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 He don't love me

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He don't love me  Empty
PostSubject: He don't love me    He don't love me  EmptySun Dec 20, 2015 12:43 am

Happy day five of shipmas <333 Im sorry I didnt post anything yesterday but I love you and I hope you enjoy buahah



You know if I'd seen her comin'
I'd probably tried to hide
But I came around the corner
And she caught me by surprise

If he'd have known any better, Piper would have turned and darted before Britt had ever made it into the home.  But he was at Jesse's with his shawty's family, and no one had thought to alert him of Britt's coming over.  Of course no one really knew to do so.  It was hard for Piper to talk about the redhead he'd once loved- still loved.  Maybe it wasnt like it was before, when he worshiped the ground Britt walked on, but he would never stop loving the boy.  He hadn't seen Britt since their break up though.  Not too long after he had met Jace, and before he knew it he was in love and fuck- How could he face his former lover after what he'd done to him?
He was a coward for it, he knew.  Britt deserved some sort of closure after everything he'd put the boy through.  He had watched his former lover crumble before his very eyes, and ever since then it has been impossible to even consider facing him again. It was to be expected though after what they'd shared and how he'd wrecked it all in one night.  This was the first time in his life that he'd truly felt remorse for something he'd done, the pain and grief he had cause.  And over what?  He couldn't  so much as remember the name of the women he'd brought home that night, the women whom Britt would never forget. Piper had  never backed away from anything in his life, but this was different. He could hardly breath sometimes because the guilt was pressing so heavily against his chest. 
Piper would have run.
But he never had the chance.  
The man rounded the corner to the stairway and came chest to chest with Britt.  A curse had died on his lips at the sight of the boy.  He'd expected someone else, anyone else.
But this was Britt.
And Piper was left completely numbed with shock.
Oh, fuck.

There was no ice cold shoulder
There was no ugly scene
She just smiled and didn't say
The things I thought she'd say to me

The boy was even more gorgeous than the night Piper drove him away.  There was a glow about him now, even his eyes shined in a way that looked like sun light gleaming against ocean waves. He had a smile on his face, an almost silly little grin twisting his clearly kiss bruised lips.
He didn't seemed phased at all, unlike Piper who'd developed clammy hands and a staggering heartbeat.
Piper was expecting some sort of backlash.  His former lover had always been fiery, his attitude being one of the things Piper admired most about him.  And after all the pain he'd caused, how he'd betrayed the boy and their love, he was nearly certain that there would be some sort of punishment.
But there was nothing of the sort.  Britt didn't flare his nostrils or grit his teeth.  His cheeks never tinted with anger or anything like it.  Instead the boy blew Piper away completely by simply offering up a radiant smile.
"Hey Piper, I didn't expect to see you around here." 
No cursing about how Piper had broken all of the promises whispered against Britt's neck under the stars, no throwing guilt or asking why.  Nothing that indicated he even remembered their time spent together, their love....
This was worse than anything the man had ever imagined. Piper would rather Britt scream at him, strike him even.  But not this...It was as though Britt had just let him go completely.
Piper could hardly stand it

Well, it was nothin' like that rainy night
She left and slammed the door
Not only she don't love me
She don't hate me anymore

The boy didn't look at him with heartache watering in his eyes or grief obscuring his smile, not like he had the night he walked into their apartment to find Piper entangled with another person.  Even though she was so disposable that Piper couldn't even remember her name, Britt memorized everything, how she lay and how she was touching his lover, the lines of pleasure and then confusion etched into his face.
Britt had never been so devastated as he was in that moment, watching his first love, the man he thought was his only love, connected to intimately with someone else.  The redhead had been tempted to stride towards the bed and give the pair a piece of his mind, but he simply hadnt had the strength.  Piper's betrayal had all but sucked the life out of him.  
Instead the boy had grabbed what few things belonged to him in the apartment and stumbled his way out, the door slamming defiantly behind him, closing off all connections.
Until this moment.
Ajax had even been sent to gather the rest of his best friends things. Britt hadnt wanted to face him again.
But now they were here, face to face, and the boy hadnt so much as flinched.  Instead he was smiling as though they were estranged friends and nothing more.

