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PostSubject: Gon Get It   Gon Get It EmptySun Sep 06, 2015 11:27 pm

Piper was alone still.  He had been alone for a week now, wondering where his life had taken its turn for the worst.  He had nothing better to do now, with his little werewolf lover living with his parents.  The man had the entire bed to himself and yet he only laid on his side, listlessly staring over to the spot where his mate had once been.  The pillows still smelled of Jace, but his side was still so cold when Piper reached out to rest his hand there.  It was enough to nearly choke the man.  He had to turn his back on the spot completely, flipping so that he was staring at the wall instead.  There wasn't much in his bedroom, just his bed and a few dressers.  The dressers.  One of those caught Piper's eyes, finally reminding him of exactly how he had come to be alone.  Why though?  That night....It had been one of the best nights of this life.
They had been so in love...They had made a baby that night.
And now here he was, acting like a fucking coward and rejecting the little family he had helped create.  It killed the man to think of Jace now, alone and probably hurt.  He knew his little lover hated sleeping alone.
He did too.
After having such warmth at night, being able to pull Jace into his chest whenever he reached for the boy...He was spoiled.  Sleeping alone in his bed would never be the same.
He found himself wanting so desperately to go back to that night. Piper picked up his phone scrolling through his music, his finger hovering over one song in particular.  He knew it would kill him to listen to it now, alone without his shawty.  But he needed it.  He needed to feel like Jace was close to him in some way.
This had been one of their most favorite songs.
As he pressed play, and the beginning notes hit him, the man was taken back to two months earlier.
An unforgettable night, with his Jace Daniel.
"Piper!"  The boy was giggling, his arms wound tightly around his mates neck as Piper carried him back into their bedroom.  The man had just come home from work to find Jace in the middle of his yoga session.  He hadn't even said anything, just watched for a few moments while Jace was in a very intimate, back arching position.  And then as soon as the boy settled back to his normal pose, Piper was sweeping him up.  The tall man carefully let Jace fall back onto the bed, immediately crawling over the boy and pinning his wrists down above his head.
"You know how it is baby, Pipe-man just can't help himself sometimes.  Especially not when I know you're showing off for me, wiggling that ass in there and tempting me like that, shawty you knew I was coming for you." Piper's breath was in the boys ear, his tongue teasingly tracing its outer shell.  The man pulled back only for a moment to reach for his phone, pressing play on his JaceTime playlist and grinning as their song came on. "I can't help it, I wanna touch.  Your body too fine girl I wanna fuck. "  Piper sang along, placing his phone on top of the nightstand and diving back in for a kiss.  His fingers were still curled around Jace's wrist, holding the boys hands bound against the headboard. His other was teasingly trailing down the werewolf's side, grasping the boys hip almost roughly as he ground Jace up against him. "And if it's too honest, I change it up.  And if I make you mad, I'ma make it up." 
Piper sat himself up, his legs on either side of Jace's waist.  He loved watching his little brown eyed boy wriggling beneath him, his eyes glazed and blown with lust.  It was a thrill to see just how much Jace wanted him.  His hand flattened against the boys stomach, slowly trailing up until he was able to gently take one of Jace's bright pink nubs between his fingers. "So lay your body down girl,"  He leaned closer, his hips rolling downwards as Jace pressed up, needing the frictions just as badly.  "Please do not make a sound girl, yeah." His teeth scraped down the length of the boys collar bone, lips stopping at the hollow place just a above it.  Piper latched onto the spot, knowing that if he just ran his tongue along the right spot...
"Ah! P-Piper!"  He could feel Jace arching into him, promising that he had been dead on with the way he rolled his tongue.  The boy could never keep quiet, and it drove Piper crazy.  He had that power over Jace. It was enough to have his groin giving a nearly painful throb. " The neighbors is gonna hear it,"  Piper shifted so that his erection could press against Jace's inner thigh, a soft groan leaving him at the way Jace seemed to react to him, arching off the bed and whining with want. "Dick so good you fear it."  Piper grinned at the words of the song, one of his fingers trailing down Jace's navel, teasingly staying just above the boys member. "Don't worry Jace Daniel,"  Piper whispered almost cheekily, singing out the neck words with a wide smile. "Girl I promise you gonn feel it in yo belly.  All up in your stomach you been on me for a while."  His lips sizzled across the boys chest, another gratified moan leaving him as Jace rolled his hips nearly frantically. "I can tell you really want it."  
