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 Looking for Leotie

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Looking for Leotie  Empty
PostSubject: Looking for Leotie    Looking for Leotie  EmptyThu Dec 24, 2015 1:58 am

Sitka was beginning to panic.
This is an understatement. 
He had rules that Leotie was not to leave their property for any reason, and for the most part he demanded the boy stay around the front of their yard so that he could be seen through the kitchen window.  
The boy had been out beside Kenai's willow tree only twenty minutes earlier.  The native had turned his head only for a moment, to kiss Shiloh good morning and get him prepared for the day.
When he looked back, his sweetheart was gone.
Sitka had immediately made his way outside, heart threatening to  lodge itself into his throat as he called out for the boy.  There was no answer, and as he frantically ran about his property, it became obvious to the hunter that Leotie was gone completely.
Oh, god no.

Already the native had the worst possible scenarios running through his mind.  What if his precious boy had been snatched up by some predator?  A werewolf looking to lock the boy up in some basement to abuse him just as it had been done to Shiloh.
The thought was heart breaking enough to have Sitka's head spinning.
Not his baby.  
Not his sweet smiling  and knobby kneed golden boy.  
The man didn't even bother going back inside for weapons.  He took merely the knife that he always had on his side, only calling back to Shiloh that he needed help before disappearing into the forest.  There was no time to waste on explaining, he was sure he lover would understand.

Ten minutes into the search, Sitka came across a tiny leather shoe he immediately recognized as one of the garments he had spent hours hand crafting for Leotie.
He was always so worried about the boy's feet getting damaged or cold.
The native stopped breathing as he bent to scoop the shoe up, his  air supply completely cut off by the overwhelming fear that struck him.  Upon the small shoe sat two drops of blood, dark and drying and so seemingly innocent.
As though the sight of them wasn't sending Sitka into possible cardiac arrest. 
"Oh dear heavens, please.  If you do nothing else for Sitka, protect Nuttah." My heart.  "Sitka will do anything for his safe return."  The man found himself praying softly, his insides feeling numb and twisted as he started back on the boys trail.  Despite all of his intense efforts spent looking for Leotie, the native found his mind wondering once more. 

What if he never got to see the boys smile again?  So bright and radiant that his day could never fully start until he'd witnessed it.  Not even if the sun was shining.  His morning started when his baby was happy. 
And his hair, so golden and always gleaming.  It was like something out of the story books he had read to Kenai when the boy had been a tiny child.  He had loved the stories involving a heroic prince. His Leotie had hair like a halo, a crown upon his head.  
He was Sitka's little prince charming.
The boy had to come home.
Sitka couldn't stomach these thoughts. He would not go home without Leotie.
There was no home without Leotie.

It had been a total of one hour since he'd set eyes on the boy.  The longest Sitka had gone without seeing him ever since Leotie had come to be in his possession.  The native was never away from his baby, he even still insisted on the boy sleeping with him.  His fear of loss was so constant, he couldnt handle thinking about someone breaking into their home at night and his nuttah be all alone.  
So even if the boy ever wanted to sleep in his own room, Sitka would gladly sleep on the floor.
But there would be no separating them.
Especially not after this, if Sitka could only find the boy.  
He swore on his soul that he would never let go.
The native was running on trembling knees when he finally happened upon a large tree.  He had almost past it, but Sitka paused because his chest felt as though it were being seared with fire and the tree reminded him so much of Leotie and his little bird.
They were so much alike.
Sitka had even taken to calling the boy his blue jay or song bird in memory of Kenai.
He had been catching his breath, almost ready to move on when he got the notion to look up into the high branches.  Sitka had merely been thinking wistfully about how his boys would have loved to climb it.
He hadn't expected to be so blessed as to find his baby huddled up against one of those branches.

"N-Nuttah!"  Sitka gasped as though the boys name was the air he needed to breathe.  He was immediately scaling the tree, heart feeling as though it would break  through his rib cage at any second as he was finally able to curl his fingers around the boy.  It seemed as though Leotie had been hiding, but the boy immediately relaxed once he felt the familiar hands clutching at him.  He knew he was safe now, no matter what.  
Sitka had found him.
"Is my blue bird hurt?"  The native was stammering as he checked the boy over, taking his time to inspect every inch of skin before coming back to Leotie's knee.  There was a large circular gash, as though he had fallen while running or possibly even climbing a tree.  
It had obviously been bleeding,  and to Sitka's great relief it was also on the same leg in which he was missing a shoe.
That was all it took to have the native bubbling over with tears, his chest heaving powerfully as he attempted to catch his breath.  The relief flooding through him was precious, something he wanted to savor against the devastation he would have faced if he'd found his baby in any other condition.

"O-Oh no! Poppa must not cry! What is wrong-"  The boy was cut off as the native pulled him into a tight embrace, his hold on the small blonde nearly frantic.  He had no other chance to speak, as Sitka was the one talking then, his words quivering logged with tears, but still fierce just like the mans deep dark gaze.
"Leotie Sandoval don't you ever scare Sitka in such a way ever again.  Do you understand what it would be if Sitka could not find you? Or if something had happened to you before he did? What would Sitka do then?"  The man was struggling to keep from sobbing being he had never cried in front of the boy before, but he couldn't help himself. He had been convinced that his baby was gone.
The small child was left to merely nod, guilt stirring in his stomach as he felt Sitka trembling against him.  There had been a really fluffy bunny rabbit that had run across their yard earlier, and without thinking much of it he had taken off in an attempt to catch it.  The boy found himself regretting that now.  He had not expected to fall down and get lost.
He had not meant to make his daddy cry.
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Looking for Leotie
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