Yeah, I felt like some old neighbor
Just some guy that she once knew
And you'd never know she loved me
And I broke her heart in two
Was she hidin' her emotions?
Did she really get that strong?
Right then she turned and
Introduced me to her new friend, John

For a moment Piper could only stare at the boy.  It was as though his insides were  caving in on each other, his lungs bursting into flames.  He had been the one to ruin things, he understood that.  But he still thought of Britt, everyday.  And he missed the boy, sometimes to the point of desperation.  Even now, he had been unable to breathe because of the sheer beauty facing him.  He almost thought he'd never get to see the boy smile again after what he'd done, but Britt was acting as though nothing had ever transpired between them.
How could that be?
Sure he'd wanted Britt to move on, but not like this.  Maybe it was selfish, but Piper found himself aching at his very core to think that Britt had written off all of their time spent together.  Not everything had been bad.  In fact, he'd had some of the best times of his life with the bright eyed boy.
He'd been certain his feelings were reciprocated.  Britt used to look at him as though he were some divine being who put the stars in the sky, not the fuck up that everyone else thought he was.  And now the boy gave him a strangers polite smile. 
What of their days spent watching movies and laying together entangled on the boys couch?  Or all the nights with Pipers lips exploring  every inch of Britt's sun kissed skin?  Piper held these memories close to his heart, so he couldnt understand how the boy was able to smile at him without batting an eye, even reaching out to take his arm as though the contact wouldnt have Piper growing hungry for more.
"Come here, I want you to meet someone really special to me."  Piper knew then and there what he was walking into.  The smile Britt wore was a lovers smile, giddy and radiant with happiness.  The knowledge had grief burning like fire in the pit of his stomach.

I could tell the way he shook my hand
He'd never heard of me before
Not only she don't love me
She don't hate me anymore, go
I guess she got so caught up in him
My memory's gone ignored
Not only she don't love me
She don't hate me anymore

"Piper,"  Britt was letting him go then, in favor of running to the side of a young dark skinned werewolf.  The boy had green eyes that glimmered with jealousy as he pointedly curled an arm tight around Britt's waist as though to show possession after seeing him so close to Piper.
"This is Thawyer, my Thit head."  Britt all but cooed to the werewolf, giggling brightly when the man moved closer to press kisses into the crook of his neck.  It was obvious that Sawyer wasnt very concerned with him.  Maybe the boy didn't even know that at one time, he himself had pressed kisses against Britt's neck just as he was doing now. 
It made Piper sick to think about.  Of  course Britt was expected to move on but had the boy mentioned him even once?
If he had, neither of them let on. 
"Nithe to meet you Piper.  Now if you don't mind, I need a minute." The young werewolf had his hands pressing Britt securely against his chest, fingers dancing teasingly over the redheads skin in retribution for the boys mocking his lisp. 
Piper felt all the blood rushing to his cheeks in something akin to anger, only he didnt have any right to be angry anymore.  He had given that up the moment he'd lain with another person while knowing that Britt loved him.
Not anymore.
Now, it seemed as though Britt had no room left in his heart for even Piper's memory. 

I know it might sound crazy
But I don't know what hurts me more
Is it the fact that she don't love me
Or she don't hate me anymore?
Not only she don't love me
She don't hate me anymore

Piper was too stunned to do anything at this point, Sawyer's words adding heat to the fire eating away at his chest as he watched how the boy was holding Britt, the way his hands roamed as though he knew everything there was to know.
Piper wondered if he knew of the sweet spot just behind Britt's ear, or how he'd get chills if you kissed the base of his neck.
He knew these things.
But it didnt matter anymore.  Britt no longer thought about his lips and Jace could be heard coming up the staircase, looking for him.  
He couldn't allow his shawty to see him like this. Jace Daniel deserved better, everything he failed to do for Britt. Piper couldn't imagine this becoming his relationship with Jace.  If his tiny werewolf lover ever looked at him as though he'd been forgotten...
Piper already knew it would be the end of his life.
So the man swallowed thickly and swore to look at this as a lesson.  Britt was teaching him what consequences were.
It made Piper truly appreciate Jace, so much so that the man completely shoved Britt from his mind in order to turn and greet his lover.  He could have eyes for no one else.
Jace would never look at him like Britt had just now, the man was damn certain of it. 
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He don't love me
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