he'd lost everything.  He'd told Breccan their friendship was over.
He'd had his tooth knocked out.
And he'd swore to never speak to his best friend, his patty cakes ever again.
Tonight would be his first night having company over since his meltdown.  It was Dimitri of course.  Even after he had refused to actually have sex with the Russian that night, Dimitri hadn't abandoned him.  In fact the Russian had understood his wanting Breccan, and he had understood that night when Rocinante called him wailing bloody murder over the fight he'd just had. 
Tonight, was going to end his everything with Breccan. He was going to erase the boy from his heart and let Dimitri take him completely. 
Like he should have done the first time.
Dimitri was sitting on his bed with his back rested against the backboard.  Rocinante was in the Russian's lap, reminding him of why he had taken up time with the boy in the first place.
It was some combination of the boys smile, how it was a flash of gaped tooth goofiness and exuberant bubbliness, and the charisma that was something he had never experienced with anyone else. Rocinante was something new and foreign and rare. 
But it was the heat the keeping him there now.  Rocinante was fire in every sense of the word.  His attitude and his fight, the way he looked at life and wanted to try everything.  A fire was all consuming. And so was this boy in his lap, his hands hot, hot, hot, everywhere they touched. 
The boy had music wafting in the background, some new sound  that he himself had never listened to, unlike the rock Ajax and Rocinante often listened to, but he was sure he'd heard Piper playing at some time or another. 
But Rocinante seemed to know the song well, the words falling from his lips as his hands burned and burned
"Take off those heels, lay on my bed, Whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair." His fingers were tangling in the Russian's salt and pepper blonde, adoring the way the curls felt in his palm as his other hand began to gently play at the hem of the mans shirt.  His fingertips were warm and burning against every inch of skin he came into contact with." Poison in our veins, but we don't even care, candles dripping on your body, baby this ain't truth or dare!" The young wolf was raking his claws down the back of Dimitri's head to his neck, his fingers curling there as he thought of how thankful he was for the stark contrasts between the Russian and his bestfriend.
Ex-bestfriend, he reminded himself
Breccan''s hair had always been cropped short, never long enough to curl like the Russian's.  The thoughts made his chest constrict painfully, a fire igniting in his stomach such as he had felt when walking on on his patty cakes all tangled and comfortable with Denahi.
They had promised no one would ever come between them.
Rocinante drove in for a kiss, desperate to forget all about Breccan.  He never wanted to think of the boy again.
"Everybody wonders where we've run off to, my body on your body, baby sticking like some glue!"  He tasted of fire and ash and heartbreak, his lips scorching as they tangled with Dimitri's.  He was going to replace Breccan completely. Where his jaw had been strong and soft, Dimitri's was slightly curving and rough with stubble.  Rocinante found himself running his thumb over the Russian's bottom lip, devastated when there was no freckle to be found.
But Rocinante remembered the picture, 
and his hands once more found Dimitri's chest, claws beginning at his shoulders and slowly scrapping down. "Naughty, let's get naughty, girl it's only one or two, the fever's fucking running, feel the heat between us two!" Rocinante had chosen this song because it was something he had never listened to with Breccan.  He had been wanting to show it to him, maybe sing it for him, but at the time they werent on speaking terms.  Breccan had called him a slut and pathetically he'd still been wanting to share things with him.
But not anymore.
This was his and Dimitri's now.
As the chorus came on for the first time, Rocinante looked down to find that his shirt was beginning to char, his stomach burning with a flame that he was unable to control.  The young werewolf easily threw away the remains of his singed cotton shirt, going next for his jeans and underwear before settling his sights on Dimitri.
"You gotta be naked too, Angel."  A gap toothed smile, but this time it wasn't just the tiny gap between his front teeth.  His right fang had been knocked out, and now he was left as the packs joke. Rosie the one fanged wolf.
How hilarious.
