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 Midnight Memories

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Wiley hummed as he looked up at the tall tree beside Kenai’s home. He desperately wanted to be as good as Kenai at tree climbing, it was the only thing the boy could beat him in. And so, as Kenai wandered around picking flowers he thought his Kwanita would like, Wiley began to climb.
Ten minutes later and he rested on one of the highest branches, giggling as Kenai arrived with his bouquet of flowers, looking around frantically for his Kwanita.
“Up here!” Wiley called out, giggling when Kenai looked up and saw him there, his jaw dropping.
“Kwanita, you need to get down! You could hurt yourself!” The smallest Native boy whined.
“Maybe you’ll just have to come get me.” Wiley teased, sticking his tongue out at the boy as he looked around at the view he now had. He could see the entire home from here. He realized then that Sitka’s bedroom window was just above him. He decided to climb up to the branch above him, realizing that he could peek inside on the man. His jaw dropped at what he could see inside, quickly ducking down before he was noticed. “Little bird!” He hissed down at the boy. “You need to come up here and see this!”
“I don’t think peeking in bear claw’s window is a good idea.” Kenai informed but nevertheless, he began to climb, unable to say no to his Kwanita.
He climbed the tree much more quickly than Wiley did, joining the boy in only a few minutes, sitting on the branch beside him but keeping low so his eldest brother would not see them through his window.
“It’s not bad, you just need to look.” Wiley insisted, nudging his friend.
Reluctantly, Kenai popped his head up to glance in Sitka’s window, immediately realizing why Wiley had been so shocked. Shiloh was in Sitka’s room, pushing his eldest brother against the wall. At first Kenai was worried the boy was hurting him but he soon realized what was going on when their lips met.
Kenai watched for a moment longer, his eyebrows rising and eventually disappearing beneath his hair as he watched the two young men kissing, eventually taking their session to the bed. At that point, he did not have the desire to see any more, ducking back down beside Wiley.
“What if they get married and then we’re brothers in law so we can’t get married?” Wiley spoke, folding his arms stubbornly across his chest.
“I don’t think they’ll get married.” Kenai reassured. “And if they try we’ll tell them they can’t because we called it first.” He nodded firmly, wrapping his arms around Wiley’s waist and pulling the boy in for a hug. “Don’t worry, we’re definitely getting married, Kwanita. I’m not letting you get away from me.”
Wiley smiled softly at the boy, pecking his lips gently as they laid there together. They simply sat there for a while, occasionally giggling as they peeked in on their brothers.
After a while though, something else peeked Wiley’s interest. They could faintly hear voices. It only took them a moment to realize they were coming from the open window a few feet below them, Denahi’s window.
“I’m sorry.” The first voice spoke, panting softly.
“It’s okay, Helaku.” The second voice murmured gently. “Crocodile can wait as long as his Helaku needs.”
Kenai glanced over to Wiley, arching an eyebrow as if to ask if they should go look in that window as well. Wiley only grinned before dropping down to the branch below them. Only two branches later and they could easily drop down and see in the open window of Denahi’s bedroom.
A shirtless Bane laid on Denahi’s mattress as the Native hovered over him, one hand gently caressing his cheek.
“I’m sorry.” Bane repeated. “I’m just… nervous?”
Denahi merely chuckled, leaning in to kiss the boy’s lips gently.
“Crocodile already told you, it’s okay. He doesn’t want to pressure you into anything. Crocodile can wait until you want him too. So we can both enjoy it.”
“Oh trust me, I want you.” Bane smirked softly, his arms finding their way around the man’s neck. “I just think we should wait a little bit… until we’re older.”
“Of course. Whatever Helaku wants.” Denahi murmured before capturing the boy’s lips in a sweet kiss.
After that, they went back to kissing, Denahi unaware they were being watched as his hands explored Bane’s body. At least he was unaware until Wiley let a giggle slip out. The blonde immediately slapped his hand over his mouth but it was too late. Denahi’s head had snapped around, looking at his window with narrowed eyes.
Kenai and Wiley, knowing they were caught, immediately began scrambling back up the tree, giggling and squealing all the way.
