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The twelve days of shipmas! Hehe I love you and I hope you enjoy Very Happy

Day one - Sawyer/Britt


This here is on some truthful shit!
Its seems like everything I do your use to it!
And I hate hearing stories bout who you've been with!
Thats when I gotta hide what I'm feeling inside.
So you still think I am confident and damn
Is this gonna last?
Your up on a pedastool.
Are we moving too fast?
Feels Like I'm in crazy competition with the past.
That's why I gotta ask...

Sawyer was trembling, and that in itself was an understatement.  The young werewolf was nearly quaking with rage as he watched his tiny redheaded lover gazing across the room at his exboyfriend.
It seemed nothing he did was enough to claim his mates attention tonight.   Britt was far too concerned with staring Bellamy and Vitaly down, even though he'd even bought the boy a single red rose, tied in a an elegant pink ribbon in an attempt to compete. Britt was hugging him, holding his flower, but still he was unable to draw his eyes away from Bellamy fro more than a few measly moments. The boy seemed to be yearning for something.
Not him.
But now the young werewolf was beginning to realize where his mates mind had gone.  When he followed Britt's gaze to Bellamy, he could see that Vitaly was holding a large bouquet of soft blue water lily.   
So the soldier had been a flower man, too. 
And Britt couldnt keep his eyes away from him.
It had Sawyer's insides twisting into knots. What in the hell did Bellamy have that he himself was lacking?
And to make it worse, Denahi was in the room.  He had somehow become an honorary member of the pack even though he continued to live with his sugar daddy.  Britt couldn't hear as he could, so the boy had no way of knowing that Beau had asked about him and why Denahi couldnt keep his eyes off of him.  Sawyer had noticed that though, ad found himself eagerly listening in.  He had been getting ready to say something when Beau piped up. 
"The crocodile consumed him under a single moon.  He is the phoenix.  He is fire and healing.  He took away crocodile's pain for a night." 
Sawyer's hands had been sweating as his listened, his knuckles a bloodless white even as color was appearing in is cheeks.  It wan an effort then to try and contain his temper.  At least Denahi had been respectful when talking about it.  At one point earlier in the evening he and Piper had almost come to blows because the man had been bragging about how he was Britt's first. 
But somehow Britt still seemed oblivious to how badly it burned him inside.  Or maybe the boy was simply trying to ignore it.  He couldn't go back and change anything now so why even bother acknowledging it?
Maybe because Sawyer was beginning to feel as though he were going to fold under the weight of it all.  He couldn't help himself, he was possessive by nature and it was made even worse with Britt being his mate.  And then how he loved the boy, cherished him and yet still it wasnt enough. Every one else had to know what it was like to touch his mate.  It wasnt just Bellamy and Denahi.  There were others.  People loved to gossip, and Sawyer couldnt help but tune in whenever he heard his mates name mentioned.
Many nights the boy had found himself laying awake  in bed, thinking about Britt and all these hands on him.
Sawyer had nearly hurt himself one night in a blind rage over it.  Even just two people exchanging words at the bar when they walked by.
"You see that redhead over there? Fucking gorgeous right? I fucking hit that."
"No way, you too? I had him a few years back. Probably some of the best i've ever had.  Maybe if I see he's free again i'll go talk to him.  You could come with me and we could-"
Sawyer had ended their conversation at that point.
People were careful to keep their voices low now when mentioning Britt anywhere. 

This here is something personal
I highly doubt this feeling is reversible
Knowledge is pain and that is why it hurts to know
That you attempt to hide and put mistakes aside
So I don't ever question you, and damn
I can't even find the perfect brush
So i can paint what's going through my mind
Racing against myself but I'm a couple steps behind
That's why I gotta ask...