"Damn right I do! Stop teasing me!"  Jace gave a soft whine.  He had missed the man all day, and now Piper was driving him insane.  The feeling of the mans hands on him, the way Piper stroked and caressed.  It made the werewolf see stars.  
"Don't be impatient shawty. Pipe man promises you that you gon get it."  The man pressed a heated kiss to Jace's lips, completely ravishing him for a moment before sitting back up to toss his cotton work shirt away.  "Don't worry bout what people say.  Just live in the moment." The man worked out often, so he was still cut and lean, his muscles ripping teasingly under his creamy skin. Jace knew what those arms were capable of, he'd felt them everywhere, and they had carried him through some of the hardest nights of his life. Piper caught the boy staring at him, his chest swelling with pride  at the way the werewolf seemed to be mesmerized by him. "You say this pussy mine so girl I'm bout to own it."  Piper winked as he reached down to undo the button's of Jace's jeans, teasingly dragging his fingers over the obvious tent in the boys pants.  "She call me daddy oh,"  Piper particularly enjoyed that part, leaning down to drag his lips along his lovers jaw as he murmured the lyrics. "She like peach ciroc with no chase to sip, slow." He loved to hear the gasp from his mate, the way Jace's muscles tightened with need.  He himself felt as though he would explode if he didn't do something soon, but Piper didn't like to rush their love making.  He liked for Jace to feel so intensely that the boy was completely exhausted afterwards.  Piper believed in satisfying his love before anything.  
"I want to dance for you."  Jace breathed softly, his brown eyes trailing down the length of Piper's chest, taking special time to go over the dark trail of curls that disappeared into his jeans. "Can I?"  He wriggled against the hand holding him down, wanting Piper to feel the pleasure that he was feeling. 
"The hell shawty? Do you really think I could turn an offer like that down?"  Piper stole one more kiss before his fingers finally loosed, dropping down the length of the boys body to rest at his hip instead. 
For a moment they stayed like that, neither of them wanting to lose the contact but finally Jace was wriggling out from under him while Piper  was moving to sit with his legs hanging over the side of the bed in anticipation.  As the music continued to play, he shrugged his jeans and boxers off, his eyes intent on Jace as the boy moved around to his side of the bed.
"How you like it, she know that I go ham
So she getting all excited, oh, oh."
Piper's fingers grasped at the boys waist, tugging Jace close until the werewolf was standing in between his legs. He loved the boys body, how it curved and arched so perfectly.  His fingers had by now found their way to the boys ass, slipping into his unbuttoned jeans so that he could grasp each cheek in his hands. 
"She been waiting all day for me
This shit for real, nah baby this ain't make believe."
An erratic sound left Piper's lips as the boys hips rolled forward, his ass wiggling in time to the song.  Jace could feel the mans eyes on him, eagerly taking in each new inch of skin as it was revealed to him.  The boy crossed his arms at his waist, hips still swaying along as his shirt was lifted away from his belly.  Piper could feel himself throbbing, his bottom lip tucked in between his teeth as he felt Jace's cheeks moving back against his hands.  It prompted the man to squeeze gently, his eyes raking up the werewolf's chest as his shirt finally dropped to the floor beside them.  The boy's nipples were erect and teasingly pink, the muscles in his abdomen flexing as he danced.
"Out of my working for bust it wide open girl
We can take our time, baby we ain't gotta rush girl."
"Damnit shawty, you're killing me."  Piper gasped out as Jace's hips pressed forward, grinding against his member and tearing a harsh hiss from his lips.  He wanted the boy so badly it hurt, but the second he reached to try and pull the boys jeans away Jace was swatting at his hands.
"Nu-uh Piper, you gotta be patient remember?"  Jace threw the mans words back at him slyly. "You gon get it!"  The boy sang in time as the hook dropped.  It only made Piper dizzy with desire, hearing the boy sing his song like he owned it.  Jace was so beautiful, and graceful with the way his hips were sashaying. It was overwhelming.  Piper had been with so many, and yet no one had ever stricken him like Jace.  The boy was his own personal piece of heaven. 
