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 Jumbled Words

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Day seven 

Open when
Bellamy edition.
Note - All letters are addressed to Britt. 


Open when you think about our future

Im so proud that you are reading this one.  I already have our future together planned out in detail.  I have had so much time to think about it, and you, and how much I want to spend the rest of our lives together. So what im planning for us is that as soon as possible i'll retire and find some other decent job.  I want to be home with you but I promise that i'll always make sure that you are cared for.  You will never have to want for anything.  I'm not going  to rush marriage.  I don't want to make you feel trapped or tied down since we're still so young but we will start a life together like that. Eventually I was hoping we would have a kid, maybe two or three but of course that is your decision. I want to be a daddy.  I feel like I have so much to teach, and I really adore children and I just...the thought of raising a baby together, our baby, something that's a mixture of us and proof of our love.  I want that so badly.  And you would be an amazing mother.  I know you're probably doubting that as you read this but I know better. You have more love to give than you realize but like I said, im not forcing you into anything.  Even if we never have kids, I'll still be happy to just spend the rest of my life with you, every waking moment.  You are home for me and your kisses are like the air I breathe.  I can never imagine my life without you in it.  So when you read this I hope you are smiling and planning, too. Our future together will be perfect. Just like you.  Just like our love.

Open when you miss me.

If you are reading this then you obviously miss me, which is good because I miss you too, no matter where im at.  It's like I can never get enough of you.  Even after we spend all day and night together, I miss you the very second you are gone.  I ache for your smile and the sound of your laughter, and I know that seems cheesy and cliche but its so true.  When you smile at me its like standing out in the sunshine.  Everything is so warm.  And then you laugh and its the sweetest sound in the world.  Honestly, I hear it in my sleep.  I love that.  How could I not miss it?  But hey, the good thing is that i'll be seeing you soon, no matter what.  Even if im off on duty, i'll always make it home to see that smile again.  I have too much waiting for me at home to let anything get in my way.  I love you sweetheart, and Im missing you too.  I hope you open this.  I hope you miss me.  It'll make seeing me again that much sweeter.

Open after a really good date.

If it was good for you then it was absolutely amazing for me.  Any time we spend together is precious to me, but I especially like to take you out and pamper you. The look on your face when I give you flowers is enough to have my heart jumping into my throat.  And then my palms get sweaty and my stomach flutters.  It sounds bad but its actually a really good feeling and you are the first and only person to ever make me feel that way.  I remember taking you to the beach that one day and walking along the pier at sunset.  I bought you a necklace as a souvenir and made sure to get a picture just as the sun was setting.  That picture is always with me.  Afterwards I kissed you and I swear I tasted heaven.  Sometimes I can't even believe you're real.  People say that perfection is impossible but that's only the ones who have never had the pleasure of knowing you.  After looking into your eyes, I knew I had seen the best the world had to offer.  Every date is my new favorite.  I'm so happy you are reading this.  I love that you have a good time with me.  Now call me and tell me all about it.

Open after we've made love.

If we have made love, no matter how long it has been since its happened, I assure you that my head is still spinning and you are still all I can think about.  I know that I look like one of those big rough and tough brutes, but I used to picture my first time making love just like anyone else. It was just really import to me back then.  I didnt understand that there was so much more to being intimate with someone than simply touching them.  We haven't done anything yet as im writing this but I already know it will be you.  For me it will always be you.  We have yet to  touch sexually but we have still been intimate.  Every time I hold you and all the nights we've spent talking.  That was true intimacy.  I could never have that with anyone else, and I know now that I will not be satisfied unless my first, only and last is you.   

Open if you're ever thinking that we cant make it.

I hope that this is one that you never have to read, but if you do ever happen to pick it up I want you to come to me directly if its possible. I want to hold you and let you know that no matter what is going wrong in our lives, we can over come it as long as we do it together.  If im gone and unable to accept calls, im so sorry but this letter will have to do for now until im able to properly soothe you sweetheart.  You are everything to me Britt Vause.  My life cannot be complete or okay if you are not in it.  Whenever I close my eyes, all I see is your face and the soft curve of your smile.  I know in my heart that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that we cannot over come.  Losing you is never going to be a option for me, so if you just give me time I promise you that I can fix whatever is hurting you, whatever is making you doubt us.  Me and you are end game.  I love you to a million pieces and back again.  So now go get that giant white bear that I won for you, and you hold it and you snuggle it and you know that i'll be home as soon as I can and i'll happily replace the bear.  I'll take you into my arms and i'll kiss you.  I'll make you forget ever thinking that we could not make it.

