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PostSubject: Family.    Family.  EmptyMon Oct 05, 2015 4:55 pm

I'm sure you're probably fine, but I thought you might be having a bad day today since you weren't on much. So I wrote you this heheh. It's pretty stupid and leaves off abruptly, but you had wanted something with Payne.
I apologize for my dreadful Roci and Piper <3

Payne took several deep breaths as he stood in position on the football field. He was a freshman and he was actually on the field instead of the bench, this was big news. He couldn’t fuck this up. He was completely focused.
Until he heard his father’s voice ring out.
“That’s my boy! Get ‘em, Payne!”
He glanced over to the bleachers to see his father eagerly standing, practically jumping up and down in his excitement. Jace sat beside him, merely shaking his head at his husband.
“You see that kid? Number 67? That’s my fucking kid, yo!” Piper could be heard telling anyone who would listen.
Piper jumped up then, waving his arms to catch Payne’s attention. That was when Payne noticed with horror that his shirt read “Payne’s dad.”
Was his dad trying to get some of these older boys to tease him mercilessly?
Sure enough, snickering could already be heard from some of the boys around him. Payne’s face flushed a brilliant scarlet under his helmet.
And to make matters worse, Piper was still yelling his name, trying to get his attention to show him the shirt he had made. Payne tried to ignore him but it seemed like it was only getting worse.
He reluctantly turned and waved at the man, giving him a thumbs up when he gestured eagerly to his shirt.
“Your daddy came to cheer you on, yeah?” One of the senior boys beside him chuckled. “Must be rough living with that 24/7.”
He was merely teasing, but Payne did not handle that well. No one dared to speak badly about his father. Yeah, maybe it was slightly embarrassing having the man cheering for him like this but he knew it was only out of love. Piper was simply proud to see his baby out on the field like this.
“Yeah he fucking did. Got a problem with that?” Payne was big for his age and he knew if he let the older guys on the team walk all over him, it would only get worse. He had to let them know he was not to be messed with.
“What if I did? You gonna do something about it?” The boy arched an eyebrow, moving from his position in their starting formation to face Payne.
“Maybe I will.” Payne too turned to face the man, jerking his head forward to roughly smash their helmets together.
It wasn’t long before it had turned into a full on brawl between the two boys, the two of them wrestling on the grass. Payne was fighting the shift as hard as he could, but it was difficult when he just wanted to rip this guy’s throat out. Just as he was about to lose it, the coach yanked him back, holding him tight as the referee grabbed the other boy, separating them.
Payne could still hear his dad in the stands, struggling to get away from Jace to get down onto the field. Jace knew Payne could handle his own and Piper going down there would only cause a scene and embarrass their son. But Piper didn’t give a shit, someone was hurting his baby.

Twenty minutes later and their small family was headed for the car, Piper anxiously assessing Payne’s wounds, most of which had already healed.
“I’m fine, dad!” Payne groaned softly.
“What the hell happened out there, yo?” Piper was frowning deeply. He’d been so excited to watch the boy’s first game and now he was suspended for the next four games of the season. “Did he say some shit? You don’t just attack people for no reason.”
“It’s not a big deal, dad. Really.” Payne shook his head. He knew how bad it would hurt the man if he knew Payne was defending him, and that was why he couldn’t play tonight.
“What did that little bastard say? I’ll go fucking show him a thing or two.” Piper’s brow was furrowed in his anger, rolling up his sleeves as if he seriously meant to go fight the kid.
“You’re not gonna show that kid anything.” Jace swatted at his lover’s arm. “He’s underage, his parents could press charges. You leave the fighting to Payne.”
“Well I still want to know what he damn said.”
“He kind of saw you in the stands and he… he made some comment about mom.” Payne lied, knowing he couldn’t tell his father the truth. It would hurt him too badly. “You know how teenage guys are. But he fucking pissed me off. Sorry I went and ruined my first game.”
Jace could hear his son’s heartbeat, knew he was lying. So did Rocinante. But both of them seemed to have a pretty good idea of what had actually been said down there. And no one wanted to tell Piper.
“Well shit! Baby P defending Momma J’s honor!” Roci cackled softly, throwing an arm around Payne’s shoulders.
“I appreciate you sticking up for me, baby. But you don’t have to kick someone’s ass every time they make a comment about how fine I am. It’d get pretty old if you did that. I’m just too damn fine.” Jace smirked softly as he teased his son, trying to lighten the mood as Piper was still fuming.
“That little shit wants to talk about my shawty? I’m really tempted to go back there.” Piper grunted softly.
“You’re really fucking hot when you’re protective, you know that?” Jace purred softly, stroking his lover’s arm gently. “You smell pretty stressed out though. All that tension’s not good. We can help you let it out when we get home.” He giggled softly as both of his children groaned.
“Jesus Christ, mom. Do you know most parents wait until their kids are out of the house or at least sleeping before they do that shit? And even then, they try to keep it quiet.”
“That sounds boring as hell.” Jace snickered. “All kids hear their parents going at it sometimes. You two just have to deal with it more frequently. You’re lucky you don’t have to hear your grandparents doing that shit. I had to go through that when I was young.” He gave a mock shudder at the memories of his parent’s bed creaking down the hall. “And you’re lucky you’re not like Breccan, having to spend nights in Jesse’s house. You know how many couples are in there getting it on constantly? Shit is gross.”
“But we’re gonna have another damn sibling if you two keep going at this rate!” Roci exclaimed, before adding more. “Not that I’d complain about that. I’m one hell of a big brother, yoi!”
“You’re awful.” Payne was kidding, smirking lightly over at his brother. “I’d be ten times better than you at being a big brother.”
“Too bad you’re still the baby of the family then, runt!” Roci snickered.
The bickering continued until they arrived home. Then it turned into Payne arguing with his father about not needing his wounds cared for. But Piper was not budging. He was going to take care of his baby, even though the injuries would heal themselves soon enough.
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