“Crocodile sees you!” Denahi called as his head appeared out the window, glaring up at the two of them though they only giggled down at him, Wiley sticking out his tongue. “You two need to mind your own business and stay out of Crocodile’s room!”
“Bane and Denahi sitting in a tree!” Wiley began to sing, grinning so wide his cheeks ached. He always enjoyed goofing around with Kenai, even when they got in trouble.
“K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Kenai finished the other boy’s song, the two of them darting up to the next branch to avoid Denahi’s hand swiping out at them.
“Go away!” The older boy simply growled finally, slamming his window shut and returning to Bane on the bed, taking the smaller boy back into his arms and assuring him that it was fine, Kenai and Wiley wouldn’t run their mouths to Dylan.
Kenai and Wiley collapsed on the large branch they’d been sitting on earlier, the one right below Sitka’s window, laughing until they were both out of breath, cheeks tinted pink with exertion.
They simply laid there a while in silence, the branch big enough for Wiley to lay comfortably in Kenai’s arms. Finally, Wiley spoke, glancing up at Kenai.
“Now we have to beat them with getting married too.” He informed the boy.
“You’re right… we better hurry up with that.” Kenai grinned slyly at his friend, leaning down to kiss the top of his head. “Maybe I can just propose now and then we have dibs on it first but we don’t really have to get married until you want to.”
“That is a perfect plan.” Wiley confirmed, nodding his head.
There was another pause before Wiley spoke up again.
“Do we have to kiss in your bed like they all are if we’re getting married?” He questioned curiously.
“Not if you don’t want to.” Kenai reassured. “We only do what my Kwanita wants to do.”
“We could do that sometime if you want.” Wiley shrugged lightly. “I like kissing out here better though. My little bird belongs in the trees.” He grinned as he leaned in and kissed the boy gently.
They were still young, they’d never done the type of kissing that their older siblings were doing. Their kisses were always light pecks on the lips, no roaming hands or tongues involved. But Kenai was worried. Was their love not as real as Bane and Denahi’s or Shiloh and Sitka’s if they didn’t kiss like that? Was that what couples did? He knew for a fact he loved his Kwanita more than anyone could possibly love someone else. So maybe they were supposed to do that.
“Can I put my hands under your shirt when we kiss, Kwanita?” Kenai asked gently. Shiloh had definitely been doing a lot of that to Sitka. He wouldn’t make his Kwanita do anything of course, but he wanted to try. He had to beat his older brothers in this area. He was going to marry his Kwanita before either of them could get married.
“I guess so, little bird.” Wiley nodded.
“I think we should try kissing like them.” Kenai informed. “But we can do it out here and we don’t have to try it again if you don’t like it.”
“We can try.” Wiley reassured with a bright grin, eager to try something new with his little bird. He sat up straight so Kenai could easily get his hands under the hem of his tank top, reaching up until they rested on his Kwanita’s soft stomach. “This is nice I think.” Wiley concluded. “Now I think when we kiss you have to put your tongue in my mouth… which sounds kind of gross.” He admitted.
“It does.” Kenai agreed. “But I guess we gotta do it if we want to be like them.” If that was how he was supposed to love his Kwanita then he wanted to do it.
“Okay well…” Wiley hummed softly before leaning in to press their lips together, Kenai’s hands still resting on his bare stomach underneath of his shirt.
They kissed for a moment before Kenai hesitantly let his tongue slip past Wiley’s lips. He realized then that he was not quite sure what to do with it. Was he just supposed to keep it there? Was he supposed to try and wrestle with Wiley’s tongue?
Luckily, he only hovered awkwardly there for a moment before Wiley teasingly poked at his tongue with his own. Kenai’s heart swelled with love for the other boy when he felt his Kwanita giggling into their kiss at the odd sensation. They pulled apart a moment later, Kenai arching an eyebrow as if to ask what the boy thought.
“That’s weird.” Wiley was still giggling though, resting his forehead against Kenai’s. “If you liked it we can do it some more though.” He spoke honestly.
“Nah, it wasn’t really fun. Maybe you only like it when you’re older.” He shrugged. “Little bird and his Kwanita are still young. They’re all old and boring.” The Native boy grinned at his friend, his hands still lightly rubbing up the boy’s bare sides. It was the very opposite of sexual though. He simply liked the feel of Wiley’s warm soft skin under his fingertips. “We should still kiss normal though.”
