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 30 Reasons

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Eustass Kidd

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PostSubject: 30 Reasons   30 Reasons EmptyTue Dec 01, 2015 4:46 pm

This is supposed to just be a cute and fluffy little thing just in case you had a bad day hehehe.


Reasons my Jace Daniel is crying.

1.  His daddy left a particularly sweet message on his phone reminding him of some childhood memory and he's over come with feelings. 

2.  He found out that swans also mate for life and he thought it was "So romantic."

3.  I called him my "little swan."

4.  Payne said his first words and they were 'dada' instead of 'mama.'  he swears he's just happy our baby is talking and I believe him.

5.  I waited until dark and hid in our house pretending to be an intruder. He didnt think it was as funny as I did.

6.  He had a craving and there were no cinnamon rolls in the house.

7.  I proposed

8.  Rocinante said he was in love and "our babies are growing up so fast."

9. I cooked dinner after a long day

10.  I rubbed his back after yoga and didnt even try once to grab his ass.

11.  He remembered again that swans mate for life.

12.  He looked at his wedding ring.

13.  Rocinante showed him a video of a puppy howling for the first time.

14.  He was hungover and looked through our wedding album

15.  He got the idea to make a baby book.

16.  He started the baby book. 

17. He finished the baby books.

18.  I tried to hold his hand while he wasnt expecting it.

19.  I planned him a surprise birthday party.

20.  I said I love you when I thought he was sleeping.

21.  I left roses on my pillow for him to wake up to before going to work. 

22.  I remembered our anniversary even though he was sure I forgot. 

23.  He misses his daddy. 

24.  Payne and I had our first fight

25.  I made him a candlelit bath, complete with red and white rose petals to soak in. 

26.  His daddy is lonely.

27.  He remembers that I love him more than anything.

28.  He sees those sad commercials on t.v. about starving children. 

29.  He's had a particularly bad day. 

30.  I tell him I wouldnt mind our family growing.
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30 Reasons
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