Finally Jace's fingers found the waist band of his boxers, tugging them down inch by inch, agonizingly slow, turning so Piper could see his ass wiggling as it was exposed.
A soft series of curses alerted the werewolf that he was doing just the right thing.  Piper sounded strained, as though he could hardly stand himself anymore.
He'd never sounded like that for anyone else.
"C'mere shawty!"  Piper gently smacked the boys ass, taking a moment to appreciate the way it jiggled before tugging Jace back against him.  He shifted Jace onto the bed, positioning the boy so that he was on his hands and knees.  The mans hands were on the werewolfs hips, lifting them higher so that he could get a perfect view of the perfect globes of Jace's ass. 
"Piper,"  Jace's voice was hot and breathless, knowing what was coming as he felt his mates fingers kneading his cheeks apart. Pipers voice could be heard singing along with the artist, the sound causing Jace's stomach to curl.  He loved when the man would sing to him, so husky and wanting.
"You gonn get it when I go down, waiting for the showdown." His tongue was there then, making Jace's back arch almost painfully. It was so wet and warm, sliding between his cheeks and eliciting a pitiful whine from his lips. 
"When I pin your legs down, take my talents downtown."
His fingers were careful but still rough in the way they kept Jace's cheeks apart, giving his mouth plenty of room to work.  He was sitting on his haunches behind the boy, his knees pressing against the werewolf's inner thighs to keep them spread wide.  Jace was beautiful this way, completely laid out and nearly begging.  He could hear it in the quiver of the boys words.  It only made Piper hotter to know he was the only person to ever see the boy in such a state.  Jace was his completely.
"Do I mean south beach? Lick you in between your knees."
For a moment Piper dipped his head down between Jace's legs so that he could leave a trail of love bits along the boys inner thighs.  His lips pressed kisses to the base of the boys member all the way down his shaft, leaving Jace with a caste peck to his head before settling himself back between the boys cheeks 
"Your pussy taste good to me. Pineapple on your pussy ring."
Piper rasped the lyrics out, just before his tongue was back on the boy, teasingly swiveling around his entrance.  He dipped his tongue in once, his lips rising with a smile at the tiny gasp it earned from Jace.  This prompted him to drive his tongue further, the muscle hungrily lapping at Jace's walls and causing the boys entire body to tremble. 
"Overdoing freaky things, I wanna hear your pussy sing
Then I wanna see you cream, lick it up like icecream."
"Ngh! Piper im ready!"  Jace had buried his face into the blankets, his fingers curling desperately in their sheets.  He couldn't take it anymore, his stomach nearly aching with need for his mate.  He wanted Piper inside of him, moving and kissing and just all over him.  He craved the contact and the mans warmth.  He simply craved Piper.
"You don't have to beg, Jace Daniel.  Just say the words and Pipe-mans on it."  Piper pressed a steamy kiss to the boys pucker before slowly drawing back.  If Jace was ready, then so was he.  This was all he had been thinking of ever since his eyes had opened that morning. 
"Place you on my face, let me lick the plate clean."  Piper rapped softly as he yanked Jace up, folding the boy in his arms so that the werewolf could easily latch his legs secure and tight around his waist.  The mans hands were on the boys waist as he lifted them both up, stealing kisses the entire time as he moved them over to his dresser.  He carelessly swept an arm across it, knocking several cologne over and sending them toppling but Piper couldn't find it in him to care.  He wanted it like this tonight, the boys legs around his waist, Jace's claws sinking into the tender flesh of his shoulders to brace himself.  "Stripped out your clothes, use my teeth for the laced things."  He was once again using his fingertips to knead the boys cheeks apart, his erection teasingly rubbing between them just before the hook hit for a second time.  Piper was entering the boy then, dropping Jace's down onto his awaiting stiffness and letting out a pleasured wail of his own as the boys walls consumed him completely. 
"P-Piper!"  Jace's claws latched into him at the sudden dizzy pleasure that over came him at the feeling of being entered so swiftly, his head thrown back as he whined his lovers name.  It was all he could do anymore, his entire body alight and desperate for the mans touch.  Piper wasn't even moving yet, merely holding the tiny werewolf chest to chest against him, resting inside of the boy and trailing kisses down his jaw and along his neck.  He didn't even consider moving until he felt Jace's hips roll against him, so surprising and intense that it drew an almost inhuman noise from the man.