Wiley did not need to be told twice, leaning into Kenai’s chest and resting their lips together, not breaking apart for a while, simply kissing over and over again.
Meanwhile, just above the two young teens, Shiloh was rolling off of Sitka, panting softly as he roughly pulled the man into his arms, claiming his lips in a possessive kiss. Everything Shiloh did seemed to be possessive. Each time they did this the man insisted on leaving a small mark somewhere on the Native’s body.
“Altsoba… next time it is Sitka’s turn.” Sitka reminded softly as they pulled apart. Shiloh merely grunted though, kissing the man again as if he had not heard.
The relationship between the two eldest hunters was complicated. Neither of them were sure what exactly to call it. They were not officially dating but saying they were just fucking didn’t seem right either.
They were friends, they were lovers, they were each other’s safety blanket, they were each other’s home.
“Next time Altsoba leaves bruises Sitka is going to hunt him instead of the wolves.” Sitka grunted softly as he eyed the bruises littering his hips. They didn’t hurt, not really. He just did not like to be the vulnerable one in this relationship. But he knew topping Shiloh was not an option just yet, not until the man got used to this, consensual sex.
“I’m sorry.” Shiloh spoke sincerely, frowning as he eyed the bruises in question. He simply got too excited, did not know his own strength. He always liked to completely dominate his lovers, always wanting to have complete control. He could never feel vulnerable, not even for a second. “I don’t mean to do that, honest to God.” The Southern man drawled, reaching out to gently caress Sitka’s hip.
“Sitka knows.” The Native sighed, pulling Shiloh protectively into his side.
“Tomorrow night…” Shiloh began hesitantly, as if he was unsure if he wanted to say what he was thinking next. “You can… We can… I’ll let you do it, okay?” Shiloh knew no more explanation was needed when an unusual wide grin spread across Sitka’s face. Shiloh was going to let Sitka top him.
“Sitka appreciates this, Altsoba.” He murmured softly, dropping kisses down Shiloh’s strong jawline.
“Yeah well.” Shiloh said nothing more, only grunting as he was kissed.
Sitka had been the one to find him several years ago. Sitka was the one who invaded that pack home, singlehandedly taking down all five wolves and finding Shiloh tied up in the basement, bloodied and beaten beyond recognition. Sitka was the one who had taken him home and cleaned him up, helped him back to his full health, although of course there had been wounds that weren’t visible, mental wounds that would never truly be healed. It was Sitka who had taught him how to hunt so he would never be that vulnerable ever again.
Sitka had seen him at his rock bottom. But the man had also seen him at his highest points, which were the nights they spent together on the roof, the nights where he actually smiled and thought of how lucky he was to be here. Sitka had found him at a point in his life where he had been begging for death and the man had healed him, made him want to live again. Shiloh owed Sitka his life. Sitka was Shiloh’s life now. He was the only one Shiloh would ever trust to completely take control over him.
They laid there for quite some time, occasionally dropping kisses onto the other’s neck or lips until finally Shiloh yawned and stood.
“It’s getting hot in here. I’m cracking the window.” He informed as he slid out of the bed, approaching the window and sliding it open. He rested his head out of it for a moment, enjoying the cool breeze before he caught the sight happening directly below him.
Wiley and Kenai were kissing which wasn’t too unusual. But the young Native boy was groping his little brother. Where in the hell had they learned to do that? This shit was definitely not happening under his watch.
“Just what in the hell do you two think you’re doing down there?” Shiloh spoke firmly, watching as the two both jumped, nearly falling out of the tree altogether. “Kenai, you’ve got about five seconds to stop touching Wiley and get your little ass out of that tree.”
“Shy!” Wiley let out a long pitiful whine, looking up at his brother with wide eyes, batting his lashes sweetly.
“Don’t give me the eyes. You know that shit don’t work with me.” Shiloh spoke simply. “I can’t believe he had his hands on you. You two are thirteen for Christ’s sake! Just what in the hell were you thinking, Wiley Grace Abercrombie?”
“Don’t call me that!” Wiley insisted with a growl as Kenai scrambled out of the tree like Shiloh commanded.