The boy leaned forward, his tongue leaving a sizzling trail along the hollow column of Dimitri's throat, his one fang scraping along the scorching flesh and causing the Russian to hiss and throw his head back in a haze of dizzy pleasure.  It easier to remove his shirt then, the boys claws finding their way to Dimitri's chest as soon as the mans skin had been revealed.  "Oh, oh, oh, and we can go slow, slow, yeah we can go slow, oh, oh, oh!"  Rocinante hummed along to the song, his tongue making leisure circles down the Russian's collar bone.  He was moving as if nothing else mattered, like they had all the time in the world to simply lay there and burn together.  "Lay on your back, you like it right there, don't have to say it twice, love, there's nothing here to fear!"  His hips were rolling languidly, teasing and so fucking warm, Dimitri felt the need coiling inside of him  but he wasnt sure what to do with it.  He'd never felt so overwhelmed by another person.  Usually he was always in control, but Rocinante made his head spin and he was so dizzy, all he could do was gasp as he felt the werewolf's hand shoving his jeans down just enough for his clawed fingers to wrap scorchingly hot around his member. He couldn't make out what the boy was singing anymore, his breath completely lost as Rocinante seared him. "Taking it back, back to where it's clear. Rolling on and on, sounds of love are in the air!"
The chorus came again, but neither of them paid much attention to it this time.  Rocinante was  setting fire to Dimitri's collarbone, and the Russian's hands were now digging into the firm flesh of his ass.  The Russian was ready, not wanting to beg but so obviously needing his release.  Rocinante wanted him to have it.  The young werewolf couldn't help but croon to think that he had this much effect on the man.  He liked the feeling of Dimitri on him, and against him.
He wondered what the man would feel like inside of him.  It was something he'd only ever pictured doing with Breccan.   
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah."  Rocinante whistled through the gap Denahi had left him with, finding that now it only made his stomach ache. He couldn't have that right now, so instead the young wolf took to humming, his hands bracing against the Russian's shoulders as Dimitri prepared to take him. The pain was sudden and explosive, causing a flame to arise on the werewolf's shoulders.  It never burned Dimitri through, Rocinante never allowed himself to lose control so much that he would actually burn his Russian angel. The warmth spread through him quickly as Dimitri adjusted, and then there was fire because they were moving, fast and frantic and the headboard behind them was creaking with the force of it all. "The sun's coming up, oh!"  Rocinante could only gasp as Dimitri moved inside of him, the Russian's hands on his hips, helping the friction as they moved against each other. "You're on my side, oh!"  The werewolf crooned as Dimitri flipped him around.  They were still sitting up, and he was bouncing on the mans lap but now his erection was rubbing against the Russian's belly, slick and searing.  Dimitri moved a hand up to meet him, moving with urgency, so fast with the mans speed that Rocinante couldn't see his hand moving but fucking shit, he could feel it. 
"I rub your thigh, oh"
Dimitri knew what he must have looked like then, bucking up into Rocinante so desperately, craving even more fiction and heat.  He could only cry out as Rocinante gave it to him, a fire  burning between his legs that scorched him to the point of pleasure. He was sweating and breathless, his entire body flushed and aching.  He couldnt stop though, he'd never felt so alive as he did now, not even with Stein. His lips were pursed closed tightly in an attempt to keep himself from panting, but in the end that didnt work so instead he bit down at the hollow of Rocinante's shoulder, his insides warming at the werewolf howled out. 
"You look in my eyes, oh"
"And I just see the sky (see the sky)"
A warm let tongue was in Dimitri's ear, breathlessly singing still even as they were seconds away from completion . Rocinante was a wonder like that. Dimitri felt as though he were about to explode,his arousal searing inside the hottest part of the werewolf. 
"I'm so high but I ain't smoked yet,"
"I'm just coming down from this!"
There was a hand gripping the Russian's hip, just like the first time they had fooled around, but this time it was his other side.  Even though there appeared to be no flames to be seen, Dimitri could feel them licking at his flesh.  His lips parted as he came, his back arching off the headboard and a sound he'd never admit to making being ripped out of his throat as Rocinante's hand branded his skin for a second time 
The chorus came again as they lay together, their bodies exhausted and completely spent, pouring with sweat.. 
"I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride, I'm, I'm gon' ride on you baby, On you lady, all night, all, all night!"
Rocinante managed a wide smile, picking his head up just enough to look Dimitri in his eyes as he sang. "I'm gon' take care of your body, I'll be gentle, don't you scream. It's getting hotter, make it softer, feel your chest on top of me." The werewolf rolled onto Dimitri's chest, settling there with a burning kiss to the Russian's lips. 
Breccan was nothing more than the ashes of his innocence.
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