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 Unrequited Love.

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Britt Vause

Britt Vause

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Unrequited Love.  Empty
PostSubject: Unrequited Love.    Unrequited Love.  EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 11:47 pm

Breccan could only stare as he heard the words coming from Roci’s mouth.
Roci loved him?
After all these years pining over the boy, Roci loved him back.
He should be happy, overjoyed, overcome with emotion.
But instead, it was anger he felt rising inside of him. His stomach was on fire and it was not because of Roci heating up in front of him.
Roci had left him for a month, refused to answer his calls, refused to answer the door when he came over. And now he decided to tell him this? After he’d put Breccan through hell for weeks?
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Breccan spoke finally, staring at the boy in front of him. “I’ve been in love with you since we were fucking five years old, Roci. And don’t even try to tell me you didn’t know! Because I kissed you that night, after my first fight. And you pushed me away and broke my fucking heart. So you don’t get to fucking stand here and tell me you love me and assume that will fix everything!” He had been trying not to lose his temper but it was far too late for that now. “And why did you abandon me? Because I slept with Denahi? Because finally after thirteen fucking years of loving you and waiting for you to love me back, I finally decided to do something for me! I decided to fucking give up because I was sick of waiting and hurting every time I saw Dmitri touching you. Denahi was the first fucking thing that made me forget about you. As a fucking friend you should have been happy for me Roci! Did you fucking see me leaving you because you were fooling around with that fucking Russian bastard? No! Because I actually fucking love you Roci. And even though I was jealous and hurting all the damn time, I never left you. Because we’re friends. Or at least I fucking thought we were.” Breccan’s anger had turned into hurt at this point, but he was trying to shake it off. How could his Roci have left him? And for doing nothing but sleeping with someone else? “You don’t fucking love me, Roci. Because if you did you wouldn’t have left and abandoned me for the past fucking month. Friends don’t leave each other. And you certainly don’t leave someone you’re in love with. I would know. You’ve got no fucking clue what love is, Rose. If you loved me you would have been happy I was finally happy or at least pretended to be happy for me and let the jealousy eat at you inside. That’s what I’ve fucking done ever since you laid eyes on Dmitri.” Now he was holding back tears, his jaw clenching with his anger and frustration. “So fuck off, Roci. This doesn’t make me forgive you for abandoning me. This last month was hell for me. I didn’t fucking leave my house. I sent Denahi away even though he’s the only thing that could make me stop crying. You fucking hurt me. I’m leaving now and don’t you even fucking try to follow me. Because I’m fucking locking you out just like you did to me. I guess this is it for us and I hope you know it’s all your fucking fault!” The tears had won now and were blurring his vision. He was pissed at his Rosie and pissed that he had to leave and pissed that he was crying. His anger came out through a fist to Roci’s cheek which he regretted immediately after. “Bye.” He spoke simply then before storming out of the front door.
He let himself go then, tears falling down his cheeks as he tried to remember the way to where Denahi was staying. He hoped the man hadn’t moved his tent by now. It’d been a few weeks since he’d been over. He hadn’t seen the man since Roci had stopped speaking to him.
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Unrequited Love.
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