“That is the name our pop damn gave to you and I’m getting sick of you acting like it’s so terrible. You’re not a gift from God, I don’t care what this damn boy has you thinking!” The older boy snapped as Wiley glared at him. “You get down from that tree too and march your little ass right up in here. I oughtta spank you.”
“You can’t give me a spanking!” Wiley exclaimed. “I’m thirteen, damnit! And you’re not my daddy!”
“You just watch me, kid.” Shiloh spoke simply, watching as Wiley climbed down the tree, muttering under his breath the whole way.
Ten minutes later and the two boys stood in the doorway to Sitka’s bedroom where the two elder boys had thankfully put some clothes on by now.
“I-I just want to say Mr. Shiloh sir that it’s not Kwanita- I-I mean Wiley’s fault.” Kenai spoke up immediately, looking at Shiloh nervously. “We saw you and Sitka kissing up here and I thought that’s what I had to do to show I loved my Kwa- Wiley. I just had my hands on his tummy, I swear. I wasn’t doing anything bad.”
Shiloh simply eyed the two of them for a moment longer, as if considering if either of them deserved a punishment. He certainly wanted to give one to his younger brother just for the way he had talked back to him. But he was snapped out of it by Sitka nudging him lightly.
“Let the little ones go, Altsoba.” He murmured quietly. “They are only children. I would bet they didn’t even know what they were doing.”
Shiloh grunted lightly, warily eyeing the two boys. He was simply fiercely protective of Wiley. He felt like the boy was his responsibility since their father had passed.
Finally he gave in, kneeling in front of Wiley so they were eye level.
“I never want to see you with a boy’s hand under your clothes ever again, hear me? Not until you’re old and married.”
“Mhm. Whatever you say, Shy.” Wiley muttered quietly, the stubborn look on his face making it clear he was not happy with this.
They would just have to go into Kenai’s bedroom next time.


Denahi couldn’t help but smile as he looked down at his phone, eyeing the picture on his screen that Bane had just sent him. It was the closest to a sexy picture he’d ever gotten. It was simply Bane lying in bed, smiling, the top of his bare chest visible. He could tell though that Bane was really trying to take a step forward with their relationship.
He was always more fond of talking than texting though. He wasn’t too good with words. So he dialed the boy’s number and put his phone to his ear.
“Helaku… Crocodile has been missing your voice.” He practically purred into the receiver as Bane answered his call.
“Denahi.” He could hear the smile in Bane’s voice. “Did you like my picture?”
“Of course. How could crocodile not like that work of art?” The man teased slyly, though really he had adored it. Bane was the most beautiful specimen he’d ever seen. “Is there a particular reason you sent it or did you just want to make crocodile’s day?”
“Well there was something I wanted to talk to you about.” Bane admitted and Denahi hated that he got his hopes up but he couldn’t help himself.
He and Bane had gotten quite close lately, though their relationship consisted of stolen kisses in the middle of the night when Dylan was away, the two of them knowing that Bane’s older brother wouldn’t approve of them. Denahi had wanted to take things further, had wanted to make love to his Helaku. He knew he loved the boy even though they hadn’t said it yet. He wanted Bane to be his first. But the boy had been scared, claiming they were too young although many teens lost their virginity at this age.
Denahi had never pushed the matter though, never wanting to make Bane uncomfortable. He did not want to pressure anyone into anything with him. Bane’s happiness was all that mattered. So if he was content with soft pecks on the lips than that was all they would do.
But the Native couldn’t help but hope that maybe Bane was changing his mind, maybe he was finally ready.
“You can talk to crocodile about anything. You know this.” Denahi reassured, lying back in his bed as he smiled just to hear the boy’s voice.
“I think…” Bane trailed off, obviously uncomfortable with what he wanted to say. “I think I’m ready, Denahi.”
“Ready for what?” Denahi wore his signature mischievous grin as he teased the object of his affections, knowing damn well what Bane was talking about.
“You’re a prick.” Bane chuckled softly. “I’m ready to have sex with you, Denahi.”
“So you were really wanting to make crocodile’s day, eh?” Denahi grinned so wide his cheeks hurt. “When?” He was so eager now, nearly ready to jump out of his window and run to the boy’s house that very second.