"You gonn get, what you deserve, my tongue going up and down your curbes."
Piper's hands had found their way back to the boys cheeks, using the leverage he found there to move Jace up and down on his member, bouncing the boy in time to the song, his hips rolling up to meet the werewolf's every motion.  It was slow and languid, Piper wanting this moment with his lover to last forever.  He felt connected to Jace in a way he'd never thought possible.  In this position, he could clearly see the boys face, the way his lips were slightly parted as he panted, cheeks so pink and flushed they were glowing. 
"You scream my name not in vain.  But pain, but on her pleasure come with that"
Jace was crying his name out in a manta of pleasure, the boys back arching against the dresser as Piper's fingers moved around to curl around his member.  The mans hand was warm and slick as its palm moved against him, the friction enough to have Jace's vision fading out.  Piper was inside of him, jarring and so fucking good as he speed their pace up, his thrusts becoming frantic and needing.
"As I rip your waist, as you arch your back.  I come inside, as if I, pop that latch."
It was Jace who came first, his mates name tearing its way from his throat as his release began to spurt into Piper's hand.  The werewolf's entire body tensed up, his arms and legs locking almost inhumanly around Piper.  He was able to ride his orgasm out, Piper still bucking up into him, desperate for completion.  Jace loved that feeling.  Even though he was spent it was still so pleasurable feeling his lover stroking his walls, knowing that Piper was groaning in such a way because of him and his body, how perfectly he fit the man. 
"To your pleasure, that orgasm you need it.  You can feel me in your stomach,"
Piper bit down on the hollow of Jace's collarbone as he finally felt the tightening in his groin, but despite all his best efforts the man still came in a flurry of his lovers name, his bucking so wildly that they ached and burned but it was a good burn.  
"Well baby I believe it.  You gonn get it, like I put your ass on time out."
Good for Jace too, because as Piper was spilling out inside the boy, he felt more warmth in his hand, knew that his mate had come again at the sheer feeling of the explosion against his prostate. The boy was writhing desperately in his arms, even though he was too exhausted to even pick his head up from Piper's shoulder.  His body was spasming uncontrollably, unable to handle the convulsions Piper had sent through him. 
"Dick drove your ass crazy, Amy Winehouse."
They stayed that way for as long as Piper was physically able to hold them.  But eventually the man was made to move them back to the bed.  He was careful though, enjoying the way he felt inside his lover, not ready yet to pull out.  Piper dropped onto the bed with Jace in his lap, positioning himself so that he could lay down with the boy on top of him, still connected and warm after their coupling. Nothing could have ever been as perfect as things were then.  
"I love you, Jace Daniel."  Piper murmured huskily, his throat raw and tired after all the passion they had made.  He could feel Jace curling against him, the boys breath coming in soft pants as he came down from their high.  It was always wonderful to hear that Piper loved him.  Despite actions, Jace liked to be reassured and his lover knew that.  
Piper held the boy there like that until the next morning, only moving to call his place of work and tell them that he would be unable to come in today.  He had more pressing matters to take care of. 
After that, the man had curled back against Jace, tucking the boy against his chest as though he were a precious infant.  That's where they stayed all day, doing nothing but enjoying each others warmth and going through his playlist.
Two months later, Jace had come to him about being pregnant. The night had been lost to him then when he was panicked and wondering how it could have happened but now he could remember it vividly with the hook still sounding in his ears. 
"Gonn get it, get it, gonn get it
Gonn get it, get it, gonn get it, girl
You know that you gonn get it girl
You know that you gonn get it girl
Gonn get it, get it, gonn get it
Gonn get it, get it, gonn get it, girl
You know that you gonn get it girl
You know that you gonn get it girl."
All of a sudden, it was too much for Piper to bear.  This was their bed, he shouldn't be laying in it alone. Jace's side should never be so damned cold.  Piper was jerking on a pair of jeans before he even realized he was moving.  He had to go get his lover back.  Being a father might be difficult but it would be worth it only if he could get his tiny werewolf lover back. He was out the door before he even had his shirt completely pulled over his head, his phone left still playing their music on his night stand.

It was still singing their song when Piper brought Jace home, the boy held tight to his chest just as he had been the night this all began.
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Gon Get It
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