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PostSubject: Flowers   Flowers EmptyThu Nov 05, 2015 11:42 pm

Dahlias were for Sitka, always.
Because they were his favorite, especially the deep red or black ones. They weren’t bright or eye catching but when you stopped to appreciate them, they were truly beautiful. Just like his Edoda.
When he was younger he had liked braiding them into his Edoda’s long black hair, thinking it looked simply wonderful. And Sitka always let him while Shiloh watched, chuckling softly when he was finally done and Sitka sat with a head covered in the large flowers.
But now that he was older, Leotie simply decorated the man’s room with them, replacing them with new ones whenever they wilted. And then sometimes he would just bring them to his Edoda whenever the man called him in for dinner at night.

Hydrangeas were for Denahi.
He had greeted the man with a baby blue one the day they had met, because of how beautiful it was. He’d been hoping it would catch his attention and make a good first impression. He’d handed it to him with a shy hello and rosy cheeks as he attempted to flirt for the first time.
But even now that he’d learned the man was his uncle, he continued to gift him them, in a variety of pastel shades. The bushes they grew on were always large and brilliant and the first thing your eye went to. He thought this was similar to Denahi. So gorgeous, always the center of attention at least in Leotie’s eyes.
He liked to slip the flowers in Denahi’s pockets so the man wouldn’t notice them sometimes until he went back to Beau’s home and Leotie was satisfied to think the millionaire would be the one to find them and maybe be a bit jealous, wondering who the hell was giving his lover flowers. That was the goal anyways.

Roses were for Beauregard.
Roses might seem like a romantic choice for someone Leotie despised, but that was not what they meant to the boy.
Roses were more expensive than most other flowers and everyone seemed to love them even though in Leotie’s eyes, they were not so pretty at all and much more loved than they should be. Just like Beau, walking around like he owned the place and expecting everyone to do what he said.
Leotie hated him, even though he tried not to hate people. Maybe it was partly because of jealousy, maybe it wasn’t. He didn’t like to think about it.
But he always gave Beau the slightly wilted roses and when he could get away with it, they often had thorns.

Tiger lilies were for him.
Because they were his absolute favorite besides the dahlias that went to Sitka. They were wild and different and didn’t quite fit in but they still looked nice with all the other flowers, like Leotie thought he himself did.
He thought of himself as different, but it wasn’t a bad different. He wasn’t exactly like his Edoda, or his father or Denahi and certainly not like Beau. He had little bits of everything that helped him work well with everyone. Like the tiger lilies.
So he kept those for himself and he took them down to the small cave he had found and lined the walls with them. He even lined the cold cave floor with them, finding that it made the place more cozy. He thought he might even bring his Edoda down here sometime, to show him his nice little home.
Or he might take Denahi.
Yes that was what he’d do. He’d bring Denahi and maybe they could lay out under the stars together and he could show the man all his Edoda had taught him about the various constellations. And then if it got too cold they could go inside the cave and he could start a fire. That sounded wonderful.
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