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PostSubject: Choices.    Choices.  EmptyWed Oct 07, 2015 7:37 am

This is stupid but I was inspired to write with Beau again. ><
It's about the idea I had mentioned to you the other night.

Denahi was grumbling softly to himself as he stomped down the long driveway. He had been ordered to go get the mail. He despised being ordered around like a dog or a child.
He was beginning to think this shit wasn’t worth it.
Who was he kidding? He was getting paid 10,000 dollars a month to attend family gatherings and do mundane chores, all while getting amazing sex whenever he wished.
He should probably just suck it up and do what he was told.
He reluctantly snatched the mail from the box and started the walk back up the driveway, flipping through the letters.
A certain one caught his attention.
Written neatly across the front of the envelope was “For Crocodile.”
Only one person knew he was staying here.
He paused there to rip open the envelope, knowing if he brought it inside Beau would demand to see it and if Denahi refused, he would claim it was a violation of some fucking clause of that stupid ass contract he never shut up about.
God, Denahi was really growing to despise him.
He shrugged off the thoughts of the bastard waiting inside for him, his eyes scanning over the paper he had pulled out.
You haven’t spoken to me lately and I wasn’t about to come up to your new house and chance seeing your new sugar daddy. So I figured I’d just send you this instead.
I made it into the state track and field championships. My school is having an awards banquet and I’m receiving the school MVP award. It might not seem like a big deal but it is to me. I’m the first freshman to ever get it. I’m supposed to bring a guest. They only gave me two tickets, one for me and one for my guest. I can’t afford more to bring Sitka and Shiloh and Rigby. I wanted you to be my guest. The ticket is in the envelope. The banquet is two weeks from tonight, nine o’clock. It’s formal so wear one of those new fancy suits he dresses you up in.
I’d really appreciate you coming, crocodile. I miss you.
Denahi stared at the letter for a few minutes, taking it all in.
An award. Little bird would be so proud. He wouldn’t have shut up about it, telling anyone who would listen how talented his Kwanita was.
He had to go, he knew it. Little bird would hate for no one to be there to watch his Kwanita’s face light up as he went onto the stage to accept his award.
He was so immersed in the letter that he did not hear the front door open, did not see Beau leaning against the frame, watching him.
“I didn’t realize getting the mail was an all-day event.”
The words, spoken in that always faintly amused tone, snapped Denahi out of his thoughts.
“What is it?” Beau questioned then, extending a hand for the letter.
“Mine.” Denahi replied simply.
“Well since you are currently on my property and you yourself have agreed to be my personal escort, technically one could argue that it’s mine as well.” Beau wore that smug smirk that made Denahi want to hit him.
With a soft growl, Denahi roughly thrust the envelope forward into Beau’s chest.
“I could have done without the attitude, but thank you.” The man nodded as he grabbed it, eyes skimming over the words on the paper in front of him. “Sugar daddy, is that what I am?” He was chuckling at this, green eyes alight with his amusement as he looked up. “You can call me that if you want. I’m okay with it if it means I get to spoil you in exchange for you spreading your leg for a change.”
“Just read the stupid thing.” Denahi groaned softly.
Beau was silent then, doing as he was told.
A moment later he finished, shaking his head and offering the Native his letter back.
“That’s a shame.” He spoke simply as he turned and headed back inside.
“What is a shame?” Denahi’s brow furrowed as he followed the man.
“That you won’t be attending his banquet. We’re scheduled for my mother’s charity ball that night. You can send your friend my apologies. You won’t be going.” He spoke in a way that let the Native know it was not up for discussion.
He would not be going, no other options.
Denahi was left to simply stare, wondering how the hell he could choose between the two events.
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