By the time they were preparing to go back to their apartment, Sawyer was certain that the boy had finally realized something was bothering him. Hell, if Britt had been paying him any attention at all, the boy would know that he was struggling with himself because of all the eyes and whispered words directed towards them.  It was completely obvious.  Any time the young werewolf felt another pair of eyes on them, or heard his lovers name mentioned, he couldnt help but tense up and scowl, green eyes threatening whichever person had dared.
But Britt seemed as though he were trying to ignore it completely.  The boy had to know, but he was still smiling and dragging his lips down Sawyer's neck as though nothing was wrong.  
He had never liked to say sorry, always acting as though it were just some minor mistake and not another chunk out of the werewolf's heart.  Even Sawyer's confidence was beginning to wear thin.  
How could he still think so highly of himself after knowing how many people his lover had lain with? All the hands that had brought the boy pleasure. He himself was still a teenager, he couldnt offer Britt everything that he'd already experienced with these other people and it tore Sawyer apart inside. He wanted so desperately to be enough. 
After a while he had stopped even questioning Britt about all the men he had been with.  Sawyer decided that he didnt even want to know anymore.  It was only agony to see those men and picture them touching his mate, making the boy arch and giving him a rush of pleasure, sometimes maybe more.  Sawyer always imagined a million different scenarios and each one ate away at him a little more every time.  
Sawyer had been so consumed in his current thoughts that at he had forgotten about his mates eyes directed over at Bellamy, the blonde haired soldier who had finally moved on.  He was seated across the room with that Russian in his lap.  He seemed to kissing the boys fingertips and grinning eachtime Vitaly would giggle about how it tickled.
They were so cute together it was sickening even to Sawyer, but Britt...
His small redheaded lover completely reeked of jealousy. 
And suddenly it was just too much for Sawyer to handle.  He was snatching his tiny mate up and over his shoulder before storming from the home entirely.  He was done with this.  There would be no more looking at Bellamy longingly from across the room .  Sawyer was putting an end to that tonight.  By the time he was finished with Britt, the boy wouldnt even remember Bellamy ever existed.
It only took the young werewolf a matter of seconds to rip away Britt's clothing once they made it through the apartment door.  His mate was breathless with surprise, but somehow still managing to bitch at him about how expensive his now-torn clothing was.  Sawyer ignored the boy completely though, instead pushing Britt back up against his bedroom door.
"Is anything I'm doing Brand New?"  Sawyers words were so soft that for a moment Britt hadn't realized he'd spoken at all.  
"What in he'll do you even mean by that?"  It was a difficult question to begin with, but it was even harder to process with the young werewolf still nipping and suckling his way down to the redheads collarbone.
"Is everything I'm doing too late?"  Sawyer sounded as though he were merely repeating his first question but it was obviously so much more.  The boys green eyes didn't storm in such a way unless there was a reason, something raging inside of him.
It had to be jealousy or something akin to it, Britt was certain of that.  Sawyer was holding him so much tighter than normal,  as though he was afraid that if they stopped touching Britt would be lost completely.
"Sawyer I don't understand, and you doing that thing with your tongue is definitely not helping me." Britt truly did want to take the time and listen to his lover but Sawyer was making it near damn impossible for him to focus. The man's fangs were leaving a heated trail of hickies down his chest by now, and his claws were merciless in their pursuit of kneading his cheeks.  Normally his lover would be praising the wonderful curve of his ass instead of rattling off all of these nonsense questions. His boxers were discarded before Britt could fully comprehend what was happening.
"Did he take your clothes off just like this?"
Alright,  now he was getting somewhere.
Sawyer was definitely doing this in a show of jealous possession but why?  No one could see them here.
Britt didn't understand that it was only for his mates satisfaction, to soothe Sawyer's nerves and quell his fears. The redhead had been determined to figure out what could be plaguing his lover but the warmth of Sawyers tongue against his thighs stole the boys attention away entirely.  The young werewolf was silent for some time after that, only emitting soft grunts and groans as he worked his way down the length of his mates body.  This time Sawyer left not even an inch of skin unkissed, he worshiped Britt completely,  and then he laid the boy down to seal their love. That's when he finally decided to speak again, this time his voice coming in a low husk.  
"Did he give you loving just this?"
Britt could hardly hear anything over the pounding of his heartbeat throbbing in his ears. But again he was able to grasp that Sawyer was trying to claim him in some way.  That was all his clouded mind could gather though,  he never guessed that it had been his own jealousy at seeing Bellamy loving another boy that had driven Sawyer to this complete and total ravishing.
"Did you spend the night in his bed on the very 1st date?"
Sawyer was thrusting up into his mate at this point, holding Britt with one hand against his hip and the other braced and curled at the back of redheads neck to keep him from squirming away. It seemed this time that he had been heard.  Britt was looking at him now, reaching out to stroke trembling fingertips against his cheek.  No words passed between them though.  Either the boy was experiencing such extreme pleasure that he'd forgotten  or he was simply ignoring Sawyer on purpose.  No matter the case, it broke the young wolf's heart to have his questions ignored.   This was monumentally important to him.  Sawyer wanted more than anything to be good enough for his lover but somehow Britt still seemed to have lingering feelings for his former boyfriends.
The young wolf held his mate against him for a long while after their coupling had been completed, and then several times over. Britt had been completely spent by the time they were finished,  and now the boy was resting comfortably upon Sawyers chest. He was completely unaware of anything other than the warmth of his mate against him, so he was lost to the last words whispered against his temple, and the way the werewolf's heart was breaking under the uncertainty of who his lover might be dreaming of.
"Tell me baby, am I too late?"
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