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 Honey Im good

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PostSubject: Honey Im good   Honey Im good EmptyFri Sep 18, 2015 1:58 am

Nah nah honey, I'm good
I could have another but I probably should not
I've got somebody at home
It's been a long night here, and a long night there
And these long long legs are everywhere
(hold up now)
You look good, I will not lie
But if you ask where I'm staying tonight
I gotta be like oh baby, no baby, you got me all wrong baby
My baby's already got all of my love

Piper was at Britt's home, lounging on the couch with his feet propped up on the redheads coffee table. Jace had gone to see his family earlier so Piper had headed out too, going to spend some time with his friend being he hadn't seen the boy in what felt like ages.  Britt had him a joint rolled when he got there, and they had spent their evening smoking and laughing at stupid cartoons. By now Britt had scooted a little closer to him but Piper hadn't thought much of it.  The was until he could fully feel the boy pressing into his side, the warm pressure too much for Piper to ignore. 
"What'cha doing boo?"  The man glanced down, one of his eyebrows arched in confusion.  Before Jace, he would have been the one scooting closer.  And if not, the second Britt got this close to him he would have rolled the boy over onto the couch and taken advantage of it.  But now he didn't so much as understand what the redhead was doing sitting so close to him.  

Now better men, than me have failed
Drinking from that unholy grail
(Now check it out)
I've got her, and she got me
And you've got that butt, but I kindly gotta be like
Oh baby, no baby, you got me all wrong baby
My baby's already got all of my love

"You know what im doing."  Britt's voice was teasing and playful as his finger came to trail down Piper's chest.  The boy's lips were then suddenly on his neck, and his hands were trying to press up under Piper's white tank top.
"Whoa! No the fuck I dont! You better back the hell up offa me boy! Before Jace Daniel has to tear into you."  Piper was immediately pushing Britt's hands away, his long and lean legs moving to get his ass off the couch before the boy could try anything else.  "Are you outside your mind, yo?"
Britt merely rolled his eyes at the mans rejection, knowing that Piper could never resist him for long.  So maybe he did have a new little husband and baby, that was no reason they couldn't have a good time.  "Piper, im perfectly sane and your little Jace Daniel wont do shit."  The redhead huffed softly as though the mans words had offended him, standing from the couch and taking another step towards the much taller blonde. He wanted to kiss along Piper's jaw line as he had so long ago, feeling the stubble gently graze his lips. His missed the way Piper had always held him, starting out so sweet and tender but always ending with the mans hands on his ass. 
"Come on Daddy-o."  He used the old nickname that Piper had liked so much, taking another step so that he could reach out and wrap his arms around the mans neck, having to stand on his tip toes in order to do so. His lips were already falling when Piper began to jerk away, his movements so sudden and forceful that it sent them both toppling to the floor.  Britt landed in the absolute perfect position, his legs straddling Piper's waist.  And while Piper was still stunned from the impact, the redhead took the opportunity and pushed the mans hands above his head.  His lips were on Piper again then, coming up the hollow column of his neck and nipping along his jaw, right before claiming his lips completely. 

So nah nah Honey, I'm good
I could have another but I probably should not
I've got somebody at home, and if I stay I might not leave alone
No, honey, I'm good
I could have another but I probably should not
I've got to bid you adieu
To another I will stay true
(oo oo I will stay true)
(who who I will stay true)

Piper immediately began yanking his head back, knocking his temple against the floor in his scramble to get away.  All he could think about was Jace, and how the boy would be devastated if he let this happen.  It was how Piper knew he truly loved the boy.  In this situation, normally he wouldnt given a fuck what anyone else thought.  He'd take care of himself and get laid.  But not now, not when he knew that it would devastate his little werewolf lover.  Jace was radiant like the sun, the only light that had ever brightened Pipers life.
Piper couldn't risk losing him like this.  So the man shoved Britt away, a fierceness in his eyes that had never been there before. 
"I fucking said knock it the hell off Britt! My ass is outta here yo!" Piper bared his teeth at the boy, his arm coming to slide across his lips in an attempt to get the Britt's taste out of mouth.  It wasn't right.  Britt tasted like liquor and cherry chapstick.  The only taste on his lips during a kiss should the the sweet caramel latte he brought home to his lover and the linger warmth of vanilla. 
"Look homie, you know I love you! Me and you go way back! But I love Jace Daniel and I am not about to lose the best thing in my life over this shit.  Im outta here!"  The man let out another frustrated curse as he picked his keys  up from the coffee table.  Britt was calling his name, but Piper ignored it, allowing the door to slam violently behind him.  

