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 Payne Pinkman.

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PostSubject: Payne Pinkman.   Payne Pinkman. EmptyThu Oct 01, 2015 8:03 am

This is stupid shit with Payne as a baby. It's not much but I had like twenty minutes this morning and figured I'd write something. I might add more to it tonight. Very Happy

Jace always woke before Piper. He woke at the crack of dawn, always, to begin his yoga.
Today, even though he couldn’t do his morning exercises, because of the pregnancy scar still running across his abdomen, fresh enough to tear open, he was still wide awake.
He caught sight of his lover beside him, sound asleep, their new baby cradled gently in his arms. It warmed Jace’s heart.
Roci had never slept in bed with them after the first few nights. But Payne, it had been a week, nearly two. And here he was, still sleeping soundly atop of his father’s chest.
Jace grabbed his phone, taking a snapshot of two of the most important men in his life. He didn’t hesitate in making it his background, knowing it would forever be one of his favorite pictures. He just hoped Piper’s love for this baby continued, always as strong as it was now.

Piper’s love for Payne never ceased.
The boy was growing rapidly, turning into the chubby toddler Jace had been hoping for. He was everything they all could have wished for. He followed Roci around constantly, only when he was not whining and reaching for his father to pick him up. Roci had been a momma’s boy, from the day he was born. But Payne quite obviously preferred his daddy. Jace was fine with that. He knew the boy loved him too and watching Piper hold the boy was quite possibly the cutest thing he’d ever seen.
Piper was eager to learn about parenting, wanting to help out more this time. Jace would tease him, but truly he was excited every time the man would ask him a question, like if he was putting the diaper on right. It meant Piper cared, truly. Their little family was really starting.

Today, they were over at Roman and Zach’s house, Payne currently plopped down on the floor in his father’s lap, coloring. The boy was five, already filling out his chubby form to Jace’s dismay.
Roman and Zach were on the couch, Stein was catching up with Jace in the corner, and Breccan and Roci were standing to the other side of the room, having a playful argument like they often did. It was nothing serious, probably started by one of them teasing the other.
However, all Payne saw was Breccan reach out and swat at Roci’s arm.
“HEY!” The young boy’s face scrunched up in concentration, trying to look as tough as possible. He puffed out his tiny chest as he hurried to stand up, toddling his way over to Breccan and Rocinante. “No!” He slid his way in between them, reaching up to shove at Breccan’s tummy, pushing the boy away from his big brother.
“Whoa there, little guy. What’s the problem?” Breccan couldn’t help but smile at the boy, kneeling down so they were face to face.
Payne was clearly angry that Breccan seemed to be smiling, not affected by his shove.
“You hit Rose!” He exclaimed as if it should be obvous, tiny arms flailing. “He is a flower. You don’t hurt flowers. They’re pretty.” He explained, reaching up to try and pet Roci’s cheek. But of course he couldn’t reach, so he settled for the boy’s stomach, gently rubbing there as he tried to show Breccan how he could be more gentle.
“You’re right, my man. That’s my bad.” Breccan was still smiling, extremely amused as Roci cackled, lifting his baby brother up into his arms.
At least he knew if anything ever happened to him, Roci would be protected. Payne would see to that.

Alright so apparently I'm staying home now >< I have added a little more, basically just a rambling explanation of Payne's personality. Enjoy bwahaha

“Is it bad that I’d screw your son?” Britt questioned as he stood beside Piper, glancing at Payne across the room. The boy had grown to be pretty damn hot.
“Shit, don’t talk about him like that.” Piper punched Britt in the arm, not wanting to truly hurt him but truly irritated at the boy’s words. “Besides, he’s too good for that. He’s too good for anyone.” He shook his head. He truly believed this. No one would ever be good enough for his baby. His sweet fucking baby that was growing so fast it hurt his heart.
The boy was sixteen, just an inch shorter than he and Roci. He was bigger though, all muscle. He clearly took after Piper with his looks. To people who didn’t really know him, it would seem like he took after Piper with his personality too. He always tended to be flirting with someone at the pack gatherings, specifically having eyes for Apollo and a new boy that had started coming around, Gabriel and his son Jasey Rae. God, his son had the most perfect ass Payne had ever seen. He was always more physical with his flirting since he was not very articulate with words. He wished he could just grab someone’s ass and take them home with him instead of having to do all the flirting bullshit first. He wasn’t good at that.
But to his family, who knew parts of him deeper than the cocky flirt knew that he really took after Jace in that department. Beneath the tough exterior, he was Piper’s precious cinnamon roll who needed to be protected at all costs. He was emotional like his mother, even a bit too sensitive at times, especially when it came to his family.
Seeing Roci or Jace cry got to him like nothing else and soon enough he’d find himself crying along with them. This had gotten better as he aged, but he still did it. When he was a child though it had been terrible. He’d simply break into tears as soon as any of his family were hurting.
Now he was seen as the family body guard even though he was youngest. Anyone talking badly about Piper, Jace, or Rocinante was prepared to find Payne in their face. He was not even opposed to getting in his grandfather’s face when he heard the man talking about how Piper was not good enough for Jace.
No one stuck up for his daddy, so that job was up to him.

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Payne Pinkman.
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