Open when you are sad

If you are reading this then im sorry that im not there holding you right now.  If I was then you wouldn't have the time to be reading this.  There's no way for me to know what could be making you sad enough to open this letter, But then again, knowing you sometimes curiosity just gets the better of you. I hope thats how it is this time.  I hope you're not really sad.  But if you are then allow me to find something I can write here to make you feel better. You have all of my love.  And even as im writing this im thinking about kissing you and what it feels like holding your hand. Nothing compares to you.  I don't tell you enough, no one does but you are so beautiful and I believe you were made to be cherished and adored.  But I also strongly believe that you were made especially for me.  Thats why I'd hate for you to be reading this.  To think of you as sad makes my entire chest feel like its being eaten up by fire, even if you are really adorable when you do the lip-jutting thing.  So I hope after reading this you will smile and feel like you are on top of the world. I want my love to be powerful enough to make you feel that way.  I hope that you realize nothing is so important that it should have the power to make you sad, because you are golden and precious and nothing should ever bring you down. 

Open when you feel alone.

I hate even having to write this, because thinking of you as lonely really makes my heart ache.  With me around you should never be alone.  But on the chance that im away on duty or some other thing I can't foresee, just know that I care about you.  You matter more to me than anything else in this world, and If able I would definitely be with you.  I never want to be anywhere but with you.   So don't let yourself feel lonely darling.  Know that where ever I am, Im loving you.  And you are always on my mind.  So there's nothing to worry about.  Go find your friends.  Get dressed up in the red shirt that I love so much and go dancing, or stay home and wear one my sweaters and watch one of your comfort shows. Whatever will make you smile again. But don't be lonely.  I dont want you to ever be lonely.

Open if you ever need me

You should not even be reading this.  If you need me then you should already be finding some way to get my attention because I am never too busy for you.  I dont care what im doing or who I might be with.  I could be worlds away in another country and i'd still come running back to you.  Even if you're just lonely and you need someone to hold you.  There is nothing in my life more important than you. So do not ever hesitate.  If you need me you call me and don't you dare stop one second to worry about it. You could wake me up at three when I have to start service shift at four.  Or even if I have family plans, I can always reschedule them.  Thats alright with me. Whats not okay for me is to think of you in need with no where to turn.  That cant ever happen. You will always have me Britt, no matter what you need, or where I am. Just let me know and I swear that I'll see you soon.  Spending time with you is way better than anything else I could be doing anyways.  So don't you ever feel like you're bothering me, or you'e alone. I believe that I was put on this earth to love you, so dont rob me of that.  Loving you includes picking you up when you've fallen down, and id be honored to do that.  I love you in every sense of the word. Im here. Call me. 

Open when you think about your family.

If you are thinking about your family then im sure you are hurting in some way.  You're probably thinking about how abusive  your father was and how unloving you mother could be.   You might be thinking that they have broken you completely from ever having a true family of your own but im here to tell you that you are wrong. No matter what they did to hurt you, im prepared to spend the rest of my life putting you back together again.  Not that you are broken, but you dont understand how truly perfect and precious you are.  You just...You never see how amazing you can be, how amazing you are every single day.  My picture perfect family....Whenever I think of that, the most important thing is always you.  The kids change and the image of the house, but not once have I ever pictured my life with another person.  Its you.  It will always be you.  And im going to show you what its like to have a family.  One of our very own. Just give me time. Just love me, and I promise i'll show you how good life can be.  

Open when you need to know that I love you.

You should already know that I love you.  But just in case you ever need to hear it and im not readily available, this will have to do.  Britt, before I met you I didnt know what love was. People say that all the time but I can explain this.  I just, I pictured it as being nothing but daisy's and sunshine.  Like everything would fall into place once I fell in love.  It doesn't work out like that. When I met you, I felt like I was going down a roller coaster and my palms were sweaty- My heart always felt lodged in my throat.  Its because just looking at you and hearing your voice had this powerful effect on me, you just took my breath away.  And you still do. But that day at the shop, I didnt even know you but I saw you and knew that I had to have you.  My soul knew that you were its missing half. I love everything about you.  I have heard that no one person is perfect, but love between two people can be.  I think thats wrong because you are perfect.  Even without me and our love you are still perfect.  Im just the lucky man who gets to come home to you everyday.  And I know that.  Every single day I count my blessings, and then I count you a hundred times over. You, Britt Vause, are the thing that dreams are made of.  Magical and awe inspiring and completely and truly the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in my life.  Your early morning breath and how your hair curls before you have the chance to fix it, how you occasionally snore and always steal the covers.  I live for those little things.  Through out the day I get pictures and phone calls and text messages until we can be together again, and when we finally are you always grin like its the first time every time and I always think "Oh god, how did I become so lucky?"  Each goodbye kiss steals my breath away.  I see your bright blue eyes whenever I close mine.  All the things that I do, I do with you on the forefront of my mind.  You never leave.  Always running through my head and my heart, and I wouldnt ever want it any other way.  Loving you is bliss.  Loving you makes me a better man.  I love you. I love you.  Britt Vause, I really really love you.
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Jumbled Words
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