It was quite early though, just about noon. And unfortunately, Denahi had plans tonight. Tonight he was getting the bite. He had yet to inform Bane of this, unsure of how the boy would feel. He had planned on surprising him with it tonight after he got back. Maybe he could do it right before they made love for the first time.
“Well, Dylan is going out tonight. He’s spending the night at a girl’s place.” Bane informed. “He won’t be back until tomorrow morning. Maybe you could come over tonight and we could… do it.”
Denahi’s facesplitting grin continued as he nodded his head.
“Yes. Crocodile will see you tonight, Helaku.” Denahi was nodding vigorously although Bane could not see. “At… ten o’clock?”
“Ten is perfect.” Bane smiled softly to himself. “I’ll be waiting in my room for you, just come in the window like you usually do. I’ll see you then, crocodile.”
“Okay… crocodile will have a surprise for his Helaku too.”
With that their call ended, leaving Denahi jittering with his excitement. He was going to become a wolf and lose his virginity, all in one night. What had he done to deserve such an amazing day?

That night at 9:30, Bane was getting ready. He’d already showered and put together a playlist of some of his and Denahi’s favorite music. Now he was simply making sure he was all shaved and looking as good as possible. This had to be perfect. His stomach was twisting with nerves but he was also excited. He knew he was ready. He wanted this with Denahi.
By 9:50 he was sitting on his mattress facing the window. He had even bought a lacy thong that he thought was extremely stupid but he hoped Denahi might like. He sat there in only his thong and a robe which he used to cover himself up. And he waited.
Soon it was 10:30 and he was still waiting. Crocodile was never late for their meetings but Bane figured maybe something came up. Denahi would not just blow him off. This was their big night.
By 11 o’clock he was worried. Something didn’t feel right. His stomach was twisting in knots not just from anticipation this time.
Midnight rolled around and Bane thought Denahi had to have blown him off. He wasn’t mad though, maybe the man had gotten cold feet. Maybe he wasn’t as ready as he’d seemed.
Still though, he waited on the edge of his mattress, staring at his open window.
It wasn’t until 1 o’clock in the morning that he got any news of the man’s whereabouts. It came in the form of Dylan bursting in the front door and yelling up the stairs at him.
“Bane! Get dressed, we’ve got to go! It’s an emergency!”
Bane immediately panicked, wondering if that bad feeling in his gut meant Denahi had been hurt. He could feel his heart beating in his throat, felt as if he might choke on it. Where was Denahi?
Ten minutes later and he was changed and stumbling down the stairs with his hunting equipment.
“What is it?”
“Kenai is dead.” Dylan informed. “From what Shiloh told me it looks like Denahi talked him into taking the bite. The bite took on Denahi but not so much with Kenai. Sitka and Shiloh found them when Kenai was already dying. Too late to do anything but put him out of his misery. Then I think Denahi realized they were going to have to hunt him since he was a wolf now and he took off. We’re going out to hunt him down.”
Bane simply stood there for a moment, taking in all this information. He was still getting used to the whole cold and emotionless part of the hunter thing. Dylan seemed to be so good at it, not even phased by the news of the death of the little Native boy who seemed to bring laughter and happiness everywhere he went.
Bane did not want to hunt Denahi down. He almost didn’t want to believe the story. Denahi would not have let Kenai take the bite. He wouldn’t have put his little brother in such danger. Denahi was not one of those beasts now, Bane refused to accept it.
An hour later and all of them were splitting up, running through the forest and looking for Denahi.
Bane was looking too, but he had no intentions to kill. Denahi was not a werewolf. He would not believe it. He did not believe it.
At least not until he ran into a beast that night. It was at least twenty feet away from the barrel of his loaded gun but he could see the tanned skin, the dark hair he had ran his fingers through many nights. But now it was accompanied by fangs and glowing golden eyes and a panicked look Bane had never seen on the hunter’s face before. It was his Denahi, but a monster now.
And so Bane had put his gun down and watched as the beast ran away into the night. And he picked up his walkie talkie and lied into the receiver, informing Sitka and Shiloh and Dylan that his area was clear, no sign of Denahi over here.
And that was the last time he saw his first love.
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Midnight Memories
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