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 Song Fic Thingy

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Calvin Pierce


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PostSubject: Song Fic Thingy   Sun Sep 11, 2011 12:28 am

I'm doing this challenge you did Mikey! Cause I wanted sometihng to do with my ITunes since it kicks ass now that it has tons of Ronnie and Jayy xD
You take your ipod and put it on shuffle.
You write a small prompt based on the song the ipod lands on.
You can only write for the duration of that song!
I'm not picking just one pairing because thats too hard xD
I did skip a few songs:
Zombie Dance - Escape The Fate
Ten Miles Wide - Escape The Fate
Ima Monster - BOTDF
Alejandro - All Time Low

Okay I only did like three cause i can't concentrate xD

1. Fall Apart - Every Avenue
Pairing: Sean/Sage?

Sage slammed his fist down on the bathroom mirror, sending shards of glass flying.
What the fuck had he done wrong?
God it fucking hurt.
How could Sean chose Dayton over him?
Had Dayton held Sean while he cried because the boy he loved was fucking other people?
Sage had always been there... Always.
Ever since Sean had gotten with Dayton it was like he was too good for Sage now...
He had no time for the boy he used to call his best friend... the boy he used to love more than anything...
And it was breaking Sage down.
Was what he'd done for Sean not good enough now just because he had a nice fuck toy?
Apparenlty so. Sean had just chose Dayton over him and it left a big hole inside.
SOMEONE was going to feel his pain with him. He wouldn't be the only one hurting.
He stormed out of the bathroom, grabbing a gun out of Quincy's room. Sean was going to admit Sage was too good for him...
(I didn't get to finish this one!!!)

2. Good Girls Bad Guys - Falling In Reverse
Pairing: Sage/Vance

Sage shook his head as he looked down at Vance sleeping with him.
What the hell had he done to desrve this?
He'd done nothing but fuck up. Drugs, prostitution, everything. So why did he get the honor of having Vance's love?
Vance had to be mentally ill or some shit.
He smirked softly as he thought back to the previous night, he'd taken Vance's virginity. It was amazing, really.
He would never forget that image...
Vance below him, withering in pleasure. Such a beautiful sight.
He peeked under the covers to make sure it wasn't just a dream. But no, they'd really made love last night, the cum and the fact that they were both nude proved that.
Damn was he lucky.
Vance blinked an eye open, smiling sweetly up at Sage.
"Hey baby." Sage smiled, kissing the top of Vance's head.
"Love you..." Was all Vance murmured, grinning down at the wedding ring sitting proudly on his left ring finger before falling back into a peaceful sleep.

3. Sexting - Blood On The Dance Floor
Pairing: Um, I dunno. Just a little Jude thingy. And Mikey if this upsets you I swear I didn't mean it too. This didn't really happennn, i just got the idea when the song came on.

Jude smiled as he accepted the new friend request on his private Facebook. The one he didn't have family on. The person had already sent him a message.
"Babe, hmu." Along with it was a phone number.
He laughed lightly and made his way to the bathroom, stripping down and spreading his legs nice and wide, snapping a picture with his cellphone of himself like this. He then recorded a voice message saying "Hey big boy." His voice sounded very sexy.
Ever since Junior had chose Alan this had become a regular routine for him. Sending nude pics around on the internet. He had hundreds of men asking to see pictures of him. And he obliged happily.
He was under the impression that it was because of his nude pictures that junior dumped him, there had to be something wrong with him.
But all these men saw nothing wrong with his body.
So why not let them see it?
Anything to fix the hole in his heart.
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Song Fic Thingy
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