Oh, I'm sure ya, sure ya will make somebody's night
But oh, I assure ya assure ya, it sure as hell's not mine
Oh No, honey, I'm good

I could have another but I probably should not
I've got somebody at home
And if I stay I might not leave alone
No honey I'm good
I could have another but I probably should not
I've got to bid you adieu
To another I will stay true

He was pissed at his friend for this.  He had come to hang out and have quality time together, not fuck around and risk ruining his life.  Britt knew what Jace meant to him.   They had a fucking baby together for fucks sake! And that was a huge thing for Piper who had never wanted to be a father.  But more than that Piper was scared shitless to tell Jace about what had just transpired. 
What if the boy didn't believe that he had resisted? What if he thought that Piper had gone along with it? Piper didn't know what he would do if his little werewolf lover was angry with him.  There had been times when he'd deserved the boys wrath, but it never came.  To think of it now had Piper's stomach churning with dread.
What if he cried?
Oh fuck no.
Piper absolutely hated when Jace cried.  It was like his world stopped turning, and everything became frozen and numb.  All he could ever hear was the sound of it, as if everything else blacked out.  And the face, Jace's sweet face would get so pink and his eyes would get so damn bright with tears, like sunlight filtering through a whisky bottle, and while it was beautiful it broke Piper's fucking heart.
He always wondered where his radiant sun smile went.
The man nearly tripped down Britt's stairs as he made it to the bottom, his mind not comprehending anything other than the possibility of him having to face that, all because of Britt.
He should never have come here.

No, no, honey, I'm good
I could have another but I probably should not
I've got somebody at home
And if I stay I might not leave alone
No honey I'm good
I could have another but I probably should not
I've got to bid you adieu
To another I will stay true
True ooo, ooo
Oh whoa oh

Piper drove by his home first, only riding by and noticing that Jace's car wasn't home before heading on to Roman and Zach's.  The boy was still with his family, sitting on the couch with Roman while Rocinante and Breccan watched batman. The kids were old enough now that they wanted to see each other on their own, and it seemed as though they were hardly ever apart.  If Breccan wasnt with Rocinante then Rocinante was with Breccan.
Roman had Jace wrapped up against his chest as they watched the children, and it seemed like Zach and Stein were down in the work room again tinkering on the boys automail.
Piper hated to ruin it all.
He'd tried to come in as if nothing was wrong, but Roman's sharp brown eyes were already on him. 
"Where have you been, Piper?"  The man smelled of another boy, someone Roman had met before but couldn't place.  And on top of that Roman could sense the nervous dread, possibly guilt?
He glanced down to the children, gently nudging Jace and asking the boy to move them into the other room.   It was easy, all Jace had to do was pick Rocinante up and Breccan followed. 
"If you have fucked around on my son,"  The large werewolf began to growl as soon as Jace was out of the room. "I will rip your throat out with my teeth."
"Don't you go accusing me pops! I ain't done no shit like that so you can back your ass up! Im faithful to my shawty. Don't you step to me like that."  Piper squared his shoulders, eyebrows furrowing with hatred for the man.  He'd never have Roman's approval.
But then again, Piper did understand.  He wasnt good enough for Jace.  He was simply lucky. 
"I can hear you guys, you know."  Jace popped back into the room, gently shutting the door behind him. "And I don't appreciate any of that coming out behind my back.  Daddy, what are you talking about? Why would you think he-"  Jace had been walking over to Piper, ready to pull the man into his arms when he caught the other scent on him.
"P-Piper....You didn't." Jace felt as though the wind had been knocked out of him, his eyes already pricking as his heart lodged into his throat.  He had thought that he was enough for Piper now.  The man promised him every night that he was the ride or die, the mans one and only shawty.
He was Jace Daniel.
How could Piper do this to him?
'"No! No! I didn't Jace! Thats what i'm saying here baby! Oh no, don't do that, don't cry!"  Piper rushed forward, his arms sweep the tiny werewolf up and against his chest. 
"D-Don't touch me if you touched him!"  Jace whimpered pitifully, pressing the balls of his palms into his eyes. He wanted to shove Piper away but he couldn't bring himself to do so when all he wanted was his lover's arms around him. 
"I didn't touch him though Jace Daniel!"  Piper cooed sweetly, as if he were trying to soothe an infant. "Pipe man promises he didn't touch! But listen, something did happen.  It wasn't on me though I swear!"  The man couldnt take the sight of Jace's face, how all the light had been dashed with tears.  "Britt came at me today shawty, I wont lie.  But I pushed him off and I fucking left his house! I didnt wait around and I never fucking thought twice about it yo!" 
"Y-You didn't?"  Jace hiccuped softly, his stomach uncoiling a little at the mans words.  Piper hadn't cheated on him? The man wouldnt lie about it.  He could feel that the blonde wasn't lying.  Piper was his mate. 
"Did he kiss you?"  Jace regretted the question immediately, knowing the answer was going to hurt him but he wanted to know.  He needed to know.
The answer was in the way Piper's face fell, his hold tightening almost desperately. 
The young werewolf looked so lost all of a sudden, but Piper was instantly pulling him back.
"Baby listen!"  The man cupped Jace's face in his hands, gently peppering kisses down onto the boys cheeks. "He kissed me and let me fucking tell you yo, It was terrible. I wanted you, Jace! All I could think about was you because I fucking love you shawty! I shoved him away.  I never tried to kiss him back, and if anything feel this,"  Piper brought the young wolfs hand to his left temple, running his fingers over a yellowing bruise. "I got him the fuck off of me, baby.  His damn cherry vodka lips aint shit compared to your caramel vanilla kisses." Piper's words were fiercely sincere, his hazel eyes shining with hurt to think that Jace had really be convinced he had cheated.
"Your pipe-man would never do that to you, shawty.  Not now and not fucking ever.  I love you more than anything in this world.  Everything I do, I do because of you somehow.  The cologne I wear is for you.  I drive to work taking the route you like to use because I feel closer to you that way, yo.  Aint that some shit?  I see countless people everyday, and plenty of them flirt with me but I never even give a fuck because I know my baby is at home waiting on me with a gorgeously pert ass and the best yoga moves i've ever seen.  You are everything I didnt even know I needed, but now that I have you fuck, I wont let you go, Jace. Even if you want a million kids baby, you got a pipe man right here with you."  Piper was still pressing kisses against the boys skin, wiping away tears and feeling it as Jace began to smile. "I spent one week without you and I thought I was going to lose my fucking mind.  Never again Jace Daniel. Especially not over some stupid shit like cheating.  I got me too fine a honey loving me to care about anybody else."
Piper's mouth was open, ready to tell Jace more of his undying love but the boy didn't need it.  The small werewolf had latched onto him, the boys arms tightly wound around his neck while their lips pressed together passionate and deep. 
Pulling back, Jace still rested their heads together, his brown eyes soft on Piper.
"I love you too."  Another brush of their lips.  "And i'll make you happy you turned him down later on tonight."  The boy paused then, ignoring Roman as the man growled behind them at the thought of Piper touching his son. 
"But I am going to whip Britt's ass now. That little ginger bitch has it coming." 
Piper could only laugh, his heart swelling with relief that Jace didn't hate him for this, and while Britt might be in for it, he sure as hell didnt have another care in the world as long as he had his Jace Daniel held so flush against his chest.
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